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Solution to Amazon Removing Your Product Listings

Why is Amazon removing my listings? 

It has come to our attention recently that many of our sellers are encountering issues with Amazon removing their listings.  The source of this issue has been Amazon’s requirement for each product to be tested using ISO certified labs and meet specific requirements for dietary supplements.  We would like to assure you that our products meet each of Amazons specifications for dietary supplements.  All finished products are tested according to the FDA’s requirements under 21 CFR 111 for finished product testing. We use a combination of outside ISO certified labs as well as in-house testing, using all compendial methods that are repeatable.

How do I get my products re-listed on Amazon?

In the event of products being de-listed for the above reason, the seller has the option to respond. Amazon is asking for the companies to produce a Certificate of Analysis from an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory.  Many companies are struggling to get products relisted but our products at Matsun Nutrition meet or succeed Amazons specifications and we have found success in getting products relisted with the documentation we provide to clients. 

If you are one of our sellers having issues with products being delisted, please contact our customer support through at [email protected].  We will help you get the necessary paperwork submitted and your listings approved and re-listed.

If you are currently selling products from another manufacturer and are having difficulty keeping product listings active, consider joining the Matsun Nutrition team.  Check out our products here, and get a free quote by filling out our contact form.    

Guide to Customer Service for Your Supplement Business

Guide to Customer Service for Your Supplement Business

Great customer service is vital for every supplement business and should be considered a top priority. It is the key to customer loyalty and gaining new customers as well. Here is our guide to customer service for your supplement business. Is there anything your business could be doing better?

First and last impressions matter

The first and last things your customers see or experience can leave a lasting impression. This is where you should focus a lot of your attention. Do your employees smile and happily greet every customer? Is your website well-designed and easy to navigate? If you have a shop, is it always clean and organized? Do you have positive reviews online? If you answered no to any of these questions, you are not making customer service your top priority. Employees who do not smile and greet every customer should be trained or let go and replaced with kinder employees. Keep your local shops clean, especially at the entrance and right outside your entrance. Not only are first impressions important, but last impressions are as well. The last contact a customer has with your supplement business can leave a lasting impression and determine whether they will return.

Always apologize for mistakes

You may have heard the saying, “the customer is always right”. While it may not always be the case, employees should always apologize for anything that may go wrong. While it may be an inconvenience, companies cannot afford to lose customers just for the satisfaction of always being right. You and your employees should also always listen to and validate any customers’ concerns.

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Complete transactions promptly

One thing that will upset many of your customers is waiting for too long. This might include long check-out lines, slow employees, or packages arriving late. Customers are being more and more used to instant satisfaction thanks to thinks like same-day shipping and instant online streaming. Focus on completing all transactions promptly and give customers a wider timeframe for when their packages will be delivered. Their package should arrive early rather than late.

Respond to customers promptly

An employee smiling at a customer

Not only should your transactions be completed promptly, but your customers’ questions and concerns should be also. By responding to customers quickly, you are conveying the message that every customer matters. Not only that, but it will also allow upset and angry customers less time to sit and stew. Address issues quickly before they get out of hand.

Following this guide to customer service for your supplement business will help you know how to take care of your customers. News travels fast, whether good or bad. Be sure your customers are happy and are only saying great things about your supplements.


featured image for what is A/B testing?

What is A/B Testing?

featured image for what is A/B testing?

What is A/B Testing?

When it comes to marketing for your dietary supplement business, no stone should be left unturned. One tactic that is less commonly used is A/B testing. What is A/B testing? Simply put, it is testing two different versions of something to see which one performs the best.

How do they work?

A website open on a laptop

Most A/B testing is done using variations of website design. However, it can be used with other forms of marketing as well. Once you have your designs, you would need to split your audience into even groups. Keep in mind that people using a mobile device will most likely behave differently than people on a desktop computer. Try to assign these people to groups evenly, if possible.

There are a few different times when you might want to use A/B testing. One of the most common helpful times to use it is when you are redesigning your website. When designing a website, user experience should be carefully taken into consideration. You need to consider the way a person might interact with your website and what will catch their attention. You find this out by testing the placement of buttons, what image to use, and even different calls to action. Seeing what designs get the results you want will help your company know what website they should keep.

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Setting up an A/B test

Getting A/B testing set up requires planning and time. You will need a hypothesis and test objectives to find out which design is giving you better results. For example, if you want your customers to navigate to your online shop and make a purchase, you will need to design a website that will lead them there while also convincing them that they need your product. Having multiple objectives can help you see where your user experience is lacking and needs improvement.

There are multiple tools to help you keep track of what design is performing best. Here are some of the most popular tools to help with you’re A/B testing:

Google Analytics – Google has a free tool you can use to help with you’re A/B. This tool is great for those who want to get better results from their paid Google ads.

