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Liquid Vitamin Manufacturer Southern California, USA

Looking for a liquid vitamin manufacturer southern California, USA?

If you are seeking a liquid vitamin manufacturer in southern California or throughout the United States, Matsun Nutrition is here to help.  When businesses are looking for a great vitamin manufacturer then they should expect quality, consistency, safety, and reliability. They also need to be certain that they are following guidelines set up by the FDA. The reputation should be impeccable and they should have a wide selection of vitamins and supplements to offer. This can be said of Matsun Nutrition.  We continue to remain one of the leading liquid vitamin manufacturers in the USA.

If guidelines are not followed by a liquid vitamin manufacturer in southern California or throughout the USA, then they will eventually be shut down by the FDA. They have strict rules and requirements which must be followed. Testing must be done to ensure that the nutritional information that is placed on the label is accurate. It also should be in containers which retain the quality for the shelf life indicated.

There are many liquid vitamin manufacturers that make great promises for their products, but not all are able to carry out these great claims. The reputation should be consistent with the history of the vitamin manufacturing that has been fulfilled. If you use a private label vitamin manufacturer you need to be sure that anything that you use is not only up to par but exceeds it, so that your reputation is not damaged.

Liquid Vitamin Manufacturer Southern California, USA

Another plus is if the liquid vitamin manufacturer provides supplements that are organic and free from pesticides. Customers are now on the verge of choosing vitamins and supplements which they feel are as pure as possible. The latest news and reports show that healthy products are on an uptrend. You want to be able to provide this to your customers.

Just like all other companies, liquid vitamin manufacturers do not want to get sued for poor quality. Safety measures need to be in place to guarantee that none of the products that are purchased have been tampered with. This provides peace of mind to the customer and guarantees their repeat purchases. Any vitamin or supplement manufacturer in California that does not have some safety system in place should not get your business.  We are NSF registered and cGMP compliant.

As a leading liquid vitamin and liquid supplement manufacturer, Matsun Nutrition can offer you not only well-made products, but excellent customer service and a well-known reputation. They have consistently followed guidelines set up by the FDA and can create any formulation of vitamins that will suit your customer’s needs. They have a wide selection of products and will work with you to make sure that any concerns you have are met.

Private Label Energy Shots Manufacturer USA

Private Label Energy Shots Manufacturer

Do You Need a Private Label
Energy Shots Manufacturer in the USA?

Do you have an idea for private label energy shots or Vitamin B-complex? Do you want to make your own energy shots or energy boosters and supplements? Then what you need is a private label energy shot manufacturer. When it comes to manufacturing energy shots, Matsun Nutrition is one of the best energy shot manufacturers in the USA.

Private Label Supplements

We can make custom formulas to meet your specific needs and add your own custom label for private label manufacturing and sales. All of our energy shots and supplements are made in the USA.  Choose one of our standard formulas or provide your own. Matsun Nutrition's graphic designers can create a marketable label to ensure your product is retail ready and stands out among the crowd. Our expert team will consult with you on the bottle type and size that will work best for your new private label energy shots product.

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Custom Energy Shot Formulas Made In The USA

If you are providing us with a custom energy shot formula, we will work with you to ensure that your energy shot contains the correct levels of each ingredient and is tested for product integrity. We want to make sure that you are always getting the best quality energy shots possible.

If you need help sourcing ingredients or flavorings for your private label energy shots we will be happy to reach out to ingredient providers and flavor houses. We are committed to creating great tasting products so we include 2 revisions on every energy shot test batch.

Getting your private label energy shots manufactured by Matsun Nutrition results in a quality product that you can be proud of, one that will represent your energy shot brand well. By taking advantage of our private label supplements program, you reap the benefits of higher margins, the ability to create brand awareness and a streamlined, certified production process. We take you from A to Z quickly and cost efficiently. Here at Matsun Nutrition, private label branding is one of our specialties.

Private Label Energy Shots

Thank you for visiting Matsun Nutrition. We hope you'll agree that we're one of the best USA energy shot manufacturers in the nation. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have regarding our private label energy shots program, including full customization per your ingredient requirements. Of course, we're always ready to take an order as well!

Come to Matsun Nutrition for contract manufacturing liquid vitamins and dietary supplements. We are more than happy to assign a team to your specific liquid supplement needs. We can also do private labeling with free label design services!

