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Private Label Nutraceuticals Business

An Overview of Private Label Supplements and Contract Manufacturing

When it comes to private label supplements and contract manufacturing, Matsun has the experience you can trust. 

With more people using vitamins and supplements than ever before, it is important to find a supplement company that manufacturers high-quality supplement products. The products must be safe, effective, and must meet strict quality control standards. For this reason, it is essential to choose a supplement manufacturer that is NSF registered, FDA inspected and GMP compliant. At Matsun Nutrition, we work hard to provide people with the best liquid vitamins and liquid supplements to meet their daily needs.

Matsun Nutrition manufactures private label vitamins, supplements, and nutraceuticals in liquid form that fit the ever changing demands of a variety of businesses. As a leading liquid supplement manufacturer in the USA, we offer two main programs to better service our customers. The first is our Private Label Program whereby customers can choose from over 40+ in-house liquid vitamin and supplement products which can then be branded with their own company name and logo. The second is our Contract Manufacturing Program that allows customers to develop their own custom formulation. Our goal is to be your first choice when it comes to finding supplement a quality liquid supplement company. 

Private Label Supplements Program

Private label supplements are stock products that can be labeled and sold by other parties as their own. For our stock supplement products, we use high-quality formulas that have been tested over time and proven to be great sellers.

The formulas that we use are designed and based on years of research. This includes extensive research on how well a person’s body can handle a compound and how it works. Our goal is to produce vitamins and supplements that make it easier for people to stay healthy, achieve their nutritional goals and live a healthier life.

Matsun Nutrition also provides shelf life stability testing. The stability of our products is guaranteed to have a full 2-year shelf life to ensure that the ingredients have not been compromised.

As private label supplement manufacturers, we follow a series of simple 3-step process to help you start your own supplement business and make your job as easy as possible.

  1. After you review the products we have available, simply choose which ones you wish to order.
  2. We have all the legally required nutrition information labels ready to go and can add a custom logo and company name to the labels so that you can create your very own supplement brand.
  3. We will then label the bottles, package them, and have them shipped out to you.

You can take care of all the marketing plans yourself at this point. This includes figuring out where you will sell the products, whether it be at a physical store or online.

We make it very easy to get started selling supplements and we are here to guide you through the process and answer any questions that you may have. It is designed to help you sell products without having to go through all the difficulties that come with finding formulas that work or dealing with too many governmental regulations.

Private Label Supplement Program: Volume Discounts

One great part of our services is that we offer affordable products with some of the lowest ordering requirements. You can get wholesale vitamins from us with a minimum order of just twelve bottles on most of our products. This is ideal if you have smaller sales needs or if you want to give our products a trial before committing to something a little larger.

Of course, you can always order our wholesale supplements at any time. We work hard to help people who need more products for their retail demands.

We even offer special volume discounts:

  • Our volume discounts start at 5% off for 96 bottles.
  • Save 10% on an order of 144 bottles.
  • Our volume deals go up to 25% off for 800 bottles.

You can choose to order as many of these bottles as needed. There are no contracts involved with getting them either. This ensures that you will get more out of your products by only purchasing what you need.

Places to Sell Supplements

  • Health Food Stores
  • Drug Stores
  • Pet Stores and Veterinarians
  • Gyms and Spas
  • Beauty Boutiques
  • Weight Loss Clinics
  • Amazon, Ebay, and other online platforms

Supplement Contract Manufacturing

Matsun Nutrition also offers vitamin and supplement contract manufacturing services. Under our contract manufacturing program, there are a few very important benefits that you will gain. The main two benefits being (1) the availability of custom formulations and (2) low costs.

In terms of the private label vs contract manufacturing debate, there is a clear difference between the two. Dietary supplements that use our stock in-house formulas are the only ones available for private labeling. Whereas, the big difference is that with contract manufacturing vitamins and supplements, you can customize your supplement product as you see fit.

For instance, this way this process works is that you will ask us to incorporate a specific set of ingredients or flavorings into your new custom supplement formula. Our in-house chemists, formulators and lab technicians can then work with you to create a formula that is unique and meets your special requirements.

As a liquid nutraceutical contract manufacturer, we focus on handling all kinds of different compounds that work to your benefit. Our experienced staff can help recommend which specific ingredients are best to use with your custom formula. In fact, many of our products are made to benefit people with a wide range of needs and with very specific standards in mind. Once you determine exactly what you want to provide to your customers, including specific ingredients, these can then be used to create your own unique branded supplement products.

Vitamin & Supplement Research and Development

We understand that you have many questions and needs with regards to getting good products ready for sale. You can always contact us for help with getting your products developed and ready to use. Fortunately, we have research and development services available for you to take advantage of in getting the process started.

Supplement Bottling and Packaging

The products we have available for sale are very easy to consume and use. We offer a variety of bottle sizes that are simple and easy to handle. These include bottles that range from two ounces in size up to one gallon on average.

We also offer bulk 55-gallon drums for those that have this type of special requirement. We have different types of sizes to fit your demands. Just contact us and we will help you with finding a solution that fits your needs.

Supplement Test Batching

We always work hard with preparing the test batches for our customer's review. We can provide a small test batch so that you can test out a sample of the actual product before it goes into full production. The benefit of this is that you can modify the formula’s ingredients, flavoring, and coloring, to make sure it is exactly how you want it.

NSF Registered, FDA Inspected, and GMP Compliant Supplement Manufacturer

The products that we manufacture here at Matsun Nutrition are all safe and easy for anyone to use. Every package comes with the proper nutritional information label that displays a list of ingredients and instructions for using the product. Of course, you get to choose how the packaging will look so long as all those supplement label details are included on the bottles.

All our liquid supplement products are manufactured right here in the United States. They are made here to ensure you get the most out of the ingredients you use and to ensure that no potentially dangerous ingredients from foreign countries are used when making these products.

We also adhere to all GMP guidelines for manufacturing our liquid supplement products. This ensures that everything is prepared in a controlled, inspected and safe production environment.

Advantages of Private Labeling Liquid Supplements

  • These can be immediately consumed by the body. They don’t have to be dissolved within the body like traditional pills, capsules, or tablets.
  • They move through the body more quickly as they get into the bloodstream without much interruption. Thus, the benefits of liquid supplements can be experienced faster.
  • The risk of a liquid supplement breaking down will be minimal. Traditional vitamins tend to become weakened as they are digested. The acids in the body can keep some of them from working well. With a liquid supplement, the odds of the product breaking down prematurely and not working will be dramatically reduced.
  • It is much easier to consume liquid vitamins than it is to handle tablets or other solid supplement forms. This is ideal for people who struggle with swallowing traditional vitamins and supplements.
  • Often, liquid vitamins may be made with better ingredients that are safer to consume than what you’d find for other items.
  • At Matsun Nutrition, when we make our products, we use raw ingredients and natural flavors. We do this to provide you with a great product that is easy for the body to process without risking any possible harm.
  • We always avoid using fillers that often just fill up space within a product.
  • Binders are not needed to keep our ingredients intact.
  • Disintegrators are not required to help get anything to dissolve as it is being used.
  • Any flavorings that we use are made from natural vegetarian sources.

