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If you’re looking for the best supplement manufacturers, then look no further.  Matsun Nutrition is one of the leading contract supplement manufacturers in the USA specializing in liquid vitamin manufacturing and dietary nutraceuticals.  Conveniently located in sunny southern California.   We manufacture and stock a full line of liquid multivitamins and nutritional health supplements.  Our private label services division can provide custom designed labels at no extra charge, just to get you off to a great start!   We are also a wholesale supplier to distributors and retail stores throughout the USA.

An Overview of One of The Best Supplement Manufacturers In The USA

The demand for liquid vitamin supplement manufacturing has continued to grow over the past several years and has keep dietary supplement manufacturers quite busy.  Technology in this industry has allowed for many advancements and made the manufacturing process much more affordable.  Many people prefer to use liquid vitamins and supplements due to the ease of use and effective digestion.  Children prefer them because of the many natural flavor options that are available.  Due to their rapid metabolism, liquid supplements are found to be highly effective. Studies have shown that vitamins and nutrients in liquid form can be up to 98% soluble in humans, pets, and livestock.  This means that nearly all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients are being assimilated during the digestion process.

Best Supplement Manufacturers and Vitamin Manufacturing*In-house label design available upon request

Liquid Vitamin and Supplement Manufacturing Formulations

Manufacturing liquid vitamins and dietary supplements is a complex task.  Becoming on of the best supplement manufacturers in the USA is also not an easy task.  Matsun Nutrition provides a quality team of researchers, including microbiologists and chemists to work with you to meet your specific client needs.  An assigned team of scientists and technologists will work with you to develop a custom formulation and/or suggest a standard house formula to fit your needs.  As dietary supplement manufacturers, we can also provide custom labeling and instructions, along with a time schedule and shipping details for each order.  In this way we provide personal service for everything, beginning with custom formulations, label designs, packaging, and shipping.

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Private Labeling:  (great for new startups, low 12 bottles minimum order)


Supplement Contract Manufacturing


Contract Manufacturing:  (custom formulations, 800 bottles minimum order)


Best Pet Supplements For Cats, Dogs, and Horses

Matsun Nutrition also offers some of the best liquid pet supplements.  One of the great benefits of liquid pet vitamins and supplements is that they are easily mixed into food and water without the frustration of forcing an animal to swallow a pill.  All of our pet supplements feature the same high-quality manufacturing as our human products.  Pets sometimes may require extra nutrition or special care when health problems arise.  Cats, dogs, and horses can benefit from liquid nutrition products and supplements that we offer, whether they are a custom formulation or one of our many house formulations.  Veterinarians and animal enthusiasts may request a consultation from in-house custom formulation team to assist with specific product development addressing their animals specific needs.

Small Minimum Orders On All Private Label Liquid Supplement Manufacturing

Many liquid supplement manufacturers in the USA will not create a custom formula and manufacture the product without a large initial order.  Matsun Nutrition makes is easy for your business to start small and grow over time.  Our direct processes make small minimum orders possible at very reasonable price points.  Some of our small custom order clients include naturopaths, veterinarians and small retail pet stores and online operations.  Our product can assist with creating increased sales and expanding your customer base.  One of the additional benefits in developing custom orders is that it can lead to new formula discoveries which can later be added to an existing product line.  This actualizes new business and grows our profession in a proactive manner.matsun-call-to-action-phone-number-call-today-quote-request-800x160-3

House Formulas for Liquid Human Nutrient Formulas

  • ADD/ADHD Attention Formula (featuring minerals and amino acids)
  • Calcium and Magnesium Formula
  • Children and Adult Multiple Vitamin Formulas
  • Colloidal Silver Formula
  • Sleep Aid Formula
  • Vitamin B-12 Formula
  • Energy and Stress Formula
  • Glucosamine Formulas
  • Hair, Skin Care, and Nails Formula
  • Immunity Booster Formula
  • And many human formulas along with our featured custom formulations.
  • See our private label liquid supplement stock formula list


Animal Liquid Nutrient Formulations  (Custom formulation service also available)

  • Cat Glucosamine Joint Health Formula
  • Cat Multi-Vitamin Formula
  • Dog Glucosamine Joint Health Formulas
  • Colloidal Silver for Cats and Dogs Formula
  • Horse Glucosamine Joint Health Formula
  • Dog Multivitamin Formula
  • Dog Ear Solution Formula


Nutra manufacturing companies such as Matsun Nutrition provide vitamin supplement contract manufacturing and dietary nutraceuticals. We also private label branding at wholesale pricing.  We are one of the best supplement contract manufacturers of liquid vitamins and supplements for people and pets. We also provide custom branding and labeling design services.

Thank you for visiting Matsun Nutrition and we hope you will call us with your questions and order information.  Come to Matsun Nutrition for contract manufacturing liquid vitamins and dietary supplements.  We will ensure that you get the best-manufactured supplements possible.  We are more than happy to assign a team to your specific liquid supplement needs.   We can also do private labeling!

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