Matsun Nutrition is a private label energy shot manufacturer of of energy boosters in southern California, here in the USA! We also do contract manufacturing for all types of liquid vitamins and supplements.

White Label Nutritional Supplements and Liquid Products

Benefits of making your own private white label nutritional supplements and liquid vitamins

Private label liquid supplements, also know as white label nutritional supplements and nutritional products, work much the same as any other privately-labelled products. In a private label program, a manufacturer licenses a particular product for sale by another company, typically a retailer. That company then applies a custom label to the product and markets it as its own. Private label supplements are merely a manufacturer’s supplement with a retailer’s custom label on it.

There are numerous economic benefits for a company that takes advantage of a manufacturer’s white label supplement program. Firstly, the company has the opportunity to sell a high-quality supplement that is ostensibly their own. Unless the supplement is particularly distinct, only the most astute customers are able to determine the original manufacturer, and such customers could not reasonably condemn such an economical, profitable practice.

Many companies cannot afford to manufacture their own products, especially in the early stages of their development.  This is where white label nutritional supplements and vitamins become a great option.  Secondly, the company generally has a great deal of freedom in the actual labeling of the supplement (assuming the label is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations). Additional logos, taglines, or information are at the company’s discretion.

White Label Nutritional Supplements Liquid Products

The company can thus market the supplement in the manner it sees fit. Finally, a company that uses a privately-labelled supplement is more likely to retain customers. When consumers purchase a sleek, private label supplement and are satisfied with the results obtained therefrom, they will likely associate the supplement with the particular retailer whose logo appears on the label. Accordingly, they may choose to do business with that retailer again. The retailer has thus (hopefully) attained a steady customer.

Matsun Nutrition offers an extensive white label nutritional supplements program. Choose from our selection of over 30 high quality, natural liquid supplements, and we will do all of the custom label design work for free. Our design team will work with you to create a label you will love for a product your customers will love.

For more information call (888) 866-5755 or e-mail us at: [email protected]

What Is A Private Label Supplement Manufacturer?

Your One-Stop Private Label Supplement Manufacturer

Matsun Nutrition is a private label supplement manufacturer. If you don’t quite understand how private labeling works, have no fear; this article is for you.

The private label supplement manufacturer that offers private labeling services generally provides a catalog of stock products for the client to peruse. Once the client has chosen the product they would like to carry, they work closely with the private-labeling manufacturer to create a custom label for the product. This label generally features the client’s company logo, address, contact information, and new product name. Once the label is designed and the product made, the order is shipped out to the client to be sold in the manner they see fit. Private labeling is beneficial for both the manufacturer and the client. The manufacturer obviously profits from the client’s business. But the client is able to offer a product to their customers that convey an ostensible sentiment of originality and ingenuity while actually relying on the experience, resources, and labor of the private label supplement manufacturer.  In addition to our Private Label Program, we offer custom supplements and vitamins to meet your expanding needs.

At Matsun Nutrition, we produce high-quality liquid vitamin supplements in our state-of-the-art facilities that meet the rigorous standards set by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for purity and quality. In other words, you can count on us. We have an extensive catalog that features over 30 high-quality, whole-food liquid supplements and over two decades of private label supplement experience. Our talented design team will work with you to produce a label that meets your specifications. Once you approve their design, the labels are applied and the finished product is shipped out. The product is ready to be sold from the moment it arrives. We offer flexible minimum orders. This allows us to help our clients expand their business regardless of their initial size; we work with them at a pace with which they can feel comfortable.

Private Label Supplement Manufacturer

When it comes to private labeling supplements, you need an experienced and highly qualified supplement manufacturer.  You also need to make sure that the manufacturer is NSF regulated and GMP compliant as is Matsun Nutrition.

