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Gain Market Advantage by Buying Matsun Nutrition’s USA Bulk Supplements

Are you looking for the best USA manufacturer offering USA bulk supplements to enable you to sell discounts supplements? The supplements and vitamins industry is a highly competitive venture especially for startups due to the large number of businesses selling vitamins and supplements, which makes it necessary for businesses to buy wholesale supplements and vitamins. Buying wholesale supplements and vitamins allows the business to reduce the cost of production and thus, gain a competitive edge by selling discount supplements. However, it is imperative to note that the savings margin you make when you buy USA bulk supplements depend with the manufacturer. Matsun Nutrition is a California based supplement manufacturer that offers high quality vitamins at the lowest possible price. Why wait, get a quick quote now!

Our Stock Formulas

Whether you are looking to place a small order for your Amazon store or USA bulk supplements to supply to local store, Matsun Nutrition offers competitive prices that let you sell discount supplements and still make a profit. The company, which is located in Murrieta, California and now Mesquite, Nevada, has over 20 years of experience in wholesale supplements and vitamins manufacturing and was started to start manufacturing liquid supplements as an alternative to the traditional capsule, powder and pill supplements. The company offers many stock products that range from amino acids to antioxidants, energy and fitness, amino acids, brain health, multivitamins, weight loss, prenatal and pet products among others.  So, you have plenty of made in the USA supplements and vitamins to choose from.

Our Private Label Program

All these supplements are readily available for private labeling. Private labeling by Matsun Nutrition is unique as it is designed to help individuals order low order supplements or USA bulk supplements easily and quickly. For startups, the company allows them to start selling vitamins and supplements even with a limited budget due to the low 12 bottle minimum order. However, despite being popular with startups and Amazon sellers, Matsun Nutrition has the capacity to manufacture and fulfill any orders regarding USA bulk supplements. For those interested in custom formulations, the company allows them to start customizing their formulations with as low as 800 bottles minimum order.

Easy Steps

Furthermore, whether you are placing an order for USA bulk supplements or a few bottles, Matsun Nutrition lets you finalize the process in three steps only. In the first step, you choose the ideal formulation that you would like to sell from the versatile stock products. In the next step, the in-house designers will help you create eye catching product labels for your products and lastly ship to your preferred location. If you would like to order custom formulations, you only need to send the product formulation and their in-house designers create a label for your products and then the company fulfills your order and ships it.

It is also important to note that label designs by Matsun Nutrition are absolutely free helping you save money you could otherwise have paid independent designers and thus, enable you sell discount supplements. Matsun Nutrition has also put in place an effective logistics and shipping program that makes it possible for your wholesale supplements and vitamins to be shipped to any part of the world in the shortest time possible. Other services offered by Matsun Nutrition include flavor sampling, custom test batching, research, product developing consulting, label consulting and shelf life stability testing to help ensure that your supplements are of the highest possible quality.


Matsun Nutrition’s Liquid Prenatal Vitamins

Our Low Priced Private Label Prenatal Vitamins and Supplements

Low prices are the name of our game. This is especially true when it comes to private label prenatal vitamins.  We offer some of the lowest bulk rates in the country, and we also have a low minimum order threshold of just 12 bottles that allows smaller and startup distributors to remain competitive. In addition to our private label prenatal vitamins, we offer liquid options for organic, energy, and multivitamin supplements. In fact, we have over 40 stock products to choose from. We can offer such low prices due to our longevity in the industry. We were one of the first mass production liquid vitamin manufacturers, and we remain one of the best.

Our Speed and Reliance

If you’re looking to start your own private label prenatal vitamin or liquid supplement business, Matsun Nutrition can provide custom private label prenatal products and branding. We specialize in liquid prenatal manufacturing and prenatal supplement manufacturing. We also provide custom formulations to the buyer’s specifications. Matsun Nutrition also guarantees a response within 24 hours to any requests. We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service. Matsun Nutrition is NSF registered and FDA compliant. We have a simple three step approach for any prospective distributor or seller. It’s as simple as choosing one of our in-house liquid vitamins and supplements, letting us create a custom specialized label and branding for your product, and then placing your order which we will then promptly ship out. Your product will arrive in a matter of days, simple as that.