Optimizely – This tool helps guide you through optimizing your website so you can test designs that deliver the best results. It is used by big companies like Microsoft, IBM, and eBay.

HubSpot – This is a free tool you can use for A/B testing and optimizing your website. While it may not be the same software large companies use, it can still be effective for driving more sales.

VWO – This tool is very expensive but is used by many large companies. Disney, Target, Hilton, and many others all use this optimization tool.


Beginners Guide to A/B Testing

featured image for how to price your supplement products

How to Price Your Supplement Products

featured image for how to price your supplement products

How to Price Your Supplement Products

One of the trickiest things to figure out when you start a new supplement company is pricing your products. Having the wrong prices can discourage customers from purchasing from you. Either from your prices being too low or too high. Here are some tips to help you learn how to price your supplement products.

Make sure you are profiting

One of the goals of any business should be to make money. Without making enough money, you will not be able to cover costs or even expand your business in the future. This means that you need to charge more than what you paid for. This is the benefit of purchasing your products from a wholesale manufacturer. You can get a better deal on your dietary supplements and make more profit.

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Keep track of the competition

A shopping bag

One of the most important ways to help you know how much you should be charging your customers is to pay attention to what your competition is charging. One mistake many business owners make is pricing their supplements lower than the rest of their competition. Not only will you not be making any profit, but you may even be scaring customers away. Having the lowest prices can come off as cheap to many potential customers. This may discourage them from purchasing from you and move on to a supplement that they believe is high-quality. It can even lead to other businesses lowering their prices to match, making it more difficult for you to raise your prices when you want to in the future.

However, if you want to sell at prices similar or even higher than your competition then it really just comes down to marketing. Whoever can sell the best is the business that is going to make the most money. This means that you need to take a closer look at your sales strategy.

Know what you are spending

Before you can decide what to charge for your supplement, you need to know how much you are spending. This will help you determine how much you need to charge customers to make a profit. You need to think about the cost of your supplements, shipping, store rent, and any other fees. Add up every business cost to find out what you would need just to break even. This is a great starting point where you can then decide how much to charge to make a profit.

Boosting Sales

Bundling products – One way to encourage sales is to create a bundle deal. By pricing one item low, you can draw in potential customers. When they see that they can get similar products for a deal, they may be encouraged to spend more. This can be a risk to lower a product so low and lose any profit. However, if it is effective, you can end up making more from the sale.

Odd numbers – Another sales hack is to use odd numbers to make more sales. An example of this is pricing a product at $29 instead of $30 or $39.99 instead of $40. This helps your customers feel better about purchasing because they may believe that they are getting a better deal.

Figuring out how to price your supplement products can be tricky. However, with the right strategy and planning, you can find the right prices to effectively sell and make a profit. To get your supplement line started, contact Matsun Nutrition for a quote.


social media that customers want to see from your supplement business

Social Media that Customers Want to See from Your Supplement Business

social media that customers want to see from your supplement business

Social Media that Customers Want to See from Your Supplement Business

It’s no secret that social media is such a vital tool for all businesses nowadays. With the number of users scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms each day, it would be a missed opportunity to not utilize a business account. However, some businesses are more successful than others on social media. We will discuss the social media that customers want to see from your supplement business. Following these tips will help keep your followers happy on social media.

Respond to everyone

One of the best things you can do on your social media is to respond to everyone. This includes responding to comments, commenting or liking posts you are tagged in, and replying to messages. Every person who engages with your company is important. No one wants to be ignored. Responding to each person lets them know that you value every customer. This can go a long way for a lot of people, and they may be more willing to purchase from you in the future. Not only that, but they will be more likely to engage with your posts in the future. This allows your business to do better and be seen by more users according to the algorithms on Facebook and Instagram.

Quick responses

Not only should you respond to everyone, but you should try to do so as quickly as you can. This is especially important if the comment or message is negative. A quick response allows you to diffuse a situation before the customer’s anger sits and stews. For more tips on this topic, read our article, “Responding to Negative Feedback about Your Supplement Line”. Even happy customers can quickly become unhappy when a business takes too long to reply to their questions and comments. A good rule of thumb is to try and reply to all responses within the hour they were posted or sent.

Greet customers by name if you can

When replying to comments or concerns from people, it is important to be personable. Address everyone by their name when you can. This can help you to view each user as a person and allows them to know that you do.

Customer shout outs

Another thing many customers love is a shout out. This is one of the biggest ways you can go out of your way to acknowledge a customer on social media. One way you can do this by sharing a positive review they wrote. This will make that customer feel good and can even help other followers feel better about purchasing from you. Another thing you can do is share a customer’s photo on your story or even on your feed. Just be sure to get their permission before doing so.