For more information call (888) 866-5755 or e-mail us:  [email protected]

Supplement vs Beverage–New FDA Guidance

beverage-survey-drink-aisleOn January 14, 2014 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released two final reports providing guidance to determine the clear cut line between dietary supplements and beverages. Over the past few years there has been increased marketing in both dietary supplements and food beverages. Most products have been misrepresented due to labeling, marketing and ingredients. According to the FDA the purpose of this guidance is to, “…describe the factors to consider when determining whether a liquid product should be marketed as a dietary supplement or a conventional food”.   Here are the key points/examples on determining what is a dietary supplement and what is a beverage:

  • Labeling and Advertising- FDA considers statements and graphics on any and all marketed items. Supplement companies cannot use words such as “refreshing”,  “rehydrate”, or any words relating to conventional beverages.
  • Product Name- A supplement company can not name its products with conventional food names such as “beverage,” “drink,” “water,” or “soda”. This is also true with beverage companies when they use words such as “dietary” or “supplement”.
  • Product Packaging–Packaging and design of supplemental items can not be designed to resemble conventional food items. The FDA considers “implied” representation when discerning bad marketing practices.
  • Serving size and Recommended doses- The FDA takes into account the practical sizes of supplements and beverages. If a supplement is over a certain size, then it must be labeled as a beverage.
  • Marketing- The FDA understands the ambiguity of marketing tactics so it takes into account all the labeling, packaging and verbiage used in describing products.
  • Composition- The FDA takes into account the ingredients and the proportions of those ingredients to differentiate between supplements and conventional food items. For example, if Coke decided to make a vitamin-cola, and kept the same coke formula, but just added vitamin A, then it still would be considered a beverage, because of the same proprietary ingredients .
  • Directions- Recommendations or directions to use a product as a “thirst quencher” can be considered recommendations or directions to use that product as a beverage, replacing other beverages such as fruit juice, water or soda and thus represent the product as a conventional food.
  • Other representation of product.- Any representation of products must be consistent and representative with a beverages specific category. Examples of alternative representations may include the product description documents when they are to be trademarked and/or patented, and also documents for international trade and sales.

Supplement vs Beverage--New FDA Guidance

Even though lines and specific regulations have been made, the distinctions between supplement and beverage is still a little gray. The FDA has made great progress differentiating between the two.  Hopefully,  in the future manufacturers will be able to work efficiently and productively without the worry of FDA product distinctions.  You can read more about liquid vitamins and supplements on various liquid supplement blogs.

FDA Label Changes for Liquid Vitamins and Supplements


There are new FDA Label Changes for Liquid Vitamins and Supplements.  Adapting to the new healthier climate in America, the FDA is planning to change how companies present their nutritional facts and labels.  “The food environment has changed and our dietary guidance has changed,” says Michael Taylor, FDA deputy commissioner, “It’s important to keep this updated so what is iconic doesn’t become a relic.”  A relic is correct. The FDA has not changed it’s labeling in the last 20 years, and it has been working almost a decade to implement the new changes its planning.  As I skim down the nutritional information of my drink, it is a jumble of numbers and hard to read words.

One of the main complaints from health experts is the ambiguity of serving sizes and the amount of serving per container. Often times businesses will include more than one serving per serving making the calorie and other nutrient information deceptive.
Taylor also comments that calories will be more prominently labeled. This might be in reaction to America’s obesity rating. As of a study conducted last year by United Nations food and agriculture organization, 31.8% of all americans are diagnosed with obesity. The FDA will also take a closer look on added sugars and proper labeling. Manufacturers are adding non-naturally occurring sugars and syrups, and these ingredients are not taken into account in the total sugars of the product. Also, mislabeling from manufacturers are occurring as they add natural sugars and label their product “Natural”, when no other natural ingredient is contained within that product.

FDA Label Changes for Liquid Vitamins and Supplements

Finalizing this transition is going to be long and lengthy process. It may take another few years for all the changes to be made, and have every single manufacturer comply with these new regulations. Well, whatever the FDA decides to change, America will be watching. A study performed by the Agriculture Department suggests that over half of all Americans, 57% look at nutritional labels. This is 15% increased compared to 42% in 2010.  It should be noted that the dietary supplement industry will remain unaffected by the changes in FDA regulation. The FDA will be focusing on the food and beverage, due to the high volume and gross mislabeling of products.

Here are some other changes submitted to the FDA from health experts.

— Add the percentage of whole wheat to the label. Some manufacturers will label a product “Whole Wheat” when only a small percentage of whole wheat is actually contained.

— Understandable Measurements. Concerns have been raised due to the fact that Americans don’t understand the metric system. Grams are not easily recognized and palpable, so health expert suggest using teaspoons or tablespoon.