Why Have Private Label Prenatal Vitamins Become So Popular?

Prenatal liquid vitamins are the next frontier of women’s prenatal care, and Matsun Nutrition is a leader in the market. It is one of our top selling products. Prenatal supplements have long been known to promote a healthy nervous and immune system in newborns. Taken in liquid form, the nutrients and vitamins in our supplements are more fully absorbed by both the mother and infant’s bodies than traditional pills and capsules. Our Prenatal liquid vitamins and supplements are formulated with the assistance of doctors and medical professionals. With Matsun Nutrition, you’re sure to get top notch prenatal products and expertise.

How We Came to Market

Private label prenatal vitamins and liquid supplements have long been an overlooked sector of an industry dominated by glucosamine based products. Our founder, over 20 years ago, noticed a gap in the industry and Matsun Nutrition continues to strive to fill that gap. In addition to being more fully absorbed in the human body than glucosamine based products, liquid vitamins are competitively priced. As a leader in the market, we can offer you both low price and unparalleled expertise when it comes to liquid alternatives.

Private Label Nutritional Supplements

Private Label Nutritional Supplements To Improve Your Wellness

It’s time to get started with your own private label nutritional supplements!

Lately, many people are choosing to consume private label nutritional supplements with whole foods as opposed to the traditional liquid supplements and vitamins that focus on specific nutrients. This change is being engineered by increased awareness that whole foods and private label nutritional supplements offer more than the sum of individual nutrients. In order to help you consume the nutrients and essential elements that lack or are difficult to absorb in required amounts from the modern foods, Matsun Nutrition offers the highest quality whole foods supplements you will find in the market. Based in California, USA, Matsun Nutrition has heavily invested in helping improve the wellness of the society by manufacturing private label nutritional supplements that offer you everything that you may need from a single serving. Why wait, get a quick quote now!

Private Label Nutritional Supplements Health Boost

Since the inception of private label nutritional supplements many years ago, one of the reasons why some people remain skeptical about supplements and vitamins is the quality and safety of the specific products in the market rather than the overall benefits of liquid supplements and vitamins. Matsun Nutrition is well aware of this problem and invested heavily in a state of the art facility in Murrieta, California and a team of highly qualified researchers and scientists including microbiologists, chemists, and technologists to help ensure that its products are safe and contain the highest nutritional value possible. The team of experts is also tasked with ensuring that the whole foods supplements will be readily absorbed in your body and thus, guarantee an immediate boost to your wellness.

Nutritional Supplement Manufacturers Complying With FDA Guidelines

Furthermore, in addition to the strict internal quality control measures, Matsun Nutrition also strictly complies with FDA guidelines and adheres to cGMP guidelines as well as NSF, which means that you can take the face value of the liquid supplements and vitamins without you second guessing the quality. To help many people benefit from Matsun Nutrition’s high-quality private label nutritional supplements, the company has made it easy for individuals and businesses to sell in their own brand name through private labeling with low minimum order requirement of only 12 bottles for all in-house private label liquid supplements and vitamins.

Private Label Nutritional Supplements Manufacturer

It is also imperative to note that Matsun’s whole foods supplements are sourced from unrefined and unprocessed foods and contain among others minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants within the food itself without any processed filler ingredients or added chemicals. The benefits of consuming whole foods and private label nutritional supplements are many. Unlike synthetically processed liquid supplements, consuming whole food offers your body the greatest benefits as all nutrients in that form are designed to work together and thus, more effective in giving your body with everything it needs.

Researchers have also found that individuals who eat whole grain cereals at least seven times in a week promote a healthier life. This is because whole food cereals contain minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals, which are essential for wellness. They are also a good source of polyunsaturated fats. Other studies have found that antioxidants present in some whole foods supplements can help minimize joint discomfort. It is also believed that vitamins from whole foods are easily absorbed in the body and hence, result in good health.