There is so much social media that customers want to see from your supplement business. These are just some of the top suggestions that have seen positive results. Most importantly, you should find what works best for your business.


featured image for designing content for your supplement line

Designing Content for Your Supplement Business

featured image for designing content for your supplement line

Designing Content for Your Supplement Business

Design is what first attracts customers to your business. This can be the design of a billboard, an ad in a magazine, or even an ad on social media. When it comes to design and creating content for your supplement business, there can be a lot to know. Here are a few tips for designing content for your supplement business.

Design for the user

The most important thing to remember when designing content for your business is to think about the person who is going to view and interact with that design. That is why many companies hire user interface and user experience designers for website and app designs. These designers have been trained and educated on how people interact with content along with making things look nice.

Principles of design

Once you know how you want your customers to interact with your content, you should focus on the principles of design. These principles of design include:

A woman designing content on her laptop
  • Color – Color is one of the first things people notice. It is used by designers to create moods and feelings.
  • Balance – Balance in design is the concept of making things feel even. Design layouts have weight and when attention is only drawn to one side of the design then it is unbalanced.
  • Proximity – Proximity helps designers know where to place content. When content is spread too far apart with too much negative space, the design can feel empty and almost unfinished. Parts that are supposed to be grouped may even lose that relationship when too far apart. However, when things are too close, it can create tension. For example, when two different parts of a design are almost touching, the design feels off.
  • Scale – Scale is great to use for emphasizing different parts of a design. When one object in design is larger than the rest, it adds contrast and stands out.
  • Contrast – This principle of design can be used in many ways. Most often, contrast is used when deciding on color. Many people might think of complementary colors like red and green when thinking of contrast. However, any colors that stand out against each other can create contrast, like baby blue and black. Contrast does not only apply to colors but can apply to the size of objects in design as well.
  • Repetition – This is an important principle when it comes to designing for a brand. Repetition helps create a unified look by repeating specific elements throughout a design.
  • Hierarchy – Hierarchy is very important and affects the way the audience views and moves their eyes throughout a piece. You want the design to have a natural flow from one element to the next. You can create this using the principles previously mentioned.

Stay consistent with your brand

Once you have established your business and your brand, it is important to keep the design consistent. Consistency in design will help people recognize and even remember your business. This includes being consistent in things like colors, fonts, photography styles, vector graphic styles, and more. The most popular brands are easily recognized because they follow these rules of consistency.


featured image for marketing must-haves for a successful business

SEO Tips for Your Supplement Business in 2020

featured image for SEO tips for your supplement business in 2020

SEO Tips for Your Supplement Business in 2020

With the new year, Google has been making changes to the way that websites are ranked in their search console. This means there are new marketing tactics for businesses to learn. Here are some SEO tips for your supplement business in 2020. While many of these tactics have been around, Google has been giving businesses who use these marketing tactics higher priority in their search results.


One way for your supplement business website to rank high in Google is to have experts create content for any blogs or nutritional information. This will help give your business more credibility.

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Another way to earn the trust of potential customers is to be transparent about your business and your mission statement. One way to do this is to include an ‘About’ page on your website. This page should make customers aware of exactly who you are and what your supplements can offer them.

More Visuals

Visuals in the content of your website are becoming more important for audiences year after year. That is why it is important to create a lot of quality content for your website. Not only that, but you also need to be sure that content you add has alt text that relates to the image and the content on your website. Another way to include more visuals on your website is to embed videos. These can behind the scenes videos, information videos for your supplements, or even an FAQ video. Videos bring in a lot of organic traffic and are only expected to bring in more in the next couple of years. Google also shows videos at the top of their results, which is a great way for people to find you. One way to add videos to your website is to publish blog posts with embedded videos. Using transcripts in your videos will help as well, especially for those who are hearing-impaired.

Answering questions

Any post on a website needs keywords to help users find their website. However, with the popularity of voice search, posts that use questions and answers at the top of their pages have been performing well. One way to do this is to make your keyword a question and add it to the top of your page as a title. Then, answer the question right underneath. Google ranks posts that answer questions higher than others.

Keep Website Updated

Another thing you will need to do is keep your website up to date. A large majority of people online use mobile devices and the number of mobile users is only increasing. For this very reason, a business must keep their websites mobile-friendly. Most web designers nowadays even design and code everything mobile-first. Design trends are also always changing, so giving your website a facelift every few years will give Google a reason to rank your business higher in search results. Another way to keep your website up to date is to make your content shareable. This means that there should be buttons for sharing posts on social media or email.

These are the biggest changes Google made this year. By following these SEO tips for your supplement business in 2020, you will be able to give your website a better chance of attracting new customers to your website.