—Front labeling. Nutrition experts are pushing for labels in the front so certain ingredients are more easily noticeable.


Private Label Yacon Root Syrup Manufacturers

Private Label Yacon Root Syrup Manufacturers USA

Looking for a reliable private label yacon root syrup manufacturers?

If you are in need of a private label yacon root manufacturers, Matsun Nutrition can fulfill! Our organic, non-GMO yacon syrup is available for contract manufacturing and private label. Sourced directly from Peru, we are proud to deliver a pure yacon syrup product. Yacon syrup is growing in popularity due to recent studies and media exposure. World renowned doctors and nutritionists are calling yacon syrup a breakthrough product in increasing metabolism.

Give us a call at 888-866-5755 or fill out a Request For Quote!

What is Yacon Root?

The yacon root (Smallanthus sonchifolius), sometimes called the Peruvian ground apple, is similar to jicama in appearance, taste, and texture. Both are tubers that have a sweet mild flavor and can be eaten raw. The yacon root is found to grow wild in the Andes Mountains, between the countries of Colombia and Argentina. Yacon root is processed into syrup via a process similar to that of maple syrup. Yacon root has been used for centuries in South American countries for its health properties.

Liquid Supplement Yacon Root Syrup Manufacturer

The Benefits of Yacon Syrup

Claims that yacon effects weight loss and blood sugar control have been widely reported. The results of one such study* have shown that yacon syrup significantly decreased body fat and mass in 73% of the women studied without changes to diet or exercise. Fructooligosaccharide (FOS) found in yacon syrup is a natural sweetener that has no effect on raising blood sugar, making it a great sugar alternative for diabetics and others in need of monitoring their blood sugar.

Matsun Nutrition is a private label yacon root syrup manufacturers located in Murrieta, California, USA. Manufacturer of liquid supplement and vitamins.


cGMP Certification and Compliance: Science and Nature Meet

cGMP Certification and Compliance Liquid Supplements

Matsun Nutrition is cGMP compliant.  This means that the facility site and methods employed in the production of our herbs have been subject to a thorough quality control investigation and is certified to be in compliance. The cGMP evaluation process covers all aspects of manufacturing, including inspection of the buildings and grounds, the air and water purification systems, the handling and processing of raw herbs, the product manufacturing process, the operation and cleaning of equipment, the training of personnel and quality control testing and documentation.

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Private Labeling:  (great for new startups, low 12 bottles minimum order)


Supplement Contract Manufacturing


Contract Manufacturing:  (custom formulations, 800 bottles minimum order)


Adherence to guidelines established in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, formal Manufacturing Instructions, Standard Operating Procedures and Quality Control Protocols ensures that every batch of product is safe and of the highest quality. These standards are the guidelines upon which our manufacturers base each decision, and allow us to have the confidence to say that our product manufacturers are some of the best herbal product manufacturers not only in China but also in the world today.

As U.S.-based manufacturers of herbal products begin to grapple with the implementation of GMPs for the first time (mandatory as of 2010), it is important to note that even when attained, these will only be Dietary Supplement. Matsun Nutrition’s manufacturing partners are internationally GMP compliant for the manufacturing of medicinal grade products. This necessitates a much higher standard of oversight, manufacturing, and quality control than can be attained by similar products produced in the U.S.

Liquid Supplement Contract Manufacturing

What does GMP compliant mean?

GMP means Good Manufacturing Practices and is a mark that can commonly be found alongside NSF registration. This is a term that is used around the world and signifies that product has been tested for quality control. cGMP also regulates the equipment used to create each product and requires that all methods of operation, which includes: cleaning, testing, and manufacturing, have been validated to perform their specific function.

In short, GMP and NSF registration mean that you are getting a safe and consistent product each time that you buy it. With ongoing NSF and GMP processes, the same high standard is applied to the product whether you purchase today or three years later. It will always be the same product manufactured with the same high standards.

Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D in Liquid Supplements

Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D available in Liquid Supplements

As people get older, a calcium and magnesium liquid supplement can be a necessary addition to the diet. Calcium and magnesium with vitamin D is a great supplement to help the immune system fight off illness. Additionally, bones and teeth are improved by calcium supplementation. Calcium helps reduce high blood pressure, reduces the risk of stroke and lessens the symptoms of PMS. Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, but as people age, they start to lose it. Too much calcium is not good and needs to be balanced with magnesium. Magnesium consists of over 300 enzyme reactions in the body.