Selling Amazon Vitamins and Supplements

Start an Online Business Selling Amazon Vitamins and Supplements from the Best Liquid Manufacturer

Today, selling on Amazon has enabled many individuals including home based and part time workers to earn profits by selling Amazon vitamins. Selling Amazon supplements is straightforward with Matsun Nutrition irrespective of whether you would like to ship products to your customers personally or you would like to sell through Amazon fulfillment. However, before you can start selling on Amazon, you need to ensure that your supplements and vitamins are of high quality.  Furthermore, if buyers purchase your vitamins and find them not of high quality, they will likely ask for a refund and give your product a poor rating, which will negatively impact your future sales.  Why wait, get a quick quote now!

Our Range of Stock Formulas

You can ensure that your supplements and vitamins are the high quality required of Amazon vitamins by sourcing them from one of the leading USA supplement manufacturers. Matsun Nutrition is a USA based company located in Murrieta, California offering the highest quality nutraceuticals. It has been in operation for more than 20 years and offers an extensive range of stock formulas that include amino acids, energy shots, natural and organic vitamins, antioxidants, weight loss supplements, whole food vegetarian, liquid multivitamins for children and adults and clear acne supplements among other custom formulations.

Our Quality and Integrity

One of the main reason why you should source your Amazon supplements from a leading USA based manufacturer is the focus on quality and integrity of the supplements. At Matsun Nutrition, the company believes that every liquid supplement and vitamin they manufacture should contain the highest level of nutrients available. To attain this objective, Matsun Nutrition has invested in a state of the art facility, which means that you can take the Matsun formulations at face value without second guessing the integrity of what is on the label. The company also strictly adheres to all FDA, cGMP and NSF guidelines, which ensures that your Amazon vitamins will not be subject to legal processes.

Private Labeling

It is also important to note that selling on Amazon gives businesses flexibility and thus, you should choose a supplement manufacturer that lets your business take full advantage of that flexibility. Sourcing your supplements from Matsun Nutrition lets you plan based on your current business needs. Whether you need a few Amazon vitamins to start up with or bulk Amazon supplements to match your growing customer base. You can order at Matsun Nutrition in only three easy steps. For private labeling, you can start selling vitamins on Amazon with as low as 12 bottles minimum order and as low as 800 bottles minimum order for custom formulations.

To order your Amazon vitamins, you only need to choose your formulation, apply your existing label or ask our in-house designers to create one for your product, and place your order. Once you place the order, the company will fulfill and ship the order to your Amazon fulfillment account or to your preferred destination. Furthermore, to help small businesses selling on Amazon succeed, Matsun Nutrition also offers how-to guides and eBooks. The company also offers free label designing, and logistics and shipping solutions to help lower the costs of your Amazon supplements for the best returns.


Best Manufacturer of Turmeric Extract Supplements

The Best Manufacturer of Turmeric Extract Supplements

Since the benefits of private label turmeric extract supplements have become well-known to the world, the popularity of turmeric supplements, as well as turmeric vitamins soared up to the sky. If you are in the business of health supplements or is still planning to do so, this is the perfect time to jump-start your career. Get to know a leading private label turmeric supplements manufacturer right in the USA—Matsun Nutrition.Why wait, get a quick quote now!

Who is Matsun Nutrition? 

Matsun Nutrition is a liquid supplement and vitamin manufacturing company with more than 20 years of experience in the formulation and making of premium health supplements and nutraceuticals. They are backed by experts and professionals in the industry of vitamins and minerals. Among the great line of products they offer are liquid supplements for humans and animals. If you are looking for the highest quality private label turmeric extract supplements and other liquid vitamins, there’s no need to look further because the best provider of every supplement you could probably see in the market is always available to be of service.

