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Keep Fit and Healthy with the Matsun Nutrition’s Weight Loss Supplements

The use of weight loss supplements has been on an increasing trajectory over the past few years mostly due to the increasing awareness of the need to stay healthy. Weight loss vitamins from leading weight loss supplement manufacturers like Matsun Nutrition are manufactured in accordance with the FDA, NSF, and cGMP guidelines to ensure that they are of the highest possible quality and highly effective. Matsun Nutrition is a leading private label weight loss manufacturer located in Murrieta, California USA and has been manufacturing liquid supplements and vitamins for more than 20 years. The company is set up as a one-stop full service liquid dietary supplement manufacturer offering an extensive range of comprehensive supplements and vitamins for private labeling and contract manufacturing.Why wait, get a quick quote now!

Ordering Liquid Weight Loss Supplements with Us Is Simple

Therefore, if you are looking for one of the best weight loss supplement manufacturers to source your weight loss supplements, Matsun Nutrition is the best manufacturer in the USA offering both private labeling and contract manufacturing. Ordering weight loss vitamins is very easy. You only need to choose the right formula for private labeling or send them your formula for contract manufacturing services. After choosing the formula, the company’s highly qualified and experienced in-house designers will then create an eye-catching label for your brand. Once your order is ready, the company will then expeditiously ship your weight loss supplements to any location of your choice.

Small Order Minimums

In addition to our easy ordering process, the company is one of the best weight loss supplement manufacturers offering low minimum order requirements. With Matsun Nutrition, you can start your own store or sell on Amazon with as low as a 12 bottles minimum order. This package is perfect for startups or businesses that would like to add new products and does not have big budgets to commit to. Furthermore, you can start selling customized weight loss supplements that feature special ingredients or quantities of ingredients with as low as an 800 bottle minimum order.

Creating Custom Formulations for Our Customers

Furthermore, if you are looking to develop your own custom formulation, Matsun Nutrition has invested in a cGMP certified state of the art facility and a team of highly qualified scientists and researchers to help you through the full process of weight loss vitamins contracting including product development consulting, research, custom test batching, label consulting, flavor sampling, shelf life stability testing, logistics, and shipping. If you are considering starting your own private label business, you should start selling weight loss supplements. According to statistics, more than two-thirds of adults and almost one-third of adolescents and children are over-weight in the United States.

Choosing Only High Quality Ingredients

It is also imperative to note that high quality weight loss supplements from the best weight loss supplement manufacturers like Matsun Nutrition are made from the best ingredients and thus, highly effective in helping reduce macronutrient absorption, body fat, weight, appetite and help increase thermo genesis and metabolism. Weight loss vitamins also contain different ingredients ranging from botanicals such as herbs to minerals and dietary fiber to help improve your overall well-being.


Private Label Liquid Multivitamin

If you are looking for a high-quality private label liquid multivitamin or supplement, it’s advisable that you get them from Matsun Nutrition. This is a company that has been around for years manufacturing the perfect liquid multivitamin and multivitamin supplements. In fact, Matsun Nutrition is now considered as the best liquid supplement manufacturer in the United States.

We have all the necessary licenses and documents from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF). In a nutshell, this is a company that has built a good reputation simply by making products that are safe and effective. These products include a wide range of supplements, nutraceuticals, and liquid vitamins.  Why wait, get a quick quote now!

Simple 3 Step Business Model

There are several reasons why you should get a quote from Matsun Nutrition. Before anything else, the company follows a very simple three-step business model. In the first step, you are going to choose from any of the liquid vitamins and supplements that the company has in stock. In step two, the company will manufacture, bottle, and label your order whether this is a liquid multivitamin or a private label multivitamin supplement. In the last and third step, the products will be shipped directly to your doorstep. If you plan on selling these products as a business, you can do so the moment they are delivered to you.

Unlimited Liquid Supplement Formulas

Furthermore, the company has a lot of product formulas that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for a private label liquid multivitamin supplement or a liquid vitamin, the company has it in stock. The greatest benefit of this setup is that all you need to do is make an order. Everything else will be handled by Matsun Nutrition. The products will be delivered to you bottled and properly labeled. You can also avail of the company’s custom contract manufacturing services where you get to create your own unique products using the company’s existing formulas as your starting point. The liquid vitamins and supplements that Matsun Nutrition offer are of the highest quality so you are assured of the fact that your customers will be satisfied.

Private Label Liquid Multivitamin and Supplements

Private label multivitamins and supplements are in high demand these days. This is mainly because more and more people are getting health-conscious. This means that they are looking for ways to improve their health quickly and easily. What Matsun Nutrition does is cater to this growing market. The company has dozens of products that can help people become healthier and fitter. These products are very affordable and anyone can purchase them at minimal costs. A bottle of a multivitamin supplement or liquid vitamin can be consumed several times which gives them a longer shelf life.

Safe and Effectiveness Liquid Supplements

But of course, the main reason why liquid vitamins and supplements manufactured by Matsun Nutrition sell very well is the fact that these are safe and effective. As was mentioned earlier, these products are backed by licenses and health documents from both the FDA and the NSF. Thousands of satisfied customers also serve as a testament to the efficacy of every liquid multivitamin and private label multivitamin supplement that the company manufactures. So what are you waiting for? Get a quote now from Matsun Nutrition!

Private Label Liquid Multivitamin

Sell a USA Turmeric Supplement – The Extract with Powerful Health Benefits

A USA turmeric supplement has gained popularity over the last few years as people awareness on the health benefits of turmeric extract increases largely due to a large number of articles being published. More than 6000 peer-reviewed scientific articles have been published evaluating the effectiveness of the USA turmeric supplements for your health. Although all these articles agree that turmeric extract is important for wellness, they commonly contradict on the side effects mostly due to the quality of the USA turmeric supplement subjected to their research. Nutritional experts agree that high-quality USA turmeric supplement contains many health benefits, but low-quality turmeric extracts can be dangerous, which is necessary to consider the integrity and quality of the manufacturer. Matsun Nutrition’s USA turmeric supplements are thoroughly tested to ensure they are of the highest possible quality and contain the highest possible nutritional value.Why wait, get a quick quote now!