Taken as sublingual liquid vitamins (vitamins placed under the tongue instead of swallowed), a calcium and magnesium supplement – Magnesium helps the body to metabolize calcium and vitamin C. Calcium supplementation works on regulating the rhythm of the heart, magnesium helps this by controlling the muscular activity of the heart and keeping normal heart rhythm. Calcium helps maintain healthy nerve and general muscle function as well as kidney function. Magnesium is vital to helping control diabetes as it helps the body convert blood sugar into energy. Calcium helps reduce the levels of cholesterol in the body as well as reduces the chance of getting colon cancer. Calcium can also help ease insomnia.

Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D in Liquid Supplements

Water soluble vitamins in calcium and magnesium liquid supplements are great for easy absorption in the body, but calcium toxicity can lead to a lot of problems in the body. Examples of problems include confusion; constipation; digestion and stomach problems; dizziness; dry mouth; flatulence; kidney stones; plaque in the arteries; a higher risk of prostate cancer; severe fatigue;  and seizures. Taking over 2500mg of calcium can lead to calcium toxicity which manifests as abnormal deposits of calcium all over the body. Magnesium is used to balance out the toxicity and ensure that the body is not harmed by an overabundance of calcium.

Your Favorite Nutritional Liquid Supplement Manufacturer

Liquid Nutritional Supplement ManufacturingMatsun Nutrition is a company born about 20 years ago as a liquid nutritional supplement manufacturer. It was established to provide an alternative to supplement powders, pills, and capsules. The company claims that all of their liquid nutritional supplements are manufactured from excellent quality natural raw materials. These are all processed using high-quality techniques which ensure that all of their products are of superior quality.

As a liquid nutritional supplement manufacturer, the company comes with the promise to provide you with a complete solution for your supplement research and development. It strives to make this possible by allowing you access to a whole battery of analysis related to the assessment of product stability and effectiveness. Matsun Nutrition boasts a full packaging service and is able to get their products to their clients by making use of an excellent logistics department.

All of their products are manufactured according to high standards which have resulted in their manufacturing facility having cGMP certification. In maintaining these standards they are able to ensure that all their liquid supplements are made from excellent quality natural products. The company assures clients that their liquid supplements are always of superior quality.

Most of the supplements produced by the Matsun Nutrition company are for human consumption. In this regard the company prides itself on the high standards they maintain in their production plants. This has assured that they have achieved the honor of obtaining NSF approval. The company says that their products have such a pleasant taste that even children find them irresistible. Matsun Nutrition has been able to achieve this by standardizing on the use of natural flavoring. Besides their taste, the products are effective and offer a 98% solubility rate during human digestion.

Private Label Nutritional Liquid Supplement Manufacturer


Use Matsun Nutrition to provide you with your livestock with liquid supplements.  This is an achievement that the company is proud to have received. All of these supplements are extremely effective and is easily absorbed. All products are also easily digested by animals.

The company boasts an extensive list of over 40 supplements covered under their private label. Most of these are various vitamin enriched liquids for consumption. “For a full list please visit our web page at,” invites the company. Matsun Nutrition is able to provide you with a fully customized range of products which promotes the vision of your company. It is able to do this by having a clever labeling procedure in place. The company says that they will be able to see to all of your needs no matter how big or small it may be. You are welcome to call their private label client service at 888-866-5755 to discuss your private label requirements.

Matsun Nutrition will also manufacture your own formulated liquid nutritional supplement under their  contract manufacturing program. You can find an extensive list of dietary ingredients which they can include in your liquid supplement on their web page. They will even assist you in the design of your own custom label. With all this expertise your clients have access to superior quality nutritional supplements, which assists you in meeting your business goals.

For all of your liquid nutritional supplement needs contact Matsun Nutrition.

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What Are Liquid Vitamins and Supplements?

What are Vitamins Picture

So, exactly what are liquid vitamins and supplements?

Many customers have often wonder what are liquid vitamins and supplements.  According to a Google search, a vitamin is any of a group of organic compounds that are essential for normal growth and nutrition and are required in small quantities in the diet because they cannot be synthesized by the body.  A liquid vitamin is one which comes in a liquid form, usually which is easily consumable for people or pets.  Vitamins are also commonly found in various liquid supplements.