The effort, experience, and attention to detail that we put into making our supplements are certainly worth exploring. After all, when it comes to making private label nutraceuticals, we take everything seriously.

A Variety of Supplement Products to Choose From

The best part of contacting Matsun Nutrition for your help with your next supplement manufacturing project is that we offer an assortment of great products. Here’s a look at some of the products we offer.

  • Antioxidants are available to help people with improving their immune systems.
  • L-Carnitine liquid supplements provide people with this necessary amino acid.
  • Our brain health products are great for all sorts of people. We even have a liquid supplement for those who have ADD and ADHD.
  • Liquid sleep aids are included with healthy non-addictive compounds.
  • Energy shots and green tea energy products are among the unique products we’ve got for sale. These are especially portable and provide people with the energy they need for all kinds of situations.
  • Glucosamine can help people to stay active by improving upon how their joints feel.
  • Many of our products help improve the hair, skin, and nails. These include items that restore the natural shine of one’s hair.
  • Acne skin care supplements help fix the problems that cause acne from the inside out.

Liquid Multivitamins for People and Pets

We have an assortment of private label and contract manufacturing multivitamins that bring many different vitamins together. Our liquid multivitamins are made with an assortment of different compounds in mind and have been proven to be effective for many needs.

We are a proud dietary supplement manufacturer of multivitamins for adults and children alike. We offer these products to such audiences in many forms to help them get the most out of their bodies.

They are designed with a variety of natural ingredients and flavors in mind. We make them like this as we know that it is often challenging for some people to consume vitamins. We work our formulators to get the most out of anything you want to consume.

Prenatal Vitamin Solutions

We have prenatal liquid vitamins and supplements for women as well. These include folic acid supplements that help pregnant mothers and their unborn children. These are safe to consume and are easier to take than more traditional vitamins.

Weight Loss Supplements

We care about the weight loss needs of our clients. We proudly offer private label dietary supplements that feature a variety of prominent natural ingredients. These include Raspberry Ketones and Garcinia Cambogia with a green coffee bean extract. These are designed to provide you with extra help for managing your body’s needs for burning off fat. If anything, you will find that you’ll lose more weight with these while maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine than if you tried the same routine without such items.

Private Label Pet Supplements

We are also a liquid pet supplement manufacturer that offers a variety of private label nutrition products for your pets. We have dog and cat formulas for a variety of needs. We have glucosamine supplements to help your pets have healthy joints. These include extra strength formulas designed with large dog breeds in mind. We even offer a horse glucosamine supplement.

Our unique line of pet supplement products sets us apart from other private label pet manufacturers. You have the option to sell our cat and dog supplement products at pet supply stores or at a veterinary clinic. These can also be great for use at organic and farm supply stores.

If there’s one thing to note, it’s that we are a private label vitamin manufacturer that offers many products for all sorts of needs. We proudly sell these great products for all kinds of people to use. We work hard to give everyone the necessary supplements that they can use to stay comfortable.

Check Out Our E-Books

We also have a few different e-books that you can read to get information on various products and services that may be of value to you. We offer information in our e-books that can help anyone get started, even if you have little or no experience in the supplement market.

Liquid Supplement Suppliers In The USA

Matsun Nutrition is the Premier Liquid Supplement Supplier of Vitamins and Health Products

Matsun Nutrition is your premium liquid supplement supplier. We take the time to monitor the manufacturing of our goods so that we can remain the number one liquid vitamin supplier in the country. At Matsun Nutrition, we take our business seriously so that our customers can enjoy a more fulfilling experience.

How We Are Able to Stay the Best Liquid Vitamin Supplier in the Country

We do not expect our customers to simply take our word for it that we are one of the best liquid vitamin suppliers in the United States. Instead, we expect our products to speak for themselves. All of our liquid vitamins and custom supplements are created using top-of-the-line manufacturing techniques. Our products are pure, potent, and poised to offer you the boost health and wellness you’ve been looking for.

At no point will Matsun Nutrition try to sell you something that has not been put through a stringent screening process. Our experts regularly monitor the manufacturing processes used by the makers of our esteemed products. We do this so that we can continually ensure our customers the best selection of liquid vitamins and supplements on the market.

What Makes One a Good Supplier of Liquid Supplements?

As you probably already know, there are numerous liquid vitamin supplier websites out there. All of them promise to have the best items, so how are we any different? What separates us from the rest is the fact that we actually take pride in what we do. Matsun Nutrition is not in business simply for the profits. We take health and wellness seriously because we understand the importance of it.

Good liquid supplement suppliers will have all the most popular brands in stock at all times. A great liquid vitamin supplier will offer an array of different sized bottles. This is what we do, and we do it because we understand that no two vitamin takers are the same. You know what your body needs and we have exactly what you require improving your well being one dose at a time.

Why Being Choosy about Your Liquid Vitamin Supplier Is So Vital

Buying your supply of liquid vitamins and supplements from the first place you find is a bad idea. In all honesty, you should only purchase your supply from a top rated liquid supplement supplier. Matsun Nutrition is known around the country as a trusted source for high-quality liquid vitamins and supplements. We have a huge following of loyal patrons and we don’t plan on changing things anytime soon. In fact, Matsun Nutrition is considered to be the top liquid vitamin supplier of all time.

Being choosy about your liquid supplement supplier is very important. These are products you plan on ingesting. Putting anything into your body with first making sure that the manufacturing process is perfected isn’t a smart move. Considering there is no emergency, it is best that you take your time when choosing  liquid supplement suppliers. For that reason, Matsun Nutrition has done everything possible to remove the guesswork involved in choosing the best health and wellness products.

The Manufacturing of Your Liquid Supplements and Vitamins Really Matters

You might be one of those people who think that all liquid vitamins and supplements are the same. If so, you are very mistaken. After being in business for years, Matsun Nutrition is well aware of the differences between brands. We have found that good manufacturing makes all the difference when it comes to the quality and effectiveness of the product, which is why we have become the premier liquid vitamin supplier in the country.
Since day one, Matsun Nutrition has hand-picked the best vitamins and supplements in the industry. We are on a mission to make our customers feel healthier and more resilient one bottle at a time. Your liquid supplement supplier should be as committed to excellence as you are. Matsun Nutrition makes sure this is the case by monitoring the manufacturing of our supply as closely as possible, ensuring that our beloved customers get only the cream of the crop.

Buy Your Supply Today

For more information on why we are the premier liquid supplement supplier in the United States, or to place your order, be sure to visit us on the web. We look forward to supplying you with the highly pure vitamins and supplements you require to look and feel your best.

