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Manufacturing Quality Supplements for a Healthy Life

Matsun Nutrition, for over two decades has been at the forefront for bringing liquid vitamins and supplements to the world. We believe in the idea that everybody, human or animal, deserves a healthy life. We believe that liquid vitamins can lead the way in making a healthy change in someone’s life. When you choose us as your manufacturer, or choose our products for your private label, you can rest assure that you are choosing an organization that has a profound belief in doing our part in this world to deliver a better and healthier life to everyone.

At Matsun Nutrition, we offer high-grade liquid vitamins and supplements to ensure a healthier life for families and pets.

We believe that liquid nutraceuticals deserve a more prominent position in the marketplace. Liquid vitamins can have up to a 90% to 98% absorption rate. Whereas, 50% to 90% of nutrients from solid vitamin tablets may pass out of the body without being absorbed. In addition, children and the elderly may experience difficulty swallowing vitamin pills.  Liquid formulations provide an easier way to obtain essential nutrients.

Liquid Supplement Manufacturing Business

When Matsun Nutrition was founded in 1992, there were plenty of companies manufacturing pill, capsule, and powder supplements, but few liquid supplement makers. We then decided to take up the mantle and fill the void.

FDA GMP Compliant Certified NSF Registered

We meet or exceed all industry manufacturing standards, including NSF registration, FDA and GMP compliance. Our staff performs in-house testing to ensure our products have a shelf life of at least two years from the manufacturing date. Our liquid vitamins and liquid supplements are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Vitamin Supplement Private Labeling Company
  • Low Wholesale Pricing
  • Over 40 Stock Formulas
  • Free Custom Label Design
  • Ready to Ship in 1-2 Days!
  • Low Minimum; Just 12 Bottles

Our private label service offers your company top grade liquid nutraceuticals at a reasonable price. Choose from our stock of over 40 in-house formulas, from multivitamins and weight loss products to pets supplements. We'll also work with you to design a custom label for the product you've chosen. Private label branding and services help you maintain a proven high-standard product and retain your own brand identity.

  • Custom Formulations
  • Label Application
  • NSF registered, FDA and GMP compliant
  • Made in USA
  • Low Minimum Order
Custom Supplement Contract Manufacturer USA

Do you need a specially formulated supplement product? Our vitamin and supplement contract manufacturing services offer liquid vitamins and liquid health products made to your specifications. One of our representatives can help you create a custom nutraceutical product to fit your brand. We can keep our facilities open 24/7 to accommodate large orders and rush jobs.

If you're interested in selling supplements online, our reps can help you learn how to run a successful Amazon vitamin and supplement store.

Why Choose Matsun?

At Matsun Nutrition, we have close to three decades of experience producing liquid vitamins and supplements. We specialize in this area so that we can concentrate on finding the best natural ingredients and producing high-quality supplements in an undervalued niche.

Our manufacturing facilities are geared toward making liquid supplements, and our reps have experience developing suitable products for private labeling and custom contract manufacturing clients. 

Matsun Nutrition Liquid Supplement Manufacturer

Matsun Nutrition

Our Private Label Program Offers:

  • Over 25 years of experience in liquid supplements
  • Low Minimum Orders
  • A Private Label Program
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • 40 Supplements in Stock
  • Liquid Vitamins for Children and Expectant Mothers
  • Supplements for Dogs, Cats, and Horses
  • Fast Turnaround

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality liquid nutritional products for our clients and offering fast, personalized customer service. Our clients include chain stores, private label businesses, vitamin and supplement stores, pet stores, doctors and veterinarians, animal clinics, and Amazon and eBay resellers. 

To learn more about Matsun Nutrition and our liquid vitamin and supplement capabilities, just fill out our contact form. One of our reps will call you back as soon as possible.

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