Wikipedia states, “A vitamin is an organic compound required as a vital nutrient in tiny amounts by an organism. In other words, an organic chemical compound (or related set of compounds) is called a vitamin when it cannot be synthesize in sufficient quantities by an organism, and must be obtained from the diet. Thus, the term is conditional both on the circumstances and on the particular organism. For example, ascorbic acid, vitamin C is a vitamin for humans, but not for most other animals, and bio are required in the human diet only in certain circumstances. By convention, the term vitamin does not include other essential nutrients such as minerals, fatty acids, amino acids (which are needed in larger amounts than vitamins), nor does it encompass the large number of other nutrients that promote health but are otherwise required less often.”

What Are Liquid Vitamins and Supplements

Thirteen vitamins are universally recognized at present. Vitamins are classified by their biological and chemical activity, not their structure. Thus, each “vitamin” refers to a number of compounds that all show the biological activity associated with a particular vitamin. Such a set of chemicals is grouped under an alphabetized vitamin “generic descriptor” title, such as vitamin A retinal and four known cartenoids by definition are convertible to the active form of the vitamin in the body, and are sometimes inter-convertible to one another, as well.

Vitamins have diverse biochemical functions. Some have hormone-like functions as regulators of mineral metabolism (e.g., vitamin D), or regulators of cell and tissue growth and differentiation (e.g., some forms of vitamin A. Others function as antioxidants vitamin E and vitamin C. The largest number of vitamins (e.g., B complex vitamins) function as precursors for enzyme co-factors, that help enzymes work as catalysts in metabolism. In this role, vitamins may be tightly bound to enzymes as part of prosthetic groups: For example, biotin is part of enzymes involved in making fatty acids. Vitamins may also be less tightly bound to enzyme catalysts as coenzymes, detachable molecules that function to carry chemical groups or electrons between molecules. For example, folic acid carries various forms of carbon group – methyl, formyl and methylene – in the cell. Although these roles in assisting enzyme-substrate reactions are vitamins’ best-known function, the other vitamin functions are equally important.

Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin D, Vitamin , Vitamin E, Vitamin , Vitamin K1, Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), Vitamin B7 (Biotin), Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) are all examples of common and important vitamins.  All of which are available as liquid vitamins and in liquid supplements.

Liquid Supplement Manufacturer FDA cGMP Compliance

Matsun Nutrition is in full compliance with all FDA, NSF, and cGMP regulations

Matsun Nutrition is a liquid supplement manufacturer that is fully FDA, NSF registered and cGMP Compliant. We meet all state and federal manufacturing requirements.  The advanced quality control systems at Matsun Nutrition help to make Matsun Nutrition the most advanced liquid vitamin manufacturer in the USA.  We manufacture health supplements for partners worldwide. The quality control and care that goes into each of our supplements far exceed that of the nutraceutical industry and liquid manufacturing industry standards.

As a liquid health supplement manufacturer,  Matsun Nutrition goes above and beyond what is required by the FDA and State Governments to ensure that their products are of the utmost quality. Matsun Nutrition is an NSF registered, cGMP compliant contract manufacturer. Although our qualified technicians are very diligent in their efforts to support the quality goals of Matsun Nutrition, we feel that strict procedures are necessary in order to maintain a consistently excellent liquid vitamin. We invite you visit us in southern California and to tour our facility.   Compare our contract manufacturing systems, processes and procedures to other companies in the industry.  Matsun Nutrition conducts semi-annual Third Party inspections by three separate agencies and organizations as well as periodic internal audits to ensure strict compliance with all quality control policies and cGMP standard operating procedures. Rest assured that you have found the highest quality in liquid supplement manufacturers.

Liquid Supplement Manufacturer FDA cGMP Compliance

Thank you for visiting Matsun Nutrition and we hope you will call us with your questions and order information.  Come to Matsun Nutrition for contract manufacturing liquid vitamins and dietary supplements.  We are more than happy to assign a team to your specific liquid custom supplement needs.   We can also do private labeling!