Liquid Supplement Manufacturers

Who Are The Best Liquid Supplement Manufacturers In The USA?

Is your quest for liquid supplement manufacturers, liquid vitamin manufacturing, private labeling or liquid pill producers? Are you searching for the best liquid vitamin manufacturing company in the US? Well, the truth is that Matsun Nutrition remains the perfect service to visit in a time of need. Without any iota of doubt, there are so many reasons attached to using the products of Matsun Nutrition.

Specializing In Liquid Supplement Manufacturing

Before purchasing liquid supplements, it is expedient to check on the specialization of the company selected. When talking about the perfect liquid vitamin production for nutraceuticals and dietary supplements, Matsun Nutrition is among one of the leading companies in the USA. Our company is well-designed to support the volume and technology associated with producing private labeling liquid supplement products. Our primary objective is to stock and produce a complete collection of nutritional health supplements and liquid multivitamins. With no additional fee, we can help you personalize our private label supplements. It implies that customers can quickly get started with our unique custom offer at no additional cost. Throughout the United States, our company is known as one of the leading wholesale suppliers of liquid multivitamins to both retail stores and distributors.

Liquid Supplement Manufacturers In The USA

The High Demand For Liquid Supplement Manufacturers And Technology:

Liquid supplement manufacturers have been into active production due to the fast-growing industry and a high demand for dietary products. The truth is that because of the high demand for liquid vitamin manufacturing the industry will continue to expand until infinity. One great factor that has helped in the rapid advancement of this industry is technology. With the help of the latest technology, Matsun Nutrition manufacturing process has remained cost-effective and cheap. On this note, customers will be able to buy private labeling liquid supplement products at an affordable price, time and again. We only make use of the latest technology in the production of liquid multivitamins. It will in turn help to produce top-notch products at a cheap cost. If you are looking for the best liquid pill producers that convert, then Matsun Nutrition is a perfect choice.

Liquid Supplements Are Easy To Use

Due to quick digestion and ease of use, it is important to know that many individuals prefer using liquid supplements and vitamins. Private labeling liquid vitamins and supplements come with a gamut of flavor options. It makes them highly preferable for little children. Matsun Nutrition only supplies liquid vitamin manufacturing products that are easy to use. Our products are highly effective because they aid quick metabolism and digestion. As one of the leading liquid supplement manufacturers in the US, we are committed to providing quick digestive and highly metabolic private labeling products that last for a long time. Even in livestock, pets, and humans, our liquid nutrient and vitamin supplements remain highly soluble to a high degree. It implies that during digestion process all our liquid supplements are assimilated by users without any side-effects.

Matsun Nutrition’s Top-notch Supplement Formulations

Matsun Nutrition has been rated as one of the reliable liquid supplement manufacturers due to our top-notch formulations. Studies have revealed that dietary supplements and liquid vitamins can meet your complex needs. Rating a company as one of the premier liquid supplement manufacturers in the United States of America is never a day’s job. We have top-notch experts who are dedicated and committed to providing the best liquid supplements and vitamins that you need, time and again. Our staff includes qualified chemists, microbiologists and nutrition experts to walk you through every step of acquiring your private labeling liquid supplements. Our formulations are unique and well-directed by accredited technologists and scientists of the highest caliber. Even if you are looking to get a standardized formula to suit your immediate needs, our experts are always available to render the best assistance. We will also provide clients with accurate time schedules, instructions and personalized labeling to use our products easily.


If you are looking for a well-organized liquid vitamin and supplement manufacturing company that provides top-notch solutions for everything on order, Matsun Nutrition is the best bet. Starting from shipping, packaging, label designs to personalized formulations, we are your dependable liquid vitamin manufacturing service to rely on, over and over again. Using our service will help you find the perfect liquid supplements for your medical needs. We proud ourselves on the quality of product that clients can get by using Matsun Nutrition service. Our products do not cause any side-effects to users.


Best Vitamin Contract Manufacturers

Should You Venture Into The Energy Shots Business?

If you are planning to start your own energy shots business selling high-quality energy shots and energy supplements, it’s highly advisable that you partner with Matsun Nutrition. This is a company that has been around for so many years which means that you can expect great liquid energy boosters from them. In fact, Matsun Nutrition is widely considered as the best liquid supplement manufacturer in the United States today. One of the benefits of getting your supplements and vitamins from the company is the fact that the process is very simple. In just three simple and easy steps, you can have your own products featuring your energy shots business name and logo.

Benefits of Working with Matsun Nutrition

Another benefit of manufacturing your energy shots and energy supplements with Matsun Nutrition is that you have a lot of options to choose from. The company has dozens of product formulas in stock. All you have to do is choose the ones you want then fill out the quote form which you can find on the company’s official website. After making your order, you will only have to wait for a few days for the products to arrive at your door step. You can start selling the liquid energy boosters right away after you receive them.

Designing Your Labels

The products you ordered will be featuring your own energy shot business name and labels as well. The company employs a team of professional graphic designers who will create your labels for free. You don’t have to pay anything for their services. You just have to submit the name of your energy shots and energy booster business and an idea of what your logo should look like. Once you approve of the final design, the company will put the labels on the energy shots and energy supplements that you ordered. If you want your address and contact details to be placed on the labels, this will be done for free as well. With that said, your liquid energy boosters will be ready for sale when they are delivered to you.

Why Are Energy Shots So Popular?

Energy shots and energy supplements are very popular these days for the simple fact that more and more people want to be more productive. They need liquid energy boosters to help them get through the day. Energy products are very safe as well which is why a lot of fitness enthusiasts take them on a regular basis. Matsun Nutrition makes use of natural ingredients in manufacturing their products which means you don’t have to worry about side effects. All of the products went through rigorous research and testing to ensure that they are safe, healthy, and effective.

Another reason why energy shots and energy supplements are popular is that they are very affordable. A single bottle can be used by a person for a long time depending on the recommended dosage. It also takes so long for them to expire. Generally speaking, a bottle of liquid energy boosters will usually take around two years before it expires. This means that you can stock them in bulk especially if you have a lot of customers and orders. So what are you waiting for? Get a quote now from Matsun Nutrition.

Liquid Discount Supplements Are Our Specialty

Looking for liquid discount supplements, discount vitamins or bulk supplements and vitamins? If so, relax. We are the leading private label liquid supplement manufacturer in Murrieta, California. We took advantage of the fact that liquid supplements for humans and pets were so important yet rare in the market

We as a company have received a lot of attention for over 20 years now and for a good reason. Always count on us to help fill in nutritional gaps and design eye-catching graphic labels for liquid supplements. Why choose us? Why wait, get a quick quote now!