Manufacturing Facility Located in the USA

Being a USA based company located in Murrieta, California, you can take the face value of what you find on the label. At Matsun Nutrition, nothing is left to chance especially if touches on the quality and safety of the supplement. The company has heavily invested in a state of the art facility with strict quality control measures to ensure that the supplements are not contaminated during the manufacturing process and are only manufactured with high-quality raw materials. In addition to the state of the art facility, the company has also invested in a team of highly qualified scientists, technologists and researchers including microbiologists and chemists to ensure its USA turmeric supplements are of the highest possible quality.

FDA Guidelines

Furthermore, to complement the internal quality control measures, Matsun Nutrition strictly adheres to the FDA guidelines on supplements and complies with cGMP procedures as well as the NSF, which means that you can order a USA turmeric supplement from Matsun Nutrition with ease of mind, knowing that you are buying a safe turmeric extract. Despite being of high quality, Matsun Nutrition has made it easy for individuals and businesses to sell USA turmeric supplements on Amazon or in local stores with low minimums of just 12 bottles. The company will also accompany your order with free eye catching label designs to help your products stand out in the market.

The Amazing Benefits of a USA turmeric supplement

If you are wondering whether you should start selling turmeric extract, you will stand to benefit greatly by starting immediately as people become more aware of the turmeric health benefits and healing properties. According to a published journal by Oncogene, curcumin is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory and anti-proliferative agents, which means that turmeric can help promote a healthy lifestyle.




How a Leading Liquid Supplement Manufacturer Help Startups Sell Discount Vitamins

Lately, the supplement industry has become highly competitive requiring businesses to sell discount vitamins to remain competitive and attractive to customers. This is not a problem for many big businesses that order bulk vitamins from their contract manufacturers as they can afford to sell discount supplements due to the benefits that come with bulk vitamins such as a low shipping unit cost. However, for many startups and small businesses, selling discount vitamins can easily push them out of the market unless they are ordering from a manufacturer who supports discount supplements. Most startups cannot afford to sell discount supplements due to the prohibitive costs associated with small orders, but with Matsun Nutrition, that should not be a problem.Why wait, get a quick quote now!

Perfect for Small Businesses

Using the Matsun Nutrition Amazon selling program, startups and small businesses have been able to successfully compete with established brands when selling discount vitamins online. One of the secrets that helps small businesses compete with businesses that order bulk vitamins is to keep the costs as low as possible from manufacturing to shipping. Matsun Nutrition has a flexible ordering process that helps businesses keep their operational costs minimal while ensuring quality of the products irrespective of the order quantity. Unlike other supplement manufacturers who require small businesses to involve different experts such as designers and logistics, Matsun Nutrition offers a one-stop shop for all your business needs.

Free Services

Unless you are very lucky, using different experts is expensive as every expert will charge you for the specific task unlike a single expert who will only charge you a single fee for all the work done. In fact, sourcing your supplements from a manufacturer who offers a one-stop shop like Matsun Nutrition might even qualify you for discounts or free services that you would otherwise pay for under different examples. For example, it is very costly to hire a label designer, but at Matsun Nutrition, in-house designers create eye catching labels for all the products that you order at absolutely no cost, which gives businesses a competitive edge when selling discount supplements.

Whether you are operating a startup or a multinational business looking to buy bulk vitamins, Matsun Nutrition can help you in all phases of your product manufacturing from product development consulting to research, custom test batching, flavor sampling, shelf life stability testing, label consulting, and logistics and shipping. It is also important to note that ordering all your vitamins and supplements from the same contract manufacturer can help you enjoy some benefits of bulk vitamins unlike sourcing different products from different manufacturers.

In House Formulas and Custom Formulas

If your business sells five different vitamins, you can reduce the total shipping and manufacturing costs by sourcing from a single manufacturer like Matsun Nutrition instead of buying from different manufacturers, which is essential for selling discount vitamins. Matsun Nutrition offers a full line of in-house formulas and custom formulas that range from antioxidants, energy shots, natural and organic vitamins, prenatal vitamins, weight loss supplements, products for men, liquid multivitamins for children, amino acids, whole food vegetarian, glucosamine joint supplements, iron supplements, gluten free and clear skin acne supplements among others. It is also imperative to note that the wide range of supplements and vitamins offered by Matsun Nutrition is advantageous for businesses that would like to expand their portfolio.


Why Private Label Prenatal Vitamin Manufacturing Is Great for Startups!

Private label prenatal vitamin manufacturing is on the rise.  If you are considering starting your own business, you cannot go wrong with selling a private label prenatal vitamin and supplement. Almost every woman takes a prenatal liquid vitamin at one point during pregnancy period and thus, building your brand around private label prenatal supplements offers you a ready market that you can easily tap into.

However, like all other vitamins and supplements, the safety and quality of a prenatal liquid vitamin is paramount in ensuring the safety of the mother and the child. It is also imperative to note that pregnant women take a prenatal vitamin to supplement their bodies with essential vitamins and minerals that help ensure the good health of their child and hence, the need to ensure that every product you are selling is of high quality. You can ensure that your products are some of the best in the market by sourcing from Matsun Nutrition.  Why wait, get a quick quote now!