For more information call (888) 866-5755 or e-mail us: [email protected]

10 Reason Why You Should Private Label Apple Cider Vinegar

Private Label Apple Cider Vinegar Manufactured In The USA

Private label apple cider vinegar has benefits to both you and your customers.  Apple cider vinegar is a product created by the fermentation of apples. Here are the top ten reason why many people use apple cider vinegar and why you should private label apple cider vinegar and add it to your product line.

Apple cider vinegar, especially if it is a high quality organic apple cider vinegar, has been touted as a cure all for all its wonderful potential healing properties. It’s main ingredient, acetic acid,  is used to treat infections of the outer ear canal, bacterial vaginosis, head lice and ear wax impaction, but that’s not all the uses for this vinegar. Enjoy the slideshow and discover for yourself the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar.  By private labeling apple cider vinegar, you just might jump start your vitamin and supplement business!

Slide Show Article on the top 10 Reasons Why You Should Try Apple Cider Vinegar.

Matsun Nutrition specializes in liquid supplement manufacturing.  If you are interested in developing your own private label apple cider vinegar or a completely custom liquid supplement, contact us at 888-866-5755 or email us at [email protected].

Participation in Matsun Nutrition’s Liquid Vitamin Private Label Sales Program Nearly Doubles in 2012

Private Label Liquid MultiviaminsMatsun Nutrition’s private label sales program for liquid supplements and vitamins makes it easy for someone to start a business by offering low minimum orders.  Matsun Nutrition has seen program participation and growth nearly double in the last year because people are looking for new business opportunities.

Murrieta, CA (PRWEB) – October 4, 2012 – Matsun Nutrition uses its 10+ years experience in the supplement industry to support individuals participating in the private label program.  This program has continued to grow despite the unstable economy because people are looking to try new things to make money and find employment.  Matsun Nutrition is helping to create job opportunities by allowing individuals the chance to start a vitamin store with little upfront money or awareness of the industry.

A deterrent for some to starting a business, especially during uncertain economic times, is the startup capital usually required.  Matsun Nutrition’s private label program eases this burden.  The program offers an individual the opportunity to start a vitamin store without having to store a large inventory of products.  With order minimums as small as 12 bottles and large discounts on bulk private label orders of 400-800+ bottles, people with all levels of investment ability can take advantage of Matsun Nutrition’s private label program.

Participation in Matsun Nutrition’s Liquid Vitamin Private Label Sales Program Nearly Doubles in 2012

Another reason people hesitate to start a business is not knowing which type of business to open and worrying about saturating the market.  According to CNN, more than half of Americans use vitamins or supplements and the numbers seem to keep going up.  Based on this, it is no wonder Matsun Nutrition’s private program is growing so rapidly.

“Our private label business has really taken off in the last year, so the time is great for people to join the supplement industry,” according to Brandon Siggard, CEO of Matsun Nutrition, “Supplement use in the US has more than doubled since the eighties and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.  We feel that our private label program takes the guesswork out of starting your own business.”

Matsun Nutrition offers its years of experience to people participating in the liquid supplements private label sales program in a few ways.  First, an individual can choose from 35 stock formulas to private label.  The other option is to create a custom formulation vitamin or variation on one of the stock products.  Matsun Nutrition will work with the individual to create whatever product they are interested in selling.  Matsun Nutrition also offers a variety of bottle types and sizes to meet each customer’s needs.

Another facet of the support offered in Matsun Nutrition’s liquid supplement private label sales program is in the actual labels.  Matsun Nutrition offers access to its design team to participants in the private label program.  The designers will work with the individual to create the right custom label for the products they want to sell.  For smaller orders, Matsun Nutrition even offers in-house printing to cut down on costs for the customer.

Matsun Nutrition has been offering private labeling since 1997. All products produced for through private label program are manufactured in a certified-cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility, using only premium/qualified ingredients.  All Matsun Nutrition products are manufactured in the United States of America.

See the full press release here

Contract Manufacturer Develops New Skin Acne Formula

Matsun Nutrition, a leading contract manufacturer developing new skin acne formula

Matsun Nutrition, a company that offers private labeling and custom formulations, has added a new product to its stock line. This new Vitamin B5 supplement has been designed to help those dealing with unwanted acne.  Contract manufacturer Matsun Nutrition has  Developed a new acne skin care formula for children, teens and adults.