Unmatched Experience

There are many companies in the nutraceutical industry. The plain truth is that not all of them have the level of experience that we have gathered for the last two decades that we have topped the industry. Our professionals are always dedicated to giving you nothing but top of the line private label liquid nutraceuticals, vitamins, and supplements. We also specialize in custom formulation and test batching. Our graphics team will ensure that you get label designs within 2 days. We take our customer’s nutritional needs seriously, that is why we use the latest technology and good manufacturing practices to ensure our clients get nothing but the best liquid discount supplements, discount vitamins, bulk supplements, and vitamins.

Wide Range of Stock

Unlike most mediocre companies in the nutraceutical industry, we have a wide range of stock for our clients to choose from. As the best private label liquid supplement manufacturer in California, we will be more than happy to develop and supply our customers with liquid discount supplements, discount vitamins, bulk supplements, and vitamins.  For more articles on private labeling supplements, make sure to read our private label supplements blog.

First Class Customer Care

Apart from manufacturing and delivering high-quality liquid discount supplements, discount vitamins, bulk supplements and vitamins, we have a friendly customer care team that is always ready day and night to pick up calls and answer all the questions asked. Our manufacturing processes adhere to all the standards, rules and regulations set by the local authorities. Our shipping and delivery is lightning fast. We have a wide smile on our faces when orders are delivered on time without incurring much expense. It takes a maximum of 2 days to deliver orders within California and 7 days to deliver orders to the east coast. And that is not all, our liquefied private label liquid discount supplements, discount vitamins, bulk supplements and vitamins are approved by the FDA. We are also NSF registered and cGMP compliant.


Our private label liquid supplements are highly recommendable for those who wish to market their products that we have formulated or sell to them. We have been around for long now and we have received uncountable rave reviews with regards to the effectiveness of our services. We have a low minimum order, 12 bottles, and our products have a two-year shelf life. Our services are just a call or click away and there isn’t any reason for not filling in our quote form today to have an estimate of what orders will cost. At we are dedicated to keeping up the good work because we understand all our clients liquid discount supplements, discount vitamins, bulk supplements and vitamins needs.

Find An Experienced Prenatal Supplement Manufacturer Near You

Matsun Nutrition is a best-in-class private label manufacturer of liquid supplements and liquid vitamins. If you’d like to add a liquid prenatal supplement or liquid prenatal vitamin to your product line, you’ve come to the right place. Even if you already have a liquid prenatal dietary supplement in your assortment, you should consider trying one that’s manufactured by Matsun Nutrition. We manufacture both custom formulas and a line of our own liquid vitamins and supplements. Matsun Nutrition is widely regarding as the country’s leading manufacturer of liquid vitamins and supplements because we have more than 20 years of nutraceutical industry experience. Our customers have trusted us for over two decades to provide them with safe, high-quality custom and stock products. Why wait, get a quick quote now!

Our Success

Why has Matsun Nutrition succeeded in the nutraceutical industry for so many years while so many of our competitors have failed? We attribute our success to our competitive prices, unparalleled quality, and industry expertise. We encourage anyone who is interested in our products to click on the “Get a Quote” button. We respond to requests for quotes within 24 hours. We also do not require large minimum order quantities. Our pricing is transparent and we would be delighted to share it with you.

Incomparable Quality Assurance

In addition to our competitive prices, our products also offer unparalleled quality. We manufacture everything in our FDA inspected facility, which is located in the United States and is cGMP certified. We are compliant with all federal and state regulations. Additionally, we are compliant with NSF International, which ensures that the strictest quality standards are met. Matsun Nutrition’s expert staff can guide you through the private labeling process whether you are new to the business or an expert. We have the best customer service department in the industry, hands down.

Easy For Start Up Supplement Companies

Whether you are starting a brand new private label program or are looking to expand an existing program, Matsun Nutrition will be a key component for your success. We know which products will help your customers and boost your bottom line. We stay on top of industry trends and share that knowledge with our customers. For example, are you aware that our industry is experiencing a boom in the prenatal vitamin and prenatal supplement business? If you don’t have a prenatal dietary supplement in your assortment, you’re missing out. Nearly all women take at least one prenatal vitamin formula during their pregnancies—that’s nothing new. What is new is that women want to know more about the safety and quality of their prenatal supplement.

Our Sales Are Skyrocketing

Matsun Nutrition’s prenatal dietary supplement assortment is selling at unprecedented levels now because of this trend. Pregnant women know that they can trust a prenatal vitamin and a prenatal supplement from us because we’ve been in the business since 1992. You can sell our prenatal dietary supplement with confidence because you know that we hold ourselves to a higher standard than most of our competitors.

Your customers will feel safe, knowing about the strict quality and safety standards to which we hold ourselves. In addition to feeling good about the extraordinary quality of our liquid prenatal vitamin and liquid prenatal supplement assortment, our sales are going through the roof because our customers love taking their prenatal dietary supplement in liquid form. Not only are liquid supplements more easily absorbed than traditional pills, but they are a welcome change from the oversized pills that some women take to meet their nutritional needs.

Why Not Get a Quick Quote Today?

We encourage you to request a quote now, simply by clicking on the orange “Get a Quote” button. Alternatively, you can give us a call at (888) 866-5755 or email us at

Prenatal Supplement Manufacturers

Become a Great Supplement Company with the Help of Matsun


Are you looking for the best supplement company offering supplement and vitamin manufacturing for startup businesses? Today, the number of vitamin companies that manufacture supplements and vitamins for private label has grown, but Matsun Nutrition remains a leader in this industry. Matsun Nutrition is based in California, USA and specializes in wholesale supplements and custom vitamins for all types of businesses. It is a supplement company pioneering with over 20 years in liquid supplement and vitamin manufacturing. The company differs from other vitamin companies in that it is a one-stop vitamin factory offering a wide range of liquid vitamins and liquid supplements. Why wait, get a quick quote now!

We Provide Everything You Need

At Matsun Nutrition, you will find everything that you need to succeed from start to finish in a few simple steps. It does not matter whether you are looking to start a supplement company that will let you sell on Amazon or stock your products at local stores, Matsun Nutrition has a low minimum order requirement of only 12 bottles enabling you to start small and grow your business based on the current demand. Furthermore, if you are looking to expand your already existing business with customized products, with Matsun Nutrition’s supplement and vitamin manufacturing services, you can start with as low as 800 bottles. The supplement and vitamin contract manufacturing services at Matsun Nutrition allow businesses and individuals to sell any type of vitamin or supplement.

We Are Here to Suit Your Needs

Matsun Nutrition also works with businesses with special requirements to manufacture custom supplements and vitamins that meet their specific needs including the use natural flavors, organic formulations, special raw ingredients, and non-GMO among others. For businesses looking to sell on Amazon, the company offers a complete guide including eBooks on how to start selling on Amazon, something that you will struggle to find from other vitamin companies. Furthermore, unlike another supplement company that only offer supplement and vitamin manufacturing, Matsun Nutrition is a one-stop facility that offers everything you need from manufacturing to design labeling and shipping and logistics.