Our Quality Guarantee

One of the main reasons why you should source your private label prenatal manufacturing from Matsun Nutrition is the quality guarantee. How many private label prenatal manufacturing companies offer a guarantee that what you are buying is of high quality and of great nutrition value? Although great strides have been made in the industry to ensure the quality of prenatal supplement products through certifications, some manufacturers are not committed to the process. According to the FDA, some manufacturers use improper testing methods or an insufficient batch to test their products resulting in misleading specifications. At Matsun Nutrition, you can be assured that every prenatal vitamin product contains exactly what is on the label thanks to their strict quality control measures.

Professional Consultation

In addition to the strict quality measures, the company also offers extensive private label prenatal vitamin manufacturing, development, and consulting to help you succeed. The team of experts at Matsun Nutrition can help you with researching and developing the exact formulation that you would like to sell to your customers. Some of the services offered at Matsun Nutrition to help you launch a new product line include research and development, custom blending, flavor sampling, test batching and bottling of the finished liquid supplement. The company also has the ability to custom manufacture, formulate, and blend batch sizes to create private label prenatal liquid vitamin products that are viscous, thick slurry and low viscosity in a wide variety of bottles that range from 1 oz. to 32 oz. bottles.

USA Private Label Prenatal Vitamin Manufacturing

Furthermore, you can be assured that your prenatal vitamin products are manufactured in a state of art manufacturing facility in Murrieta, California that is FDA and cGMP compliant. In addition to being FDA and cGMP compliant, the facility is capable of handling any size order from small sample items full-scale scale production for multinationals. In fact, you will struggle to find a reputable company with the history and experience of Matsun Nutrition that accepts lower minimum orders than the low 12 bottles minimum order for private labeling and 800 bottles for custom formulations.

Additional Liquid Supplement Manufacturing Services

Moreover, to help ease the contract manufacturing process, Matsun Nutrition also offers additional services that can help simplify the ordering process and even help lower the cost of production. One of the popular additional services offered by Matsun is a free label design for every product you order. The company also offers amazing logistics and shipping options that help ensure products are available for stocking as soon as possible while being relatively cost friendly.

.Private Label Prenatal Vitamin Manufacturing

USA Whole Foods Supplement Manufacturers

Specializing In Whole Foods Supplement Manufacturing

When it comes to whole foods supplement manufacturers, Matsun Nutrition should be your first choice.  You need a liquid supplement manufacturer that has experience.  If you are planning to start your own business that sells USA whole foods supplements and whole foods vitamins, your best option is to seek the help of a contract manufacturer like Matsun Nutrition. Widely considered as the best contract manufacturer for liquid vitamins and supplements in the United States, Matsun Nutrition specializes in making high-quality whole foods dietary supplements.

Setting up your own supplement business will take just three simple steps. Your first step is to choose any of the company’s vitamins and supplements.  As a qualified whole foods supplement manufacturer, Matsun Nutrition will design a creative label for your products complete with your own name and logo. After you have placed your order, the company will immediately ship the products and will arrive at your doorstep within a few days.  Why wait, get a quick quote now!

Whole Foods Contract Manufacturing Services

What’s great about our whole foods contract manufacturing is that you have very little to do because the products will be manufactured, bottled, labeled, and shipped by Matsun Nutrition. All you need to do is place your orders and market the products to your prospective customers.  Matsun Nutrition’s whole foods supplement manufacturing for private labeling in the USA doesn’t take a lot of time because the formulas are already in place. This is why your whole foods dietary supplements can be delivered to clients in just a couple of days. You can start selling the items when you get your hands on them.  Of course, we offer full, custom formulations as well.  As your premier whole foods supplement manufacturer, Matsun Nutrition can do it all.

NSF Registered and GMP Certified

Matsun Nutrition is the best choice because our company has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Not only that, our company’s production processes are also fully compliant with the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMP) regulations as imposed by the FDA. With that said, you are assured of the fact that all the whole foods supplements and whole foods vitamins that the company manufacturers are of the highest quality possible. The company produces their whole foods locally which means you will also be helping with the local economy.

Why Are USA Whole Foods Supplements Popular?

There are a lot of reasons why whole foods supplement manufacturers are so busy and whole foods liquid vitamins and supplements are very popular these days. First of all, more and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of healthy living. And one of the ways to achieving good health is making sure that the body is regularly supplied with the right vitamins and nutrients. This is where Matsun Nutrition enters the picture. The company produces whole foods dietary supplements that are filled with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. All of these are hot-selling items in the health and wellness industry.

Partner with Matsun Nutrition Today

Vitamins and supplements are also very popular for the simple fact that they are affordable and easily accessible. Even if you take supplements every single day, your budget will remain very minimal. In a nutshell, starting a business that sells vitamins and supplements is a great idea because of the huge demand for the products. This is why it’s highly recommended that you partner with Matsun Nutrition for the production of your own supplements. As we mentioned earlier, Matsun Nutrition is the best whole food manufacturer and supplier of liquid supplements in the United States. With that said, you should visit their website right now and ask for a quote. Simply fill out the quote form and you are good to go. The company will get back to you as soon as they receive your inquiry.


USA Whole Foods Supplement Manufacturers

Now Is the Time to Start Working with Private label Turmeric Manufacturers

Turmeric supplements are becoming the fastest growing trend in healthy living across the world with turmeric manufacturing quickly increasing in demand. Private label turmeric manufacturers are currently putting in massive orders for quality supplements, with reports citing that it may be the most effective supplement to currently exist. Suppliers allow you to order your own shipments and sell them wherever you are, allowing you to capitalize on a global trend in health and fitness.