6 Tips to Sleep Smarter

Sleep has long been established as one of the most important factors to living a healthy life. Getting good, regular sleep helps us to be smarter, to live longer, and to look and feel better. Sleep not only improves our physical health but is key to mental health as well. A good night’s sleep can help regulate stress and can mitigate some of the effects of depression and anxiety. Understanding the importance of sleep then, why do so many people struggle to get quality sleep, and what can we do to fix it? By using these six tips to sleep smarter, you can start getting better, more restful sleep tonight!

1. Avoid Screens Before Bed

It can be tempting, at the end of the day, to lay in bed and wind down by streaming your favorite show or scrolling through social media but think twice before opening that device. Research shows that sleeping near screens and having screen time before bed are associated with shorter sleep times. Even having a screen in the area where you’re sleeping can negatively impact your perception of the sleep that you did get.

Try moving the TV out of your room or turning your phone face-down at night so that the light won’t disturb you. Instead of using screens, try reading a book, writing in your journal, or practicing meditation to prepare your mind and body for a more restful, restorative sleep.

2. Add foods to your diet that have sleep-boosting qualities

Making small adjustments to your diet can yield big results at bedtime. Foods high in anti-oxidants, melatonin, tryptophan, and lean proteins can make your midnight snack work for your benefit. Try eating a complex carb like popcorn, oatmeal, or a multi-grain cracker before bed. Here are some other foods to try that can help you get a more restful sleep:

  • Nuts
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Warm Milk
  • Kiwis
  • Berries
  • Plums


Woman sleeping on bed under blankets.

3. Meditate

The scientifically-proven benefits of meditation are profound for mental and physical health. Meditation is a practice that can be found in many religions and cultures all over the globe, but did you know that it can also work to help you get to sleep and stay asleep? It can take many forms, but most commonly it is the process of focusing thoughts, regulating breathing, and reflecting. It has been shown increase sleep time and improve sleep quality.

Meditation apps like Headspace or Calm are great tools to help guide your meditation practice, or you can try it on your own by focusing your breath, clearing your mind, and/or repeating a mantra to focus your thoughts.  

4. Get More Sunlight

Melatonin, sometimes called the Dracula hormone, is a hormone released at night that regulates your sleep and wake cycles. It would seem odd, then that exposure to sunlight would boost melatonin production, but it does! Studies have found that when people are exposed to sunlight or bright artificial light in the morning, melatonin production occurs earlier and makes falling asleep at night easier. To boost your light exposure, try going for a morning walk or run or spending time in a sunny part of your house.

Note: Bright artificial light after dark, especially blue light from screens (see tip #1) can inhibit melatonin production and make falling asleep more difficult. To encourage melatonin production, try keeping rooms dimly light after the sun has gone down.

Check out this article for more information about how the sun affects your health!


White pillows and bedding.

5. Avoid Caffeine 4-6 Hours Before Bed

Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance that stimulates the central nervous system, helping you feel more awake and alert. Most people are aware that they should avoid consuming foods and drinks with caffeine before bed, but did you know that studies have suggested that consuming caffeine up to six hours before bed can negatively impact your quality of sleep? Caffeine is found most commonly in coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks, and energy drinks. Tonight, instead of reaching for that chocolate dessert, try choosing one of the sleep-promoting snacks above to make falling asleep easier.  

6. Set a Routine and Stick to It!

Bedtimes are for kids, right? Wrong! Research has found and confirmed that individuals who have and stick to a sleep schedule get better, more restful sleep. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke recommends you “set a schedule – go to bed and wake up at the same time each day.” When you set and stick to a schedule, your body gets into a rhythm of melatonin production that will make falling and staying asleep a piece of cake!

Note: Sleep and wake cycles differ for adolescents as their brains are developing. Most teens experience a “sleep phase delay” meaning that it is difficult for them to fall asleep before 11:00pm, and difficult to wake before 9:00-10:00am.

Check out this article for more scientifically-proven bedtime routine tips!


featured image for responding to negative feedback about your supplement line

Responding to Negative Feedback about Your Supplement Line

featured image for responding to negative feedback about your supplement line

Responding to Negative Feedback about Your Supplement Line

In any business, you will deal with bad reviews and negative feedback from your customers. The same is true for those in the dietary supplement business. That is just the way it goes. While you do not get to choose how your customers react to your products, you do get to decide how you respond to it. Here are some tips for responding to negative feedback about your supplement line.

Acknowledge every issue

One of the most important things you can do is to acknowledge every customer. Never ignore a customer because it sends the message that you do not care. Every customer is valuable and should be treated as such. Even if a customer did not like a specific product, good customer service can leave that customer happy. Who knows, maybe they will even return to try out another product from your company! Many experts even suggest rewording their issue back to them when you reply so they know you understand and acknowledge their concerns. Doing this can go a long way.