Working with Us Is Simple

With most vitamin companies, you have to use the services of multiple companies ranging from label designers to logistical and shipping companies, but at Matsun Nutrition, you only have to talk with the staff to get everything you need in a few simple steps. You can finish the ordering process with as few as three steps that include choosing the right formula, label design and placing the order. It is imperative to highlight that when designing your labels at Matsun Nutrition, they are done by in-house experts without any extra cost.

The other thing by Matsun Nutrition that differs from other vitamin companies is the commitment to quality. Unlike another custom supplement company, Matsun Nutrition has invested in a state-of-art facility that ensures quality throughout the supplement and vitamin manufacturing process from mixing of raw ingredients to packaging. It is also important to note that with Matsun Nutrition, you will have a wide variety of products to choose from ranging from weight loss supplements to energy supplements, sleep aid supplements, skin care supplements, prenatal supplements, and brain supplements among others. You can also expand your products by choosing to sell one of Matsun Nutrition’s specialty type supplements such as herbal vitamins and supplements.

Supplement Company

An Overview of Nutra Manufacturing Companies In The USA

What Are Nutra Manufacturing Companies?

Nutra manufacturing companies are those that manufacture a variety of nutraceuticals, health supplements, and vitamins.  Matsun Nutrition is one of the leading nutra manufacturing companies in the USA. We specialize in liquid vitamins and supplements for both people and pets.  Nutraceutical contract manufacturing is the process of formulating products for the dietary supplement industry. Nutraceuticals contract manufacturers provide all sorts of services pertaining to nutritional products, liquid supplements, and services. The manufacturers help the dietary industry in bringing a product to market, for formulating a product, for controlling the quality and above all for manufacturing and selling the product. There is no restriction on the form in which you wish to launch your nutritional product in the market.

Nutra manufacturers help you produce your products in different forms such as powders, liquid supplements, blends, tablets, hard shell caps, and much more. The nutraceutical contract manufacturing process takes care of your packaging needs. Pouches, bottles, unit doses, blister packs, and much more are some of the commonly available packaging services for wholesale buyers and resellers. The manufacturers give you flexibility in choosing the time frame and quality as per the budget constraint. You can either be a start-up or a big player in the field of liquid nutraceutical vitamins and supplements. This makes the nutra manufacturing process no different.

Nutra Contract Manufacturing Processes

Nutraceutical contract manufacturing has several processes for liquid supplements manufacturing. This part of the article tells about the way nutraceuticals contract manufacturers carry out the whole nutra manufacturing process. Most nutraceuticals contract manufacturers deal with both solid and liquid supplements. Some nutraceutical contract manufacturing firms deal in only liquid supplements. It is always better to consult the liquid experts. Most of the firms have huge experience in the field in manufacturing both. You can choose either of the manufacturers without hesitation. In the consulting process, you need to tell the manufacturers about the type of product that you want to launch in the market. You can talk about the quality, packaging, marketing, sales, and everything that you want from the manufacturer.  Of course, it’s important to make sure that the nutraceutical company you choose is NSF registered and GMP compliant.

Nutra Manufacturing Company

Nutra Manufacturing Research and Development

The manufacturers are equipped with in-house laboratories to conduct research in the field of nutra manufacturing. The product is designed through research, while the research is done to ensure the customer satisfaction. Above all, your product should provide the benefits that you want to provide your end consumers. Initially, the product is launched in the pilot basis. The firm gets feedback from the customers to ensure the quality of the product.

Custom Nutra Supplement Testing

The manufacturers work on the formulation that you want for your product. After a successful formulation of the product, you get the sample for the custom testing process. The stringent procedures ensure the exact quantities demanded by you for the formulation of the product. There are some pre-researched formulas that you can also use for launching your new product provided you are satisfied with the formula. There is no restriction on the packaging size of the product that you wish to receive.

Liquid Nutra Supplement Flavor Options

The taste of the supplement has got a lot to do with its intake by the end consumers. You can choose the right kind of flavor and color that you want for your supplement in the liquid form. You can either choose from the existing flavor or you can ask for some new flavors. The research team for the manufacturer works on producing a new flavor for you. You get the flavor sampling right before the launch of your new supplement. In every stage of flavor formulation, the manufacturers go by your standards.

Nutraceutical Life Stability Testing

All supplements in liquid form have the life stability on each product. It depends on the manufacturer to decide on the life stability of the supplement. The manufacturer does the testing of the product as long as the life stability of the supplement is considered. This phase of manufacturing ensures you not to be worried about the unexpected expiry of your supplement.

Nutra Supplement Bottle Labeling

The nutra manufacturing firm takes care of all sorts of the graphic design that you wish to put on the package of the supplement. You can put your company logo on the package. Some of the firms provide this service for free under certain conditions.

Nutraceutical Supplement Formulations for Humans and Pets

It is not only human beings who are deficient in vitamins and mineral but also pets. There is no restriction on what supplements in a liquid form that you wish to formulate. The manufacturers are waiting for your order to manufacturer supplements based on your consultation.


Nutra manufacturers not only produce liquid supplements for you but many often times have storage facilities for your products. You can directly ship your products from the contract manufacturer’s storage facility direct to your customer or any other way you choose.

Matsun Nutrition: The GMP Contract Manufacturing Company with Low Minimums

Today, rather than create in-house manufacturing capabilities, businesses are opting to partner with GMP contract manufacturers to benefit from their GMP contract manufacturing experience, state of the art facilities and proven reliability. Selling GMP supplements from GMP contract manufacturers positions your business to succeed in the highly competitive market as the manufacturers have the capacity to efficiently and cost-effectively develop, validate and manufacture high quality supplements that meet stringent timelines and specifications. Over the last few years, the supplement industry has made huge strides toward GMP compliance, but there are some infractions that continue to hinder the process especially in GMP contract manufacturing. It is important to note that choosing one of the best GMP contract manufacturers like Matsun Nutrition will help convey confidence and trust to your customers and thus, sell easily. Why wait, get a quick quote now!


USA Dietary Supplement Manufacturers

Matsun Nutrition is one of the best companies offering GMP contract manufacturing in the USA with a wide range of products that include nutraceuticals, vitamins and nutritional dietary supplements. With over 20 years of experience in supplement manufacturing, the Murrieta, California located company has remarkably grown to offer broad GMP supplements that range from amino acids to brain health, antioxidants, energy and fitness, glucosamine, multivitamins, prenatal, weight loss and hair, skin and nails products among others.


The company’s astonishing growth is as a result of its commitment to help startups succeed. The company understands that to many individuals, selling GMP supplements can be a bit tricky due to the lack of experience and capital to market the supplements. To help businesses overcome this challenge, Matsun Nutrition has put in to place one-stop, full service GMP contract manufacturing that offers everything you may need to succeed from startup resources to custom formulations. Furthermore, unlike other GMP contract manufacturers that require you to commit substantial amount of capital on your GMP supplements order, at Matsun Nutrition you can start your business with an order as low as 12 bottle minimum or sell custom formulations with a minimum order of only 800 bottles.