Our Private Label Services 

Matsun Nutrition provides a wide list of services that will suit every kind of supplements business. They are committed to providing the best services beneficial to the success of every customer. These include:
-Private labeling liquid supplements and vitamins, including free graphic designing for your labels, to give each customer a product they can really call their own.

-Manufacturing of wholesale supplements that are offered in small to large orders.

-Expert customization of supplements, depending on how you want your products to be formulated. The company has in-house professionals such as microbiologists and chemists who can help you design all kinds of safe and effective health supplements for humans and animals.

-Local and international shipping is available to cater to every business in the US and the rest of the world. Matsun Nutrition sees to it that you can get quality but the lowest cost of shipping available to your location.

Why Choose Matsun Nutrition

Being in the business of full-service manufacturing with experience of over 2 decades, you will receive premium products at the lowest cost possible. They are legitimate manufacturers, complete with certifications and qualifications from every authorized agency that upholds stringent requirements and regulations of liquid supplement and vitamin manufacturing. The quality of your product is essential to the success of your business. You don’t have to be a big company to partner with the best in the business. Matsun Nutrition offers small order manufacturing services and free quotations before you even pay a single cent.

Why Sell Private Label Turmeric Supplements?

Turmeric extract is beneficial to the mind and body. Turmeric supplements from Matsun Nutrition contain the right compounds to deliver powerful health properties. Due to its health effects to people suffering from several different issues, turmeric supplements is almost a must-have in every home. The industry of private label turmeric extract supplements is a continuously growing business. You must have the right product on your store shelf to compete with the market that requires only the best and most powerful health supplements. With just a little budget, you can go a long way with the help of expert manufacturers. Get a free quote now and see for yourself.

Private Label Turmeric Extract

An Overview of Nutra Manufacturing Companies In The USA

What Are Nutra Manufacturing Companies?

Nutra manufacturing companies are those that manufacture a variety of nutraceuticals, health supplements, and vitamins.  Matsun Nutrition is one of the leading nutra manufacturing companies in the USA. We specialize in liquid vitamins and supplements for both people and pets.  Nutraceutical contract manufacturing is the process of formulating products for the dietary supplement industry. Nutraceuticals contract manufacturers provide all sorts of services pertaining to nutritional products, liquid supplements, and services. The manufacturers help the dietary industry in bringing a product to market, for formulating a product, for controlling the quality and above all for manufacturing and selling the product. There is no restriction on the form in which you wish to launch your nutritional product in the market.

Nutra manufacturers help you produce your products in different forms such as powders, liquid supplements, blends, tablets, hard shell caps, and much more. The nutraceutical contract manufacturing process takes care of your packaging needs. Pouches, bottles, unit doses, blister packs, and much more are some of the commonly available packaging services for wholesale buyers and resellers. The manufacturers give you flexibility in choosing the time frame and quality as per the budget constraint. You can either be a start-up or a big player in the field of liquid nutraceutical vitamins and supplements. This makes the nutra manufacturing process no different.

Nutra Contract Manufacturing Processes

Nutraceutical contract manufacturing has several processes for liquid supplements manufacturing. This part of the article tells about the way nutraceuticals contract manufacturers carry out the whole nutra manufacturing process. Most nutraceuticals contract manufacturers deal with both solid and liquid supplements. Some nutraceutical contract manufacturing firms deal in only liquid supplements. It is always better to consult the liquid experts. Most of the firms have huge experience in the field in manufacturing both. You can choose either of the manufacturers without hesitation. In the consulting process, you need to tell the manufacturers about the type of product that you want to launch in the market. You can talk about the quality, packaging, marketing, sales, and everything that you want from the manufacturer.  Of course, it’s important to make sure that the nutraceutical company you choose is NSF registered and GMP compliant.

Nutra Manufacturing Company

Nutra Manufacturing Research and Development

The manufacturers are equipped with in-house laboratories to conduct research in the field of nutra manufacturing. The product is designed through research, while the research is done to ensure the customer satisfaction. Above all, your product should provide the benefits that you want to provide your end consumers. Initially, the product is launched in the pilot basis. The firm gets feedback from the customers to ensure the quality of the product.