Murrieta, CA (PRWEB) August 22, 2012 – Matsun Nutrition announces the addition of a new liquid supplement to combat acne to its line of stock products. The product uses Vitamin B5 with L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, biotin, Vitamin C and zinc to help those dealing with troublesome acne. The combination of these ingredients is meant to reduce the skin’s production of oil and thus stop the acne before it starts.

Most people deal with acne at some time in their life and for some people it can be a really discouraging problem. When a person’s skin produces too much oil, specifically sebum, the oil can clog the skin’s pores. When a pore gets clogged acne can develop. The production of excess sebum can happen when a person is stressed or has hormonal imbalances, like during puberty or menopause.

Contract Manufacturer Develops New Skin Acne Formula

Men and women can both suffer from continual acne, even after outgrowing the teenage years. Some common ways to deal with acne include face washes, lotions and topical creams. While some people may see changes from these sources, it’s possible to cause more irritation to the skin and further aggravate the acne that is already present. “We wanted to offer another option for those suffering from persistent acne,” says Brandon Siggard, CEO of Matsun Nutrition, “This product is different because it attacks the acne from the inside out.”

Vitamin B5 is the main ingredient in this new product and this is based on a study done by Dr. Lit-Hung Leung. In 1995, Dr. Leung studied the relationship between acne and vitamin B5 (otherwise known as pantothenic acid.) People participating in the study saw improvement in their acne within one week to one month of taking high levels of pantothenic acid. This formula also has zinc which, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, may “reduce the effects of acne.”

Matsun Nutrition’s Vitamin B5 supplement for acne contains:
Vitamin C                         60 mg
Vitamin B1                         3 mg
Riboflavin                         3.4 mg
Niacin                             10 mg
Vitamin B6                         5 mg
Folate                             400 mcg
Vitamin B12                         40 mcg
Biotin                             1000 mcg
Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic Acid     3400 mg
Zinc                                3 mg
Selenium                            14 mcg
Chromium                            20 mcg
Molybdenum                         35 mcg

In addition, this product also includes a proprietary blend of Aloe Vera Juice, L-Carnitine, Bromelain, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Stevia.

Matsun Nutrition manufactures all products, including those for the private label program, in a certified-cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility, using only premium/qualified ingredients. All Matsun Nutrition products are manufactured in the United States of America.

USA Vitamin Manufacturer Matsun Nutrition Makes Liquid Vitamins for Taiwan and China

GMP Vitamin Manufacturer

#1 USA Vitamin Manufacturer for Liquid Vitamins and Supplements

USA vitamin manufacturer Matsun Nutrition is a liquid vitamin and supplement contract manufacturer and has been inundated with requests for liquid glucosamine products to be produced in their cGMP certified facility in Murrieta, CA.  (PRWEB) February 10, 2012.

Vitamin manufacturing in the USA is on the rise.  Matsun Nutrition, a liquid vitamin contract manufacturer, has been inundated with requests for liquid glucosamine products to be produced in their cGMP certified facility in southern California. Matsun specializes in manufacturing custom formulated liquid health supplements. According to, most of the demand is stemming from a windfall of bad press regarding Chinese and Taiwanese supplement manufacturers cutting corners when it comes to quality control. According to, manufacturing, is headed back to the US due to rising labor costs in China and Taiwan.

Matsun Nutrition’s Director of Quality Assurance Nolan Kerr said, “US manufactured products are seen as being at the high end of the vitamin supplement industry in Asia. We have seen a lot of requests for products to be manufactured here in our cGMP facility that is then being directly exported to Asia.”

USA Vitamin Manufacturer

Manufacturers in China and Taiwan have a negative stigma about how they cut corners to produce products cheaper with less quality (see Because of these concerns, Asian companies are looking towards the United States for their health supplement needs. This is just one of the reasons that Chinese and Taiwanese companies are looking overseas for their supplement manufacturing.

So, the next time you are searching for a high-quality USA vitamin manufacturer, look no further than Matsun Nutrition.  We offer a wide variety of private label liquid vitamins and custom supplements that are all manufactured right here in our USA supplement manufacturing facility.   In addition, we have our own lab, researchers, chemists, and technicians for in-house testing and formulating.  We can produce almost any type of custom liquid supplement formula that you may need.  Whether it’s a liquid glucosamine for dogs or an exciting new energy shot formulation, Matsun Nutrition has the experience and capabilities to bring your new product to market.