It’s Easy

The company further understands that getting into GMP contract manufacturing does not have to be complicated like other GMP contract manufacturers would make you believe. At Matsun Nutrition, you can start to sell your private label GMP supplements in only three easy steps. To get started, you only need to send your formula or request for one, the company will then apply your existing label or create one for your brand, and lastly schedule production, fulfill your order and ship it out. It is also important to note that if you do not have an existing label, you can request Matsun Nutrition to create a unique label for every supplement you order from the company at no cost.

Matsun Nutrition’s GMP supplements are also subjected to strict quality control measures in a FDA and cGMP compliant state of art facility. The strict quality control measures are put in place to give you a peace of mind as you order knowing that your vitamins and supplements only contain quality ingredients. Manufacturing processes at Matsun Nutrition are like no other. The company carries test batches and small run pilot-batches in the in-house research and development laboratory to help ensure continued customer satisfaction.


Matsun Nutrition Rewriting the Rules of Top Vitamin Manufacturers in the USA

Today, top vitamin manufacturers do not only offer top vitamin manufacturing for your private label business, but they also offer extra services to help startups run smoothly and succeed without being overly commanding. The top vitamin manufacturers also provide individuals interested in selling private label supplements with advice and solutions that give individuals and businesses market advantage over its competitors. Matsun Nutrition is one of the top vitamin manufacturers that go beyond supplement formulations to help startup businesses compete with multinationals on a fair platform by providing startups with extra services and helpful advice, which ensures that individuals get their maximum benefit from their businesses. Why wait, get a quick quote now!


Located in Murrieta, California, Matsun Nutrition is a one of the leading top vitamins manufacturers with a rich supplement manufacturing history that spans over 20 years. Matsun Nutrition was started as a top vitamin manufacturing company offering premium liquid alternatives to the traditional capsule, pill and powder supplements. Furthermore, being a pioneer in liquid supplements was not enough for the company, but it has continued to invest in state of the art facilities and highly experienced staff to ensure distributors and retail stores obtain maximum benefits from their businesses in three easy steps. With Matsun Nutrition, almost everyone can start a private label business offering endless supplement options without investing large sums of money due to the low minimum requirements.

Small Minimums

Unlike other top vitamin manufacturers, Matsun Nutrition allows small businesses and individuals to start selling their own brand names starting with as low as 12 bottles as a minimum order. The low minimum order makes it possible for businesses to sell any formula of their choice from the endless possibilities available. Some of the supplements that you can source from Matsun Nutrition include antioxidants, amino acids, energy and fitness, glucosamine, brain health, multivitamins, prenatal, weight loss and pet products among others. In addition to the 12 bottles minimum order, the company also offers contract manufacturing with as low as 800 bottles minimum order, which enables businesses to expand their products as the business grows.

Furthermore, instead of being content with the low minimum orders, Matsun Nutrition seeks to outperform other top vitamins manufacturers by ensuring the manufacturing facilities are all cGMP and FDA compliant, in addition to being NSF registered. Unlike other top vitamins manufacturers that only use internal quality control measures in their manufacturing processes, the company also ensures its supplements meet or exceed all government regulations and guidelines to ensure that customers get the highest quality supplements possible. The company also makes sure that every placed order is processed as quickly as possible, through its top vitamin manufacturing quality fulfillment and package process, which ensures supplements are available whenever needed.

Our Staff

Every order at Matsun Nutrition is carefully inspected, reviewed, labeled and packaged to ensure the supplement arrives in perfect condition. Furthermore, unlike other top vitamins manufacturers that let small businesses and individuals handle their supplements, the company helps its clients gain market advantage by negotiating shipping rates for greater benefits. Other services offered by Matsun Nutrition that makes the company the best among other top vitamin manufacturers include in-house research and development for custom formulations and in-house label design. Moreover, above these services, the other reason you should only choose Matsun Nutrition as your top vitamin manufacturing contractor in the USA is the team of highly trained technicians, researchers, production and designers staff to help you achieve your goals. The staff will ensure that everything is perfect from product formulation to color, taste, bottling, labeling, and packaging.

Top Vitamin Manufacturers

The Best Liquid Minerals Supplement Manufacturers

Are you looking for liquid mineral supplement manufacturers or other forms such as a powder or pill mineral manufacturers? Good minerals manufacturers can be quite difficult to find. But worry not, you have now found the perfect answer. The demand for high-quality liquid vitamins and minerals is increasing every year. In fact, the buy and sell health supplements has become a very lucrative business and it will continue to be in the years to come. This is because people are becoming increasingly aware of the need to supplement their diet with essential vitamins and minerals. Why wait, get a quick quote now!

What Form of Supplements Do You Need?

What Type of Services Do You Need?

So if you are among the people who would like to take advantage of the great potential liquid supplements have to offer you must know the right company to manufacture your products. Get to know Matsun Nutrition and why it is, undoubtedly, the best company for you.

Who is Matsun Nutrition?

Matsun Nutrition is a legitimate US manufacturer of high-quality liquid vitamins and health supplements. It caters to businesses with large or small capital and helps them realize the best we could become. We are one of the leading minerals supplement manufacturers and providers of liquid nutraceuticals and dietary supplements, hence, choosing them as your producer means you give high importance to quality, reasonable cost, and efficiency.  Best of all, our liquid vitamins and supplements are made right here in the USA to ensure the highest quality product.

Being at the top of the liquid manufacturing companies list for dietary health supplements, Matsun Nutrition has accumulated extensive experience of more than two decades and has provided numerous high-quality private label supplements to many businesses.

The Services We Offer

Matsun Nutrition is more than just a liquid mineral manufacturer. We also produce various supplements for pets and animals and offer contract manufacturing of all types of vitamins and supplements. We have everything you need to jump start your business from creation and formulation to packaging and labeling of vitamins and minerals. Since we give importance to every client, we offer free quotations to let you know your options before even signing up with them. Their customer’s trust is the fuel that keeps them top notch in their field.

Why Should You Choose Matsun Nutrition

There are a lot of reasons why you should choose them as your liquid mineral manufacturers, check out the following:

  1. Matsun Nutrition minerals manufacturers are top caliber professionals in the field of making and formulating of all kinds of dietary supplements. We are certified specialists and boast high efficiency and intelligence in what we do. This will ensure the safety and quality of your products.
  2. When looking for mineral manufacturers, you should only consider dealing with an accredited, legal company. That is what Matsun Nutrition is about. We don’t work in a secret basement or run and hide from authorities. We have everything that is required for liquid mineral manufacturing and you will not need to doubt their credibility.
  3. The perfect minerals manufacturers should be able to deal with major concerns regarding the making of the product. Matsun Nutrition does more. You don’t have to worry about anything. You can focus on sales and marketing and leave the rest to them. Packaging and labeling are also provided, you just have to wait for your products at your doorsteps.