Custom Nutra Supplement Testing

The manufacturers work on the formulation that you want for your product. After a successful formulation of the product, you get the sample for the custom testing process. The stringent procedures ensure the exact quantities demanded by you for the formulation of the product. There are some pre-researched formulas that you can also use for launching your new product provided you are satisfied with the formula. There is no restriction on the packaging size of the product that you wish to receive.

Liquid Nutra Supplement Flavor Options

The taste of the supplement has got a lot to do with its intake by the end consumers. You can choose the right kind of flavor and color that you want for your supplement in the liquid form. You can either choose from the existing flavor or you can ask for some new flavors. The research team for the manufacturer works on producing a new flavor for you. You get the flavor sampling right before the launch of your new supplement. In every stage of flavor formulation, the manufacturers go by your standards.

Nutraceutical Life Stability Testing

All supplements in liquid form have the life stability on each product. It depends on the manufacturer to decide on the life stability of the supplement. The manufacturer does the testing of the product as long as the life stability of the supplement is considered. This phase of manufacturing ensures you not to be worried about the unexpected expiry of your supplement.

Nutra Supplement Bottle Labeling

The nutra manufacturing firm takes care of all sorts of the graphic design that you wish to put on the package of the supplement. You can put your company logo on the package. Some of the firms provide this service for free under certain conditions.

Nutraceutical Supplement Formulations for Humans and Pets

It is not only human beings who are deficient in vitamins and mineral but also pets. There is no restriction on what supplements in a liquid form that you wish to formulate. The manufacturers are waiting for your order to manufacturer supplements based on your consultation.


Nutra manufacturers not only produce liquid supplements for you but many often times have storage facilities for your products. You can directly ship your products from the contract manufacturer’s storage facility direct to your customer or any other way you choose.

Top 10 Nutraceutical Companies International Corporations USA

Get the Best Wholesale Supplements and Vitamins

For years now, Matsun Nutrition has specialized in manufacturing wholesale supplements and vitamins for people and pets. Being one of America’s top-rated wholesale liquid supplements manufacturer, the company makes high-quality products for the market. If you’re looking for contract manufacturing for wholesale dietary supplements and custom vitamins, then Matsun Nutrition is the best company to work with. You can also learn how to manufacture your own line of dietary supplements through the company’s special private labeling program. With Matsun, specializing in wholesale vitamins and supplements is easier than ever.


Custom Wholesale Liquid Supplements

Matsun Nutrition has set a high standard for the manufacturing of wholesale supplements and vitamins for both people and pets. Ideally, the company can custom manufacture wholesale supplements and vitamins based on your specific needs. You have the option of ordering supplements to be manufactured based on specific raw materials, organic formulations, natural flavors and more. That can help you get effective products for your target market and maintain a constant supply.

Private Labeling Our Formulas

If you’re a regular client who would want to start your own liquid supplements and vitamins, then Matsun’s private label program can help you acquire all the knowledge you need. The company allows starters to begin with a low production minimum of about 12 bottles and provides a guide on how to expand gradually for wholesale liquid supplements. Moreover, they can provide help whenever you want to deal with wholesale liquid supplement and vitamins both locally or online. They also provide free label designs so your products can sell easily in the market.

 Why You Should Choose Matsun 

Matsun Nutrition is NSF registered, GMP compliant and FDA inspected so all the industry standards are met. With Matsun, you can enjoy fast turn-around on all your orders you place, which is ideal for getting your products to the market just in time for consumption. You don’t have to worry about product labeling because the company has an in-house graphics team that can help create an exciting label for your line of wholesale liquid supplements so that your brand gets into the market easily. And what’s more, our company has a large production capacity, which means it can handle any size of order whether big or small at cost effective rates.