Quality Turmeric Supplements

Matsun Nutrition’s team is full of high quality private label turmeric manufacturers with over 20 years of experience crafting excellent supplements. With that much time spent making product for customers, Matsun has established themselves as one of the best in the industry, with efficient production times, high rated products and flexibility when it comes to turmeric manufacturing, labeling and shipping. The company has customers of all sizes, large scale retailers as well as individuals that want to make a change and become a quality retailer. Never has it been easier to get into the nutrition industry, with a company like Matsun by your side. They ensure that the process is simple, low cost and most importantly, makes sense to you, even if you don’t have experience with supplements. While easy to enter, you need a way to make your turmeric supplements stand out among the competition, any slight advantage can put you on the path to massive success, becoming a trusted brand in this industry is essential.

Experience in All Sectors

Matsun is involved in turmeric manufacturing and has experience making nutritional products for both humans and pets, their flexibility when it comes to flavors, organic products, coloring and packaging puts them in an elite class, and should be the first company to look for when trying to enter this highly competitive market. If unsure about any step of the process, Matsun is more than willing to work with you to solve your problems and ensure that you are able to use a private label turmeric manufacturers and supply goods to your customers wherever they are. Don’t believe that now is the best time to get involved with turmeric manufacturing and retailing? As the world moves towards more healthy living, continuous studies prove that a turmeric supplement is one of the best additions to your daily life. If you have doubts about pricing, shipping or anything else, Matsun offers free quotations and their quality customer service can help you through the process every step of the way.

Putting Your Right Foot Forward

Science has recently started to back up the spice used in high amounts in countries such as India. Benefits include strong anti-inflammatory effects, as well as acting as a powerful anti-oxidant. Trends shows a massive spike in Turmeric supplements, and is anticipating long term growth in the market, now is the perfect time to establish yourself as a retailer and start selling.

Private label turmeric manufacturers are profiting off of the current demand, but that doesn’t mean they can’t do more with the right retailer. If you want to start getting involved with turmeric manufacturing, you need to put your right foot forward and partner with the best quality suppliers on the market. Matsun Nutrition is one of the top turmeric manufacturing suppliers, going to great lengths to help you provide high quality product to your community.

Turmeric Manufacturers


Why Contract Manufacturing Dietary Supplements First Started Selling in the US

Contract Manufacturing Dietary Supplements In The USA

Today, contract manufacturing dietary supplements are very common in the USA. After all, a lot of people are not getting enough minerals and vitamins from their everyday diet since they don’t eat wholesome and healthy foods. Hence they need to rely on these supplements in order to stay healthy. According to statistics from a government study, about half of the population in the USA take at least one dietary supplement on a regular basis. Thus, many a dietary supplement contract manufacturers gain from this need of using vitamin supplements in order to improve one’s nutrition. The most commonly used supplement would have to be multivitamins.

Clay Tablets

The dietary supplement industry in the USA is a booming one, which is why more and more people are striving to become a dietary supplement contract manufacturer selling contract manufacturing dietary supplements. Looking back, supplements and vitamins have had a long history in the States. Ever since man became civilized, herbs and medicines made from animal glands were in use. The first written record of herbal medicines known to mankind would be clay tablets, which were written by the Sumerians which dates back to six thousand years ago. These tablets contained records of medicinal plants such as thyme, licorice, opium poppy, mustard plant and so on.Contract Manufacturing Dietary Supplements

 The USA Jumped on the Bandwagon

In the case of the USA, dietary supplements and vitamins first started selling here a long time ago because people were quick to realize that they needed these in order to function optimally and have an edge over the others (health-wise). Although the USA may not have a history of medicinal herbal use, which is as old as that of the Asians, it still dates back to quite a long time ago. Today, the use of contract manufacturing dietary supplements in the USA is bigger than ever, which is why the prospect of becoming a dietary supplement contract manufacturer in the US is so enticing to aspiring businessmen.

Dietary Supplements In The 1990’s

Prior to the 90’s, the process of contract manufacturing dietary supplements was strictly regulated by the FDA. During this time, the supplements offered by the dietary supplement contract manufacturer only contained important nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals. In 1990, the whole scene of dietary supplements changed because the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act was passed. Under this act, herbs and similar nutritional substances were also permitted in the supplements category.

Four years later, i.e. in 1994, the whole dietary supplement market underwent a drastic change thanks to the popular DSHEA or the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act. Substances such as Ginseng, fish oils, enzymes, steroids, hormones and other glandular products also came into the picture! Two decades later, i.e. now, the ingredient labels of such supplements have become even more complex. After all, considering how people live modern and busy lifestyles and consume large quantities of processed food, it has become more necessary than ever to ingest vitamin supplements into the body in order to stay healthy. In fact, a lot of doctors recommend these to their patients too!

Private Label Supplements Nutraceuticals Vitamins

Pros and Cons of the Different Forms of Supplements with Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers

Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers

Nutritional supplement manufacturing has remarkably evolved from the old days when vitamins and supplements were only manufactured in tablets and capsules. Today, nutritional supplement manufacturers offer customers with a wide range of options that include liquid supplements, tablets, capsules, chewables, powders, and softgels. The wide variety of physical forms can only be attributed to the consistent growth and expansion of the supplement industry. As a custom supplement manufacturer, this is where Matsun Nutrition excels.  What a consumer needs to note about the different forms is that the physical format of the supplement can have an effect on the results and effectiveness of the supplement. This is mainly because every form has its own pros and cons. Some of the issues that can be affected by the format of the supplement include the absorption rate and the concentration of ingredients. Understanding the weaknesses and strengths of the different types of supplements can help you choose the most appropriate for your health and budget.