Apologize to customers

Almost everyone has heard the saying, “the customer is always right!”. While it may not be true, you should always treat every customer as if they are right. One way to do this is to apologize for any issues they may be having even if these issues are out of your control.

Discuss the issue with customer privately

If the customer’s issue is not as simple as something that can be answered in a few sentences, be sure to have them get in contact with you so you can resolve it. A long response will only come off as defensive and look bad to the reviewer and other potential customers.

Make improvements

a woman sitting on her couch typing out a review

If you are continually receiving more bad reviews than good, it may be time to make some changes. Are your customers all complaining about the same things? If so, your answer to what you can improve on is right in front of you. Every business needs to learn how to adapt and grow. That is how they stay in business. This could be anywhere from changing the flavor of a product, the design of a bottle, or even the design of a label.

By responding to negative feedback about your supplement line appropriately, you are telling those customers and future customers that they matter. Your unhappy customer may even change their bad review just because of the great customer service you provided. To learn more about setting up a liquid supplement line, read the article here for more information.


featured image for YouTube channels to help with your supplement line

YouTube Channels to Help with Your Supplement Business

featured image for YouTube channels to help with your supplement line

YouTube Channels to Help with Your Supplement Business

Learning and improving your knowledge of the business world is so vital when owning a small business. The business world is cut-throat and will leave you behind if you do not keep up. Luckily, with the technology we have nowadays, knowledge and advice are out there for you to take and apply to your business. One great resource for this is YouTube. This social platform is full of thousands of videos for just about any topic. Here are some YouTube channels to help with your supplement business. Take advantage of this free knowledge and watch your business skills improve each day.

Marie Forleo

Not only is Marie a popular YouTuber, but she is also an author and a motivational speaker. She is full to the brim of business advice. She even runs her online business courses. This is a great option for people who love her channel and want to learn even more extensive knowledge about running a successful business.

Bryan Elliott

If you want to learn from a variety of successful business owners and other professionals, then this channel is for you! Bryan’s videos on Behind the Brand consists of interviews to give his audience the best expert advice. He finds out the reason for success for some of the most successful entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs he interviews are also from a variety of industries, making it fun to find videos you are interested in.


If you love Moz then this YouTube channel will be fun for you to watch. Although they do not post often, these videos with the CEO of Moz are very helpful and informative.

Dave Ramsey

Most people know him as a financial expert. His videos are a great way to learn how to master finances for your business. Being smart with your money is so vital for your supplement business to succeed. Take his advice and apply it to your own business and maybe even your personal life too.

Robin Sharma

A man watching videos on Youtube

This best-selling author has a lot of great advice for entrepreneurs. His YouTube channels focus on motivation and how to change your outlook on life to become the best business owner you can be. Most of his advice comes from his own experiences and success. While the videos are not the most exciting, the advice is priceless.

To get started with your liquid supplement line, contact Matsun Nutrition! Read our article, “A Closer Look at the Supplement Industry” to learn how the industry is expected to grow in the next few years. Take what you have learned from these YouTube channels to help with your supplement business and apply them to your own.

featured image for small business tools for your supplement line

Small Business Tools for Your Supplement Line

featured image for small business tools for your supplement line

Small Business Tools for Your Supplement Line

Running a small business can be a challenge, especially as you begin to grow. To make things easier, there are a lot of tools out there to help. Here are some of the best small business tools for your supplement line. These are tools that many businesses swear by. You may even already use a few!


Need to store or share a lot of documents? Dropbox is what you need! Dropbox also makes it easier to access your files from any device that is logged into the account. This tool also offers other features for planning and collaborating. This is especially helpful if you have a team that works remotely.


Just about anyone in the workforce has a LinkedIn profile. It is a great place to connect with people you know, share helpful information, find new employees, and even potential investors. If you do not already have an account, be sure to create one. LinkedIn is also a great place for people to endorse your business and your skills. One of the best perks, however, is being able to join a community you can learn and benefit from and share successes with.

WordPress or Shopify

These are some of the best places to host your website nowadays. If you plan to run a blog along with your supplements, then WordPress is the way to go. While shops on WordPress can be a little more difficult to set up, it is possible. Shopify, however, makes it easy to set up an online shop. It is built to do just that.

Google Analytics and Google Ads

To help people find the website for your supplement line, you will need Google Analytics and Google Ads. Google Analytics can help you see how much traffic your website is getting and what pages they spend the most time on. You can even find out more about the demographics of your audience. This includes where they are from, what device they are using, and more. If you need to create an ad campaign, you can use Google Ads. This feature helps you with keyword research to help you plan and bid on your next ad.