Matsun Nutrition manufactures and labels thousands of vitamins and minerals for big and small companies. Want to know why we’re chosen above anyone else? Get a free quote today and discover why Matsun Nutrition, the premier liquid mineral manufacturers in the USA are the best in the business.

Liquid Minerals Supplement Manufacturers

Colloidal Silver Manufacturers with a Proven Track Record

Looking For The Best Colloidal Silver Manufacturers?

Are you looking for the best colloidal silver manufacturers to help you start up your private label business or even grow your private label business inventory by introducing colloidal silver drops? Matsun Nutrition is the leading private label manufacturer in the USA offering a wide variety of private label supplements and contract manufacturing that ranges from a beneficial colloidal silver spray to a wide array of liquid vitamins and an extensive range of liquid supplements. The company is a globally renowned for its quality wholesale supplements and superior custom vitamins. The company has also positioned itself as the one-stop vitamin factory in the USA for individuals and businesses looking for a contract liquid nutraceutical manufacturer. Why wait, get a quick quote now!

What Form of Supplements Do You Need?

What Type of Services Do You Need?


Startup Business Friendly

Located in Murrieta, California, USA, Matsun Nutrition can help your startup private label business in three simple steps. To start selling your own private label colloidal silver spray supplements, you only need to choose the supplement formulation and the colloidal silver manufacturers and Matsun Nutrition will create a unique and attractive label for your new brand at no cost. Once you are satisfied with the label design, you will then place your order and your colloidal silver drops supplements will be shipped out within a few days. Shipping is done both domestically and internationally.

Furthermore, with the Matsun Nutrition, you do not need to have a big budget to start selling your own brand supplements as you can place an order that starts from as low as only 12 bottles and as many as your business needs. The company has also put in place a team of highly experienced and dedicated staff to help you succeed even if you do not have any prior experience selling supplements and vitamins. Moreover, the company works hard to ensure that your customers will keep coming back for your private label supplements by ensuring that they are of the highest quality. With Matsun Nutrition as your colloidal silver manufacturer, you will not need to worry about the quality or even the integrity of what is displayed on the label of your supplements as the company is a cGMP contract manufacturing company.

Our Certifications and Regulations

Choosing a cGMP contract manufacturer is very important as it ensures that all your colloidal silver drops supplements strictly adhere with all FDA guidelines. When it is quality manufactured, the colloidal silver spray supplement can offer many health benefits. Colloidal silver is known to have several healing properties that are supported by various studies. It contains an effective antibacterial property that does not create immunity or resistance in the organisms, unlike prescription antibiotics.

Colloidal Silver’s Important Roles

Colloidal silver also plays an important role in skin health and wound care. A quality manufactured colloidal silver spray contains anti-fungal properties. However, in order to benefit from these benefits, you must order your private label from quality colloidal silver manufacturers like Matsun Nutrition as your manufacturer.

Colloidal Silver Manufacturers

Why Is Looking at Vitamin Manufacturers Ratings Important?

Are you looking for vitamin manufacturers ratings? Well, look no further, Matsun Nutrition deals with manufacturing liquid prenatal vitamins, daily liquid multivitamins, energy shots, antioxidants, dietary weight loss supplements and much more. If you search for customers who have been rating vitamin manufacturers, our company ranks among the best in the reviews of the top liquid supplement manufacturers in the USA. We can manufacture any type of liquid vitamin that you want and customize all products according to your specific requirements.

Who We Are 

Matsun is one of the leading liquid vitamin manufacturing companies in the US. So far, Matsun has one of the highest vitamin manufacturers ratings among other vitamin manufacturing companies in the US. At Matsun Nutrition, we specialize in manufacturing health supplements that promotes an overall well-being. If there are certain vitamins that you would like to take in order to improve your health, talk to us today and we will be ready to help you find a perfect solution. From all over the US and across the world, Matsun Nutrition is popularly known for providing premium liquid health products. Over the years, most happy customers that have greatly benefited from our products have reviewed our supplements with positive comments and have also voted us as the best liquid vitamin manufacturing company when rating vitamin manufacturers.

Vitamin Manufacturers Ratings

Vitamin Products and Services That We Provide

As the leading liquid vitamin manufacturing company in the US, we have developed a wide range of quality liquid vitamin products and customized services for our esteemed customers. If you are an athlete or sports guy that wants to gain more energy for exercise practices, consider taking liquid vitamin supplements from Matsun Nutrition. Our high level of vitamin manufacturing ratings can guide you on making your decision on why you should consider us as your number one liquid vitamin supplier. When you compare Matsun Nutrition with other vitamin manufacturers ratings from other companies, you will notice that Matsun Nutrition manufactures premium products and a personalized service to our customers.

Why you should choose Matsun Nutrition 

Once you become familiar with our products, you will notice that all of our liquid vitamin products are FDA approved and inspected. Our vitamin manufacturers ratings are the best so far and most customers that buys our products always leave a great review. Vitamin manufacturers ratings can guide you and educate you on which products to choose. If have a feeling that certain products might not work for you, well you can check on the vitamin manufacturers ratings of that product and see how it worked for others. If you buy liquid vitamin products from Matsun Nutrition, you can give us your feedback or review us if you like rating vitamin manufacturers. Even though rating vitamin manufacturers can take time and a lot of observation, giving out your feedback can help others or motivate them to try our products.

Our Quality Vitamin Manufacturing Standards

Matsun Nutrition has already done some series of tests on the quality of products that we manufacture. All of our liquid vitamin supplements have been carefully reviewed and tested for any side effects and contradictions. Unlike other vitamin manufacturing companies that don’t educate their customers on the benefits or considerations to make when taking certain vitamins, Matsun Nutrition is highly concerned with your health and all your interests are considered first when manufacturing customized products for you.

With the above information and vitamin manufacturers ratings of our products, feel free to contact us for a quote on our customized vitamin products.

Vitamin Manufacturers Ratings

Looking For a Supplement Manufacturer on the Best Vitamin Manufacturers List?

Best Vitamin Manufacturers List

Are you looking for a reputable vitamin manufacturer on the best vitamin manufacturers list? We are a top private label manufacturer of dietary and nutritional supplements. We are on the best vitamin manufacturers list in the United States, providing our customers high-quality nutraceuticals and related products. At Matsun Nutrition, we have an unwavering commitment to ensure that our customers get whatever products that they have ordered from us within the agreed time frame. Quality is our mantra, that’s why we continue being on the list of best vitamin manufacturers in the United States.

From our headquarters in Murrieta, Southern California, we are able to serve local and international customers. You can consider us to be your one stop shop and full service nutritional dietary supplement manufacturing company. We have been in the market for many years now and we understand what it takes to be the leading private label manufacturing company. Our minimum orders are the lowest they can be, so you can get into business quickly. But why should you order from us?