Nutritional Supplement Tablets

Nutritional supplement manufacturers prefer tablets because they are cost-effective to manufacture, unlike other forms. The other reason why tablets are highly preferred in the nutritional supplement manufacturing is because they are the most shelf-stable choice. They also retain their potency over a longer period unlike other forms such as capsules and powders. They come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. However, it is important to note that large tablets can be hard for some people to swallow and do not offer dosage flexibility like the powder and liquid supplements.Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers

Nutritional Supplement Capsules

The main advantage of capsules in nutritional supplement manufacturing is that they are easy to swallow. They also break down quickly in the stomach. Furthermore, the capsules can be opened and the powdered content mixed with other products for easy swallowing. The major challenge of the capsules is that they are costly to manufacture, unlike tablets. They also have a shorter shelf life than tablets.

Nutritional Supplement Softgels

Softgels unlike all other forms of supplements are the least used in the nutritional supplement manufacturing. The adoption of the softgels by nutritional supplement manufacturers has been slow. They are easy to swallow due to their smooth contour and shape regardless of the size. They also have a superior shelf life to capsules and powders as they are completely sealed and air-tight. However, they do not have the dosage flexibility of the liquid supplements.

Nutritional Supplement Chewables

Chewable supplements have a lower potency when compared to capsules and tablets. They also have some added flavorings, which makes health-conscious people avoid them. They are suitable for individuals who cannot swallow capsules and tablets like children.

Nutritional Supplement Powders

Powders must be mixed with the liquid before they are taken. They offer greater dosing flexibility. You can make much finer dosage adjustments than capsules and tablets.

Nutritional Liquid Supplements

Liquid supplements are the most sought after form of supplements due to their greater absorption rate. Unlike other forms of supplements, liquid products have greater dosage flexibility. They are also easy to swallow and are in the ready form for immediate absorption. Nutritional supplement manufacturers prefer the liquid form when creating a product featuring several essential and beneficial nutrients. Supplements in the liquid form are also preferred in the nutritional supplement manufacturing because of the ability to offer optimal nutrient quantities and ratios. They are also economical and easy to ingest.

Matsun Nutrition Supplement Manufacturers USA

How to Start a Supplement Business and Sell on Amazon

Learning About How To Start A Supplement Business

How to start a supplement business on Amazon and create an online store is a question that is asked frequently. Private labeling supplements is one way to learn how to sell on Amazon successfully. This online platform will allow you to operate within a focused niche in the general category of your product. Meaning that a business selling supplements can sell in a specific category of the type of supplement he is selling. The major benefit is that a potential buyer will find your products easily and it will be easier for you to direct potential buyers to your online store. It is a prudent business decision to learn about starting a supplement business on Amazon.

How to Sell Supplements On Amazon

Starting a business on Amazon is very easy and practical. How to start a supplement business, how to sell on Amazon and the benefits of private labeling supplements becomes possible. The developers of this site have made the platform user-friendly for all potential users of this site. The following are the six steps:How to Start a Supplement Business and Sell on Amazon FBA

1.  Amazon Seller Central Account

The first step in learning how to start a supplement business on Amazon is to open a seller’s account to allow you to market and sell your supplement products. Go to and follow the instructions and steps. This section with help you to learn how to sell on Amazon.

2. Select The Supplement Products to Sell

Many potential supplement sellers on Amazon begin by researching the market trends of specific products and then select whichever product is performing well.  Or, if you already have the product to sell, simply select the correct product category by following Amazon’s guidelines.

3. Finding A Supplement Supplier

There are many small steps involved with starting your own supplement business.  The next step is to find a supplier for the type of vitamin or supplements that you want to sell on Amazon. There are mainly three types of suppliers: 1). Wholesalers:  these types of suppliers sell you the products at a discounted price and then you sell them at higher retail prices. (2)  Custom Contract Manufacturers:  these types of companies are better suited for those that need high volume production or custom formulations.  (3) Private Label Companies:  these types of suppliers provide you with a choice of their in-house supplement products at wholesale prices, but also provide the added benefit of allowing you to brand the products with your company name and logo.

 4. Branding And Private Labeling Supplements

When researching how to start a supplement business, a solid brand name and label are the primary interaction that a potential buyer has with your product. As you create a brand and labeling for your product, make sure that it is:

– Unique.
– Catchy, the buyer retains the name quickly.
– Attractive.
– Functional.

If you are sourcing from an independent supplier, forward the brand name and brand logo or label for the purpose of preparing your products. Private labeling supplements can create an instant brand. If it is your company, you can use the existing brand and label to further create an online sub.

5. Your Supplement Product Launch

On your Amazon central seller account, add a product in the inventory section. Click on the correct category and the right subcategory and then click on the select product link. On the new page enter all your product details including; price, details and description, images and any other relevant information.

6. Link with Fulfillment by Amazon FBA

Amazon will handle all the shipping and inventory details. You or the independent supplier can send the inventory to FBA warehouse for processing and packaging as new orders begin to stream in.

Benefits Of Selling On An Online Platform like Amazon

– A ready global market.
– Direct marketing.
– Immediate interaction with buyers.
– Minimal overhead operating costs.
– Added potential of becoming a wholesale supplier.

We have answered the questions; how to start a supplement business and how to on Amazon. Remember that private labeling supplement products is one of the ways to raise your market visibility.

Starting a Supplement Business To Sell on Amazon

All You Need to Know About Private Label Companies

Private label companies are business entities that designate a product packaged or manufactured for sale under the name of the reseller or wholesaler rather than that of the manufacturer. These private label manufacturers have made it possible for resellers and retailers who are keen on selling private label vitamins and supplements to easily get their unique and well-branded products into the market. Here are some key benefits of these companies to the reseller and wholesaler. They include but are not limited to the following;

They Offer a Wide Choice of Stock Formulations

Most private label companies offer a base of stock formulations which a reseller can then use to easily enter the market. Most of these private label manufacturers offer resellers or wholesalers two options for using the stock formulations. The first option usually involves the production of custom private label vitamins and supplements. This basically means that the ingredients of the supplement are changed as per your specifications. It can be as extensive as coming up with a totally new product from scratch or as minor as changing the ratio of a few ingredients. The other option usually involves the reseller picking one of the ready-made stock formulations and having it branded accordingly before introducing it into the market. Both of these options come with significant savings for a reseller or wholesaler who can now use such resources to vigorously market their own product.