Need a quick and easy way to communicate with a team? Slack is what you need! You can create a discussion board for each project you are working on. There are many other features to help you communicate with a team as well.


One of the most popular small business tools for your supplement line is PayPal. If you run your supplement store from an online shop, PayPal is one of the best options to help you accept payments. PayPal is designed to keep payments safe and secure. The process to link an account to your online shop is also very simple.

To get started selling your liquid supplement line, you can give Matsun Nutrition a call or contact us here. To learn more about our private label process, we have articles available to help you find out if we would be the right for you.


featured image for email marketing ideas for your supplement line

Email Marketing Ideas for Your Supplement Line

featured image for email marketing ideas for your supplement line

Email Marketing Ideas for Your Supplement Line

It’s no secret that emails are an effective marketing tool. Many people spend their mornings scrolling through their inboxes. It is an easy way to grab the attention of people and guide them to your website. Here are some email marketing ideas for your supplement line to help you get started. To learn more about why you should set up email marketing, read our article, “The Importance of Email Marketing“.

New Product Announcements

One way to attract attention to your online shop is to announce new products. Especially if subscribers to your email list are already loyal customers. New products and information are exciting and as a business owner, you can play off of the customers curiosity.

Birthdays and Personalization

People love to feel important and everyone should. One way to do this is to send birthday emails to subscribers. Send an email wishing them a happy birthday and offer them a discount or other offer on their special day. Another way to personalize emails is to address each subscriber by their first name at the top.

Abandoned Carts

Many people love to browse online shops and add items they like to their shopping carts. However, many people will hesitate to purchase those products in their cart. Sometimes all they need is an extra push in the right direction. A few things you can do are to simply remind them their items are waiting for them. If an item in their cart is selling quickly, you can remind them to purchase it before it’s gone. You can even offer them a discount on the items in their cart.


Another way to help customers decide what to purchase is to make them aware of your best-sellers. Everyone wants to know that a product they are spending money on is reliable and effective. Compiling a list of just a few best-sellers might help drive even more sales for that product.

Holiday Discounts

One of the most popular email marketing ideas for your supplement line is holiday promotions. Offering large discounts during the holidays is a great way to drive sales. Holiday sales are effective because many people are already planning on spending money. Offer them gift ideas by putting together 2 or 3 products that work well together for a deal they can’t refuse.

Use GIFs and videos

Once you have your promotion planned out, you need to create content that is fun and engaging. Email newsletters can get boring, so a couple of ways to spice them up are to include GIFs and videos. Not all email platforms support GIFs, but if they do, they can be an exciting way to engage with your subscribers. For more marketing tips, read our article, “Marketing Must-Haves for a Successful Business“.

featured image for must-haves for your supplement business

Must-Haves for Your Supplement Business

featured image for must-haves for your supplement business

Must-Haves for Your Supplement Business

Starting a business is tough work, but very possible. The most important thing for any business is to comply with all laws and regulations. Following laws and making sure you have all the appropriate permits will help you avoid legal trouble and stress. Here are just a few of the must-haves for your supplement business. For more information, new business owners should contact their state offices to make sure they have everything they need to get started.

Establishing Your Business Name

A man signing a business permit

Once you pick out a name for your business, it is important to register it as soon as possible. Business names go quickly, so make sure you do not wait. Unless you are using your name, you legally must register for a Doing Business As (DBA). This will also help protect your business name from being taken and used by others. These business names are registered with a state or county clerk’s office. Keep in mind that the business name you want to use may already be taken. To avoid this, you can search before going in to register. Most states have their own database where you can search and check to see if your business name is already being used. Just search for a business name database for your state online.

Some businesses may go in a different direction to register their business and create a formal business structure. These include an LLC or a corporation. This is a great way to establish your business, protect it, and register the name all at once.

Bigger companies, on the other hand, may opt for a trademark. This is the best way to protect your company’s name. However, it is a lot more difficult to do. To even be considered for a trademark, you must apply and pay a fine. After that, the decision is up to the trademark office.

Required Permits

Once you have your business name registered and ready to go, you will need to get a business license for your company. Business licenses are separated by the city, so the process and fees will depend on where you are located. Contact the business license department for your city to find out what you will need. Some other permits you may need include:

  • Sales Tax License
  • Federal License
  • Health Department Permit
  • Fire Department Permit
  • County permit
  • Sign Permit
  • Air and Water Pollution Control Permit

Before getting anything started, you should speak with someone in the state offices about anything else you might need. These are only a few of the must-haves for your supplement business, State offices will have the best information for doing business in your area. If you still need assistance, business attorneys are always available to help. If you are ready to start selling your line of liquid dietary supplements, contact Matsun Nutrition to learn more.


men at desk with paper, pencil, laptops - running a sales promotion for supplements

Running a Sale on Your Private Label Vitamins

men at desk with paper, pencil, laptops - running a sales promotion for supplements

Running a Sale on Your Private Label Vitamins

Running a sales promotion for your private label vitamins or anything else can be an effective way to bring your numbers up. However, many small business owners do not know how to properly run a sale and end up wasting time and money on something that can easily be done. If you take the time, you can run a sale that will bring in new customers and garner loyalty from current customers. Continue reading to learn more about properly running a sales promotion for supplements.

