Private Label Vitamins

Private Label Vitamins Manufacturing

If you are planning to launch your own brand of private label vitamins; be sure to experience our premium private label supplements manufacturing services. We are a qualified manufacturer with years of experience in the formulation, production, and marketing of liquid vitamins and supplements. Our company offers a full range of private label services to support businesses wanting to market liquid supplements under their own brand names.

Our Private Label Vitamin Services

Our company takes pride in its vast understanding of the supplements industry; as well as its experience and ability to manufacture the same. We appreciate that you, our customers, have unique requirements for your marketing plans. That’s why we provide you with highly personalized private labeling services to ensure a truly unique product for your business.

1. Private Label Liquid Vitamins From Stock Formulations

Our stock formulations consist of time-tested and proven formulations of a wide range of supplements and vitamins. These are all available for your selection to create your very own private label supplement products. This is ideal if you would like to quickly hit the market with a high-quality product that you can confidently put your name on.

2. Private Label Vitamins From Customized Formulations

When your market has unique liquid vitamin and supplement requirements, a customized formulation is definitely the way to go. We collaborate with you to meet your objectives and also produce a quality, safe and healthy private label liquid supplement. Whether you want to introduce a new ingredient to some of our stock formulations, add a unique flavor or pick your own FDA approved ingredients; we are here to help you establish a unique and high-quality supplements brand.

3. Labeling And Packaging To Specifications

We fully understand the importance of product presentation in marketing private label vitamins and supplements. Our manufacturing plant is therefore fully equipped to produce your private label supplements, including packaging and labeling.

4. Private Label Vitamins:  Conception to Completion

The success of any private label liquid vitamin and supplement is largely determined by its purpose and marketing concept. In order to establish your brand successfully, we offer you our expertise and experience in conceptualizing your product. This is an important process we carry out for all new private label products that we produce to ensure you have the highest quality brand.

Private Label Vitamins and Supplements

Benefits of Private Labeling Liquid Vitamins and Supplements

• Low investment. You do not need to set up a manufacturing plant in order to have your own brand of liquid supplements. We already have state-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging facilities in place which you can leverage on.
• Launch products faster. You save time and money being able to launch your own brand of supplements much quicker and without all the hassle of starting from scratch.
• Leverage our Research and Development investment. It takes the time to create, test and establish great formulations. Private labeling presents a practical way of by-passing such a huge investment in time and money, and still be able to enjoy the benefits of owning a quality brand of supplements.
• Leverage our licensing & regulatory approvals. You get to establish your brand without worrying about getting many of the mandatory industry requirements that are required for manufacturers.

Work With The Best When It Comes To Private Labeling Vitamins!

We would like to contribute to the success of your liquid vitamin and supplement brand. Whether you are a wholesaler, internet reseller, new business or existing one, we are always here to help. We accept all order quantities for all size businesses. We also offer:

• Consistent quality assurance. All products made in the USA.
• Great bulk pricing deals.
• Realistic turnaround times for all orders.
• Low minimum order quantities to cater for smaller resellers.
• Free shipping on qualifying orders.
• Personalized support via telephone, email or in person.

We invite you to experience the best service in private label vitamins manufacturing. Contact us today to discuss your private label concept for your brand and we will help you launch it to your market successfully.

Matsun Nutrition provides private label vitamins and supplements. Our liquid supplement manufacturing facility is state of the art. Give us a call today!