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They Assist Build Your Name and Brand

As any entrepreneur who has ventured into the private label vitamins and supplements segment will acknowledge, one of the main advantages of working with private label companies is that they help you build your name and brand from scratch using some top quality and safely manufactured products. By riding on their expertise and business linkages, a reseller can easily tap into mature markets which may have otherwise been very difficult to penetrate. They usually achieve this feat by using the large database of clients and suppliers that they have. It is also important to note that most of these private label manufacturers have employed highly qualified and vastly experienced team members who can help a reseller take on competitors who he may have otherwise not been able to engage.

They Help You Make Money

Most of these private label manufacturers order for the ingredients used to manufacture premium grade products in bulk, this simple leverage allows private label companies to get discounts which individual resellers or wholesalers would not be able to achieve on their own. These discounts are then passed on to private label vitamins and supplements resellers, making their products quite affordable to the masses without compromising on quality or safety issues or concerns.

They Help Eliminate Barriers to Enter Into the Market

As many private label companies will acknowledge, getting into the manufacturing of vitamins and supplements is a very expensive and time-consuming affair. Apart from seeking certifications from relevant safety bodies and organizations and complying with certain standards such as the Current Good Manufacturing Standards (cGMP), private label manufacturers also invest a lot of money in research and development as well as training of staff. By offering private label facilities to resellers and wholesalers, these companies allow such small entities to easily gain a foothold in this segment. Another area where these companies really bring down the barrier is through their low minimum order levels. With some having order levels as low as 40 to 50 bottles per order; the overall investment cost is significantly reduced.


Becoming a Superior Supplement Manufacturing Company

In the recent past, there has been a continued increase in the number of supplement manufacturers in the market. More and more people are turning to the manufacturing of supplements, even with increased competition however, there are those superior supplement manufacturing, best supplement manufacturing, premium supplement manufacturers that have still stayed at the top despite more and more people coming up with new supplements. A question that most people have always asked is: How did they do it? The answers to this question might vary, but there are some generally agreed points that will make anyone be a premium supplement manufacturer:


One of the most important points about being the superior supplement manufacturing company is by practicing safety. There are so many supplement manufacturers that just produce energy supplements, energy drinks or vitamin boosters without adhering to safety. This is one of the leading reasons why they will never make it to the top. Premium supplement manufacturers make great supplements without the side effects. For one to be the best supplement manufacturing company, they must adhere to safety, producing only those products that are safe for their clients.

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Deliver What Is Promised

This is another point where most manufacturers go wrong. When advertising, it is always good to ensure that the supplement delivers the desired results but most importantly, it is able to achieve all that is promised. The superior supplement manufacturing companies understand the need for truthful advertising. A company that is aiming to be the best supplement manufacturing company will invest a lot in advertising credibly. Premium supplement manufacturers will at all time deliver what is promised. This will help them gain credibility among the consumers.


For any company to gain recognition, they must advertise and do it thoroughly. A supplement manufacturing company that fails to advertise limits its popularity among consumers. Quality supplements are necessary for those aiming to be the superior supplement manufacturing companies, however, without a good advertising strategy, the supplement cannot reach its potential. It is always good to ensure that proper advertisement is done so that the consumers are aware of the product you are offering out there. Premium supplement manufacturers will at all times ensure that they have a creative advertising strategy that will beat that of their competitors. By so doing they are always able to remain as the best supplement manufacturing companies in the industry.

Consumer Interest

Lastly, the superior manufacturing companies always have the interest of the consumers at heart. Since they are the ones that will use the supplements, consumers should be treated fairly in both pricing and the in terms of the safety guidelines. By doing so, the manufacturer will gain consumer trust and thus their loyalty; this will in a great way hasten the process of them becoming the best supplement manufacturing company in the industry. This goes a long way in masking one a premium supplement manufacturers.

The above are some good points that any supplement manufacturing company will benefit from if they intend to become a superior supplement manufacturing company in this competitive supplement industry.



The Demand for Herbal Supplement Manufacturers and Herbal Liquid Manufacturing

Herbal manufacturers especially the herbal supplement manufacturers have lately revived herbal liquid manufacturing alongside other herbal supplements due to the rising demand. History has it that herbal medication has been in existence since time immemorial. Over time, prescribed medication became conventional world over. And then in the recent past, things have taken an unexpected twist with herbal supplements and herbal liquid extracts steadily regaining the popularity it had lost. Herbal supplement manufacturers currently employ the modern technology to process the herbs into supplements that retain the natural value as opposed to synthetic medicine.

The Peak of Medicine

As more inventions in the prescription medicine sector kept on arising in the past centuries, herbal alternatives consequently got suppressed. This was due to the human inclination to embrace technology. It goes without saying that advanced technology introduced very helpful medical procedures such as various forms of surgeries. However, it has been noted that most of the prescription medicines and supplements have numerous side effects, some of which are themselves life-threatening.

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The Rising Demand Of Herbal Supplements

The demand for herbal supplements and herbal liquid extracts have been on the rise lately and herbal manufacturers strive to increase the rate of both solid supplements and herbal liquid supplements. Many experts assert that most of these herbal supplements do not have serious side effects like the prescribed medicine, an assertion which has been backed by repeated experiments.

Furthermore, people with preexisting medical conditions are more likely to be allergic to most of the non-herbal prescriptions which then leaves them no choice but to resort to the herbal supplements that are more friendly to their medical conditions. This has been the core reason why herbal manufacturers nowadays prefer herbal liquid manufacturing.