Running A Sales Promotion For Supplements

Set Goals

Before you start to come up with the visuals and method of your sales plan, you will need to decide what your goal is. This means identifying what you want your promotion to accomplish. Some examples of goals for running a sales promotion are:

  • Bring in new customers
  • Bring back old customers
  • Increase sales during slow months
  • Promote new products
  • Increase sales for an old product

While there are many more options for why you would run a sales promotion, this list is a good start. You may even use a combination of these as the base for your promotion plan. As long as you have a set goal for your sale, you can move on to planning it out.

Come Up With Sale

Once you have set your goal, you can start planning what your sale will be and when it will be held. This is arguably one of the most important steps in running a sale for your private label vitamins.

Sales Ideas

There are many sales ideas that you can use to promote your supplements. If you want, you can simply discount a certain product. However, it may be better to offer a buy one get one free deal as it is the same as offering a 50% discount. Many people will choose the buy one get one option as they like the idea of getting something for free.

If you don’t want to offer a free product at the moment or discount a product, you can offer a bundle pack. An example of this would be offering an Advanced Multi supplement along with a Children’s Advanced Multiple at a discounted price. In fact, one study found that there was a 73% increase in the sale of lotion when in a value pack.

When To Hold The Sale

Determining when to hold your sales promotion can be tricky because it depends on what kind of store you operate. If you run an online business, and over the weekend or overnight sales would be good as you do not need to worry about business hours. However, if you have a physical location, it may be best to run the sale all day on a certain day of the week. Another thing you can do is hold a sale for specific holidays like a Mother’s Day Sale or something similar. In addition to that, look at your past data from previous sales so you can see when your customers are most active or around times that you already see an increase in sales.

Advertise Sale

Once you know what your sale is going to consist of and when you are going to hold it, you are going to need to advertise it. You can do this by sending an email to those on your subscriber list. Other ways include posting about it on all of your social media channels and maybe even consider spending some money to promote those posts on all platforms possible. If you have a physical store location, consider publishing your sale in the weekly newspaper and having a sign in your window.

No matter which way you approach advertising your promotional sale it is important that you advertise or else no one will know about it and it will be a waste of time. Even if it is a “flash-sale” at least give some notice so people know it is coming. The US Small Business Association recommends flash sales as “Nothing sparks spending like a really limited time offer.”

Post-Sale Analysis

After you have completed your sale, and everything is done, it is important to look back on it. That way you can we what went well and what didn’t. You can then use this information to better improve further sales promotions. What you want to look for is how much your sales increased during the promotion and how many were new customers that had created an account with you and how many are returning under a previous account. What you can also do is look to see how many of the new customers came back to buy something else from your business.


When it comes to running a sales promotion for supplements and your private label business, you will need to know a lot. One thing to remember is to set your goals for your sale and plan it out. Another is to advertise your sale and then look back so you can improve in the future. Be sure to check out one of our previous articles to learn about Using Instagram to Grow your Private Label Business.


featured image for best-selling supplements to add to your shop

Best-Selling Supplements to Add to Your Shop

featured image for best-selling supplements to add to your shop

Best-Selling Supplements to Add to Your Shop

Are you debating what products to add to your supplement line? Here are some of the best-selling supplements to add to your shop. These five supplements have held their place at the top of the list for years. Read more about them and decide if these best-sellers would be a great addition to your shop.

Canine Glucosamine

Our dog glucosamine formula is hands down the top-selling product at Matsun Nutrition. This formula is used to help dogs who may be experiencing any kind of joint mobility issues. Since nearly 25% of all dogs will develop these issues, thousands of pet owners are continually purchasing these products for their pets.

Advanced Multiple

Most adults in the U.S. take multivitamins each day. In fact, one poll found that 71% of adults in the U.S. take them. This means the market is huge and even has more room to grow. A liquid multivitamin is unique compared to the thousands of capsules and tablets available. Not only that, but our bodies are better able to absorb the nutrients in liquid form.