Best Vitamin Manufacturers List

We Are a Trusted Supplier Of Nutritional Supplements And Natural Vitamins

For many years now, we have worked hard to become a household name in the list of best vitamin manufacturers. Our commitment to excellence runs deep and this has helped us earn the loyalty of vitamin and liquid supplements retailers and their customers not only in the United States, but also all over the world.

We Are Reputable

At Matsun Nutrition, we manufacture liquid supplements and other nutritional products on behalf of our customers. As an industry leading manufacturer of nutritional supplements and liquid supplements , we guide and offer leadership in the entire process, from research, development and shipment to your wholesale or retail store.

Quality Guaranteed

At Matsun Nutrition, our experienced and well trained quality assurance team will assure you of the best quality at every stage of production. To help us deliver quality consistently, we have invested in modern equipment that can help us meet the highest quality of excellence in manufacturing practices. Also, we take continuous education seriously; especially given the fact that the health food and supplements industry landscape is changing pretty fast.

We Use Natural and Safe Ingredients

In our endeavor to offer our customers the best liquid vitamins and a variety of other supplements, we choose the ingredients that go into our manufacture process perfectly well. We comprehend that men, women and children have varying requirements and we take every precaution to ensure that we provide them with the best.

World Class Vitamin Manufacturing Facility

Our facilities are modern and adhere to the strict cGMP compliance requirements hence merit to be in the list of best vitamin manufacturers. Because of this, our quality assurance team is able to provide top class products for our clients consistently. Because of this, we remain at the top of the best vitamin manufacturers list.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Matsun Nutrition is committed to supplying superior quality natural liquid supplements and vitamins. We understand that this is what of the reasons that has kept us in the best vitamin manufacturers list. We endeavor to do more and be in the preferred list of best vitamin manufacturers. We guarantee our customers 100% satisfaction, with no back orders, no short shipments.

Anytime you are looking at the best vitamin manufacturers list, think Matsun Nutrition!

Best Vitamin Manufacturers List



Vitamin K Manufacturers for All Your Vitamin and Supplement Needs

Liquid Vitamin K Manufacturers

Vitamin k manufacturing has gained a lot of popularity over the past years; this has led to an increase in the number of vitamin k manufacturers. We are fully certified vitamin k manufacturers of liquid supplements and vitamins for both pets and people. One such notable vitamin k manufacturer is Matsun Nutrition. We deal with the manufacturing of different types of supplements and vitamins. Not only that, we tailor make our products to meet your needs. Depending on your needs, we can include flavors and special raw ingredients. We are the leading supplement company in the USA to provide you with vitamin and supplement manufacturing.

What We Do and the Services We Offer

• Private labeling: this includes graphic design to make your new products worthwhile.
• Full-service contract manufacturer: we will formulate, design, fill and package your vitamin and supplement and have it shipped to your desired location.
• Liquid vitamins and supplements for pets: we have the equipment needed to manufacture different types of liquid pet supplements and vitamins.
• Custom test batching and formulation: at Matsun Nutrition, we have a team of researchers who will ensure that your specific needs are met.
• Logistics and shipping: once the order is complete we make it our duty to have it shipped on time at a reduced cost.Vitamin K Manufacturers

 Why They Should Choose Us as Vitamin K Manufacturers

As manufacturers of vitamin k, we have been in this industry for long. This has equipped us with the needed experience to provide you with quality vitamins and supplements. Furthermore, we offer you with affordable products that will suit your budget. Given that we produce small minimum orders, you will get what you needs even if you have a small business. You can easily place your and we will have it custom made specifically for you.

 What Makes Vitamin K Such a Hot Selling Product?

Vitamin K manufacturing has become popular because of a number of reasons. This is for the facts that vitamin K is necessary for supporting healthy joints. Many people suffer from joint pains and this has increased the demand for this product. Vitamin k manufacturers can maximize their profits because of the increase in consumption this product. Matsun nutrition will help you to realize the benefits of this product by providing it in large quantities. If you want this product then all you have to do is just fill out our quote form and you will be on your way to living a healthy life. Once you have filed the form, our representative will respond to your quote and find out your needs. It will only take a few minutes of your time. We ship internationally and domestically. You can place a minimum order of 12 bottles from the best manufacturers of vitamin k.

Vitamin K Manufacturers

Vitamin E Manufacturers: Choose the Best to get the Highest Quality Supplements for your Brand

One of the Top Vitamin E Manufacturers In The USA

Are you looking for one of the best vitamin E manufacturers to get into a vitamin E manufacturing contract for private labeling? It is not straightforward to point out the best manufacturer, but the best manufacturers of vitamin e like Matsun Nutrition have certain characteristics that make them stand out among the competition. It could be their rich history, helpful customer care support, a wide range of products, customer advice, and training or even the logistics and shipping. Matsun Nutrition is an American based private label contractor located in Murrieta, California that specializes in a wide range of vitamin and mineral supplements that range from amino acids to multivitamins, antioxidants, brain health, energy and fitness, prenatal and weight loss supplements among others.

A Rich Supplement Manufacturing History

The company has a rich history as one of the leading vitamin E manufacturers that spans over 20 years. The rich journey of Matsun Nutrition as one of the leading manufacturers of vitamin e started when the founder realized there were no liquid supplement alternatives to the traditional capsule, pill and powder supplements in the market. Today, after a remarkable growth, Matsun Nutrition is one of the best vitamin E manufacturers with a state of the art liquid vitamin E manufacturing facility that offers quick turnaround times to ensure that your products will be in the market when you need them.

Vitamin E Manufacturers

Private Labeled Vitamin E Products

Ordering your private label vitamin E manufacturing from Matsun Nutrition is also set up to be easy and mind relaxing. You only need to follow three simple steps to launch your private label business with Matsun Nutrition. The professional and friendly Matsun Nutrition staff will also help you learn about the supplement business by offering you advice and tips from one of the leading manufacturers of vitamin e on how you can make your business more successful. The vitamin E manufacturing by Matsun Nutrition is also of the highest quality. The supplements are sourced from high-quality raw materials and subjected to a strict quality control process that ensures what you get is exactly what you wanted with no fillers.

Low Minimums

You also do not have to worry about having to set aside large sums of money to start your vitamin E private label business with Matsun Nutrition, as you can order as few as 12 bottles. Starting a supplement business is not easy, but with the low minimum order of 12 bottles, you can order exactly what your business needs and increase your order as the business grows. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the product packaging and labeling. The staff will help you choose the best packaging and even provide you with free label design services to help your small business compete with the best manufacturers of vitamin e in the market. Making sure that one of the best vitamin E manufacturers manufactures your supplements is necessary to guarantee the quality of your products. Quality vitamin E supplements offer many health benefits.

Vitamin E Manufacturers