Prevention Is Better Than a Cure

While there are prescription vaccines, the vast majority of prescription medicine are curative in nature. The obvious problem with this is the fact that they focus on curing ill-health instead of keeping illness at bay. Nobody would tolerate the idea of having to suffer even for a short while before getting his health status restored. This is the reason why herbal supplement manufacturers have a steady flow of customers who take the supplements to prevent attack by various diseases.

The Attendant Pitfalls

Herbal manufacturers, particularly herbal liquid manufacturing companies manufacture highly demanded supplements and vitamins that command a huge demand worldwide. However, their products are not flawless either. Their major shortcoming is their limited curative abilities. Many people demand emergency treatment using modern equipment and prescribed medicine. Patients with such dangerous medical conditions may endanger their lives if they confine themselves to herbal supplements and herbal liquid extracts. As such, the herbal supplements should only be used to supplement the diet and trigger the immune system just for preventive purposes and no more.

Justification of Herbal

Health concerns are central to human life. Medical experts have encouraged herbal supplement manufacturers to produce more of their products and have also created awareness of the benefits of the said products which include:

A) Enrichment of the body with the requisite dietary requirements including vitamins
B) Developing a strong immune system
C) Maintaining a better mental health

Private Label Nutraceuticals Business

The Reasons Why a Business Should Buy Supplements at Wholesale Pricing

Buy Supplements at Wholesale Pricing or Lose Money!

On many different occasions, businesses dealing with health-related products do not understand why anyone would want to buy supplements at wholesale or even buy vitamins at wholesale. For those same businesses, to buy nutraceuticals at wholesale prices simply is not that important. In fact, many of these companies do not even know that they have an incredible opportunity right there for the taking and they just let it slip through their fingers.

The reason for this is the facts that all those who do buy vitamins at wholesale prices attain a huge range of advantages which all provide the ultimate benefit of having bigger streams of revenue. Fortunately, to buy supplements at wholesale pricing does not require a huge amount of investment in time or money. Instead, with a simple dedication to the same process, a retail business in the health-related area can expand their operations and raise their profit levels in a matter of a really short time period. Here are the main advantages that come from the decision to buy nutraceuticals at wholesale, but also any other supplement or vitamin.Buy Supplements At Wholesale

Buying Vitamins at Wholesale Means a Larger Stock

Being in supply with the goods customers are looking for is the bedrock idea behind practically any retail business. The business of nutrition and health is no different, meaning that it also demands an ample supply of products which their buyers require. Sometimes, people operating the business might conclude that having a smaller stock means more flexible storage requirements and smaller need to invest sums of money in the stock itself. But, actually, the same philosophy comes with two disadvantages. Firstly, it allows a business to operate only at its minimal possible potential, not allowing any space for growth. Secondly, a business with a limited stock will regularly miss out on having some products from their catalogue, which always runs the risk of alienating customers that come looking for something and then learn that they cannot get it from the same business. To buy supplements at wholesale means a stable stock which allows for potential growth and in the modern world, every business needs to grow so it can prosper.

Bigger Supplies Will not go to Waste or be Spoiled in Storage

Many who pass on the opportunity to buy nutraceuticals at wholesale or to generally buy supplements at wholesale think that they elevate their risk of looking a part of their supplies while it sits in storage. But, all those who buy vitamins at wholesale do not have to worry about losing a fragment of their supplies while they lie in storage and wait to be sold. Most supplements, vitamins, and nutraceuticals, thanks to the fact that they regularly come in a liquid form, have an excellent shelf life and will last for more than enough time until they are eventually sold. Also, to buy vitamins at wholesale pricing is safe because the same substances are not appealing to vermin or insects, which will stay away from them, unlike, for example, regular food items. In other words, keeping these products in long-term storage is perfectly secure.

Wholesale Saves Money

Finally, the biggest reason behind any decision to buy nutraceuticals at wholesale is a simple fact of making larger profits. As its main advantages, to buy supplements at wholesale includes getting a lot better prices on all individual products, meaning room for more profit margins once the product is sold. The same is true for all vitamins, nutrients, and nutraceuticals products. The calculation behind this idea is so simple that all successful retail businesses buy supplements at wholesale. At the same time, anyone would be hard-pressed to find a business that is, for whatever reason, unwilling to buy vitamins at wholesale. Simply put, getting things at wholesale prices means getting them cheaper, so to buy nutraceuticals at wholesale means getting a lot bigger profits down the road.

Conclusions about Buying Health-Related Products at Wholesale Prices

There is no other way of going about it – to buy supplements at wholesale provides a business with many advantages, but the biggest ones include a stable supply of products which will support growth, a minimal chance of losing stock while in storage and most importantly, the chance to buy vitamins at wholesale includes fewer expenses and more profits. Because of this multitude of reasons, to buy nutraceuticals at wholesale pricing is a sure way for any business working in the field of health retail to expand its operations and prosper.

Why Choose Discount Supplements?

Make Profits with Discount Supplements

Where can retailers find discount pricing on supplements? One major frustration for manufacturers of actual quality discount supplements is finding retailers who are willing to make it possible to buy supplements at a discount. That is one factor that can drag down the reputation of the industry, simply because many of the supplements that are convenient to buy are basically cheap junk that can do more harm than good. You can actually help the industry by looking for discount pricing on supplements that are actually worth the money spent on them.

When you sell liquid discount supplements, one selling point that consumers generally like is that they’re easier to swallow than pills or capsules. However, liquid supplements are subject to the same variations in quality and price that these pills are and that means you’ll have to really push the value for the money if you want to gain a reputation for being a retailer that deals mostly in high-quality supplements. When you can get discount pricing on supplements and resell them, you want to make sure your customers are getting the best deal and their best deal isn’t always the supplement with the biggest discount.