B-12 Energy

With everything there is to get done each day, sometimes we all need an extra boost. Luckily, there are healthier ways to get an extra shot of energy besides caffeine. Our bodies use vitamin B-12 to help keep nerve and blood cells healthy. Many people who eat a well-balanced diet can get all the vitamin B their body needs. For those who don’t, vitamin B-12 supplements are a great way to help. Vitamin B-12 is also a water-soluble vitamin, so anything your body does not need will be flushed out. This makes it a great vitamin to take every day without worrying about getting too much from food and supplements.

Children’s Complete Multi

Children also need the right amounts of vitamins and minerals for proper growth and development. That is why vitamin supplements for children are especially popular. The tasty flavor makes it easy for children to drink. Since it is a liquid, it can even be added to delicious smoothies for them or mixed into a couple ounces of juice.

Calcium and Magnesium

Another best-selling supplement to add to your shop is Calcium and Magnesium. Everyone needs calcium for strong and healthy bones. However, many people do not get enough of it. This can lead to things like joint pain or unhealthy teeth. Not only that, but calcium is also needed for proper muscle, nerve, and blood vessel function.


social media that customers want to see from your supplement business

Using Instagram To Grow Your Private Label Business

over the shoulder shot of someone holding a phone on instagram - Instagram for a private label business

Using Instagram To Grow Your Private Label Business

Many people use Instagram to keep in touch with their family and friends who they do not see often. However, did you know that you can use this social media platform to grow your small private label business? In fact, it may be best to get started on Instagram as soon as possible so you can get a jump start on gaining new followers. So, how do you use Instagram for a private label business?

Instagram For A Private Label Business

Set Up Business Account

One of the first things you are going to want to do when you first create an account for your private label business converts the personal account to a business account. To do this you will need a Facebook business account to link to your Instagram business account.

Once you switch to a business Instagram account, you will unlock many features to help grow your business. However, in order to best use these features like insights and advertising, you will need to have a complete profile.

Complete Profile

A complete Instagram profile consists of a few things. The first being a profile picture. When choosing this, make sure it shows what your brand is about, and it could even just be your logo. Next, you want to fill out your bio with what your business is about and maybe include your most recent private label supplement. One thing you can do is add a link such as Linktree which is a service that compiles all your links into one. The best part is that it is free to start using.

The last thing you want to do when completing your profile is to come up with a theme or feel that you want your page to have. Create a pattern of post types or a schedule for when you post. You can even use tools like Planoly to plan out your posts and make sure they look aesthetically appealing together.

Find your Target Audience

When you are first starting out on Instagram, you won’t have many followers except for maybe some close friends and family. However, you are going to want to branch out and expand your following. To start, look at the followers of businesses similar to yours and see if they are interested in what you are doing. Research the demographic that you want to sell your products to and learn as much as you can about them and the content that might appeal to them.

Then start posting and making efforts to gain new followers. You can start by giving them a follow and seeing if they follow back. If not, try liking some of their posts and engaging with them like commenting something on their photo. Make sure that it is still relevant to what the photo is and not bombarding people with click bait or insincere interactions as they might end up blocking you. Once you have gained somewhat of a following by doing this, and posting consistently, you will need to tailor your content to what your audience likes.

Create Content For your Audience

As previously mentioned, once you have gained a following and are posting often, you need to tailor your content to what your followers want. The Instagram algorithm favors pages with higher engagement rates. Be sure to check out this article to learn about How the Instagram Algorithm Works. One way to see what kind of content best suits your audience is by conducting an A/B test. This will allow you to post the same content, but with one variable difference to see which performs better. After some time, and different tests, you can continue to narrow down what is best for your page. That way, regardless of what type of content, such as photo, video, or story, you can still post what is best for your page.

Use Hashtags Correctly

In addition to creating content that is tailored to your audience, you are going to want to use hashtags to grow your small private label business on Instagram. Instagram posts with hashtags receive many more impressions and tend to do better than ones without. Try it for yourself, by conducting an A/B test with one post with hashtags and one without. That way, you can find if they will work for you. If you find that hashtags work for you and your Instagram for a private label business, you don’t want to just fill your posts with irrelevant hashtags. Even if some of these are trending, if it has nothing to do with your brand, don’t use it because there are still popular hashtags that you can use that correlate with your brand and business.


Hosting a giveaway on Instagram is one of the best ways to gain new followers. In fact, if you partner up with an influencer who is a specialist in your industry, you can better gain new followers. Depending on the size of their following, often times influencers will promote your product in exchange for sending them free product.

If you host a giveaway with an influencer, make sure that you have all people come to your page and follow you to enter. If done consistently, you will gain more and more followers and, eventually, customers.


When it comes to Instagram for a private label business, there are a few things to know. The first is to set up your account and optimize it so people can find you. The next, and probably most important is to tailor your content to what your audience wants. Lastly, remember to do giveaways as people love getting things for free and will follow you and potentially become one of your customers.


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