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Matsun Nutrition is a leading contract manufacturer of noni extract liquid supplements

If you are seeking a reliable private label or contract manufacturer of noni extract liquid supplements, Matsun Nutrition is here to help. Matsun Nutrition has been in the business of contract manufacturing for the past two decades. As a contract manufacturer, our production team can assist you with developing custom formulations to meet your specific client needs.  We have low minimum orders with quick turn-around production times.  Matsun Nutrition can manufacture, label and ship your noni extract liquid supplements in a timely manner and at some of the best prices in the industry.

Noni (Morinda centifolia) is a small tree native to various tropical regions in the Pacific Ocean, ranging from Southeast Asia to Australasia. The fruit of this tree can be consumed raw or cooked and has been used for some time in dyes, traditional folk medicine, and native cuisine. Nutritionally, this fruit contains respectable amounts of dietary fiber and carbohydrates. Also contained in the pulp are niacin (vitamin B3), vitamin C, iron, potassium, vitamin A, and calcium. More specialized nutrients included in the constituency of the noni fruit pulp are beneficial fatty acids and flavonoids, which behave like antioxidants and protect your body’s cells from harmful, unstable molecules called free radicals. Given the numerous nutrients contained in the pulp of the noni fruit, a noni extract supplement may offer genuine health benefits.

Contract Manufacturers Noni Extract Supplement*In-house label design available upon request

A noni extract supplement is used for a variety of ailments, including a cough, liver disease, constipation, asthma, depression, stroke, nausea, kidney disorders, colds, arthritis, migraine, high blood pressure, cataracts, and sedation. These uses have not been studied or tested extensively, and the Food and Drug Administration has, in the past, pounced on unscrupulous supplement manufacturers who put forth deceptive claims about the efficacy of noni fruit extract supplements.  However, noni extracts are beginning to be studied more seriously. The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine is conducting ongoing research to determine the effects of noni fruit extract ingestion on various cancer cells, which the National Cancer Institute supports ideologically and financially. But the interpreted results of such studies have yet to be publicized, so naturally, noni fruit extract cannot be recommended as a definite means of treatment for any particular health debility. For now, noni fruit extract seems to have potential as a nutraceutical, but time will tell.

Included in the extensive selection of top-notch ingredients available to Matsun Nutrition is noni fruit extract. If you are interested in selling a customized, highly absorbable noni extract supplement, we’re here to help. You can trust that our decades of experience in supplement contract manufacturing and our high-tech, NSF registered facilities will produce the perfect liquid supplement for your growing business.