You’re probably in this to make a profit. However, you should pay attention to the fact that it could reflect poorly on you if you’re only choosing the discount supplements based on the profit margins you’ll earn when you can move inventory. That’s one reason that many resellers of supplements see their websites tank so badly. They were pushing the low-quality supplements to the detriment of the entire industry.

Choosing the Right Discount Pricing On Supplements

When you choose which discount supplement to sell, you should look around for the ones that have been around long enough to build up their reputation. Besides the fact that you can avoid buying supplements at a discount when their manufacturer plans on disappearing in a couple of months, looking for actual customer reviews for those supplements on retail sites that sell them can give you an idea of whether these are supplements that are worth adding to your inventory. Customers are getting pretty savvy when it comes to buying supplements and may have seen the exact same reviews before they ever visit your retail location.

Discount Supplements

Buy Supplements at a Discount and Save Money

You should also pay a lot of attention to how easy it is to find information on discount supplements. It may be easy to find out about discount pricing for supplements, but it can be much trickier to find information about the ingredients, any scientific studies done on the supplement or its ingredients, or any readily available contact information for the manufacturer. Difficulty finding any of these three should be a warning sign that the manufacturer is hiding something or just didn’t care enough to provide important details when it comes to buying supplements at a discount.

Doing this is more important than you might think. Sure, you could go for the cheaper supplements in the $20-30 MSRP range, but that sends the message that you’re going for the lowest common denominator when it comes to discount priced supplements even if it means making compromises on quality. You might get away with stocking a few of the low-end discounted supplements for the people who want to get discount pricing on supplements, but you want to consider who your target audience is. If they understand that supplements are meant to fit in with a healthy diet, they’re the smart ones. Many people who are interested in dietary supplements are the same ones who go in for choices like vegetarian or gluten-free diets even if it means spending a little bit extra.

Buy Supplements at a Discount, But Be Diligent

It’s not just about the reputation of the discounted supplements you are considering selling. It’s about your reputation, too. Going for purely the profit margin can hurt your business’ reputation in the long run and that means you’ll notice some really nasty comments on social media if you pay attention to what people are saying about you on Facebook and Twitter at all. Customers that could have been loyal or might have been loyal in the past will begin to avoid your retail location or website. Sales will plummet and you’ll wind up wondering what went wrong as you pull the plug on the whole thing. That means doing the same research as a savvy consumer would on discount supplements you might add to your stock is something you just need to do.


Private Label Dietary Supplements Manufacturer

Learn More About Private Label Dietary Supplements & Manufacturing

Dietary supplements are categorized by the FDA as food substances. These are products that have nutritional value and are consumed in order to complement the diet and especially private label dietary supplements. Almost 53% of all Americans of adult age consume supplements for one reason or another. Of these, most of them do not actually need to take dietary supplements since they are already catered for in the diet. They can also be taken in order to achieve a certain health goal such as reduce weight or help in building lean body mass. Whatever the case, it is essential to know the composition of supplements before you buy them.

Dietary supplement manufacturers will normally indicate the contents of the product on the label. This is to ensure that the consumer knows what they are purchasing. This is of course a major requirement by the FDA and they must follow it. False claims about the contents may lead to legal action and the closing down of that manufacturing firm. One should also be careful not to buy liquid dietary supplements that they do not need and end up overloading the body. Multivitamins and mineral supplements are especially dangerous if consumed in large quantities.
Consumption of dietary supplements

In 2006 alone, the total amount of sales in private label dietary supplements in the United States was $22.1 Billion. Of these, Vitamins and minerals accounted for about $7.2 Billion. The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 defines supplements as substances that are meant to complement the diet, contain one or more elements e.g. vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids or their constituents, is intended for oral use and is labeled as a supplement. The FDA is in charge of ensuring that dietary supplements are manufactured in a quality manner and accurately labeled and also do not contain contaminants and impurities.

Liquid Dietary Supplements

These are supplements that have been made in liquid form. Liquid dietary supplements may include protein shakes and also multivitamins taken in liquid form. They should be appropriately labeled so that you can tell which ingredients are in the mix and what they help the body with. This information should also be real and well researched and not just empty claims. Each dietary supplement manufacturer knows that they should abide to these rules. The consumer should be very careful when buying private label dietary supplements to ensure that they have benefits and will not bring them harm.

Adverse effects of supplements

One should know that even the best liquid dietary supplements have negative effects. Whether you intend to use them to lose weight or build muscle, you should proceed with caution. Private label dietary supplements can be especially dangerous when consumed in large quantities over a long time. They could cause mineral and vitamin toxicity. This is why every dietary supplement manufacturer should indicate in the container that they should not take precedence to food. For this reason, it is very important to choose an experieced manufacturer of private label supplements.  People who choose to live on supplements and do not eat food get very many adverse effects and deficiencies. Only real food can give one minerals, vitamins, proteins and energy in the right proportions.

False Claims

Dietary supplements manufacturer companies are known to make false claims about their products. This has led to many problems and especially in people who largely use supplements to replace food. Liquid dietary supplements have been known to cause liver damage in the long-term. One may not know what causes this effect but the supplements have to be taken with caution. Whether one is using them after recommendation from a dietician or a prescription from a weight-loss expert, it is crucial to take the right amounts.

Choosing The Right Dietary Supplements

Choosing the right dietary supplements will involve a lot of care and consultation. Some of them actually do work but its best to try the most natural ones. This is because herbal-based supplements do not pose a huge threat to you as do chemical ones. Those with claims of reducing weight in one week are obviously fake. Look for those supplements that have realistic claims and which will help you to become more strong and healthy. One should never abandon food so that they can live on supplements since they cannot provide all the body’s nutrient requirements. One should take them in combination with a healthy well-balanced diet.