Why You Should Consider Venturing Into Supplement Manufacturing 

The demand for dietary liquid supplements and wholesale vitamins for people and pets is experiencing a rise because of their effectiveness. Starting your own supplement company can be easier than you might think.  With Matsun using state-of-the-art technology in their manufacturing processes, you can be assured the products created are much more effective than other dietary supplements out there. That’s why Matsun aims to help train you on how to start your own line of liquid supplements that can help you reach a larger market both locally and internationally.

Wholesale Supplements and Vitamins


Use FBA Amazon Start Your Vitamin Company Today

Are you currently running or thinking about starting a supplements or vitamins business online? If this is the case then there is an amazon service known as FBA Amazon, Fulfillment by Amazon or Amazon FBA that can be of great help to you. FBA Amazon will help you take your business to a global level. You no longer have to be forced to sell supplements within one city due your capacity of delivery services. Now with FBA all you have to do is take your supplement or vitamin products to Fulfillment by Amazon centers and allow them to deal with picking, packing, shipping and customer services. Even though Amazon has made selling supplements or vitamin products online easy, Matsun Nutrition has made private labeling vitamins and supplements a walk in the park. Now with the help of Amazon FBA and Matsun Nutrition all you are left with is to advertise and sell your products online, can you believe that selling supplements has never been this hassle-free?


Who Exactly Is Matsun Nutrition And What Do They Do? 

You can’t possibly be in the business of supplement and vitamin products and haven’t heard of Matsun Nutrition yet. However giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are new to the business, Matsun Nutrition is a leading fully certified manufacturer of liquid supplement and liquid vitamin products in the USA whose products and services are second to any other supplement and vitamin manufacturer nationwide.

What Does Matsun Nutrition Do?

The company manufactures almost any type of vitamin or supplement products for human beings, and now you can be interested supplements for pets such as dogs, cats etc. In addition, the company also offers its customers very useful services including; private labeling, contract manufacturing and wholesale pricing, which is important for companies who buy supplements with an aim to start selling them. With private labeling you can easily vitamin products and supplements under your logo and hence help grow your supplements company without having to worry about undertaking research or doing experiments to test the products.

  1. Customized services

Matsun Nutrition offers its customers customized services in the sense that products are manufactured to a client’s specification. If you are a client trying out a new supplement or testing it out and need just the company to manufacture that product to suit your needs then Matsun is the company to go to.

  1. Private Labeling and Contract Manufacturing Services

Private labeling and contract manufacturing will enable your company or business to sell products under you own label while enabling you company to grow quickly. This is very crucial for startup companies who do not have the capacity to manufacture and test their own products.

  1. Wholesale Pricing

Matsun sells their products at wholesale prices where you can order up to a minimum of 12 bottles of product under private labeling, can you believe it? This enables even startup companies to sell their products at a lower price and with the help of FBA Amazon, Fulfillment by Amazon or Amazon FBA you can reach more people and beat your competition in terms of price.

So what are you waiting for, head down to the Matsun Nutrition’s quote form and fill it out today, it’s easy to order your first supplements. They are always eager to help you out and will get back to you immediately .When you are done ordering you can now sit back and start earning by selling your products online while letting FBA Amazon, Fulfillment by Amazon or Amazon FBA deals with the shipping and delivery services, it is that simple.

FBA Amazon




What Do Garcinia Cambogia Manufacturers Have to Do With Weight Loss?

A garcinia cambogia supplement is a popular product especially with people experiencing weight loss challenges, largely due to its positive effect in aiding the process of weight loss, making garcinia cambogia manufacturing a must for companies that manufacture weight loss supplements. As more people get to know the benefits of this weight loss miracle product, the demand for a complete safe supplement has also increased allowing garcinia cambogia manufacturers to invest heavily to ensure their extracts are safe and beneficial. One of the leading garcinia cambogia manufacturers that have invested heavily to ensure almost everyone can benefit from the pumpkin shaped garcinia cambogia without the risk of the dreaded side effects is the Matsun Nutrition.


With Over 20 Years of Experience!

Matsun Nutrition is one of the top garcinia cambogia manufacturers in the USA with a rich supplement manufacturing history that dates over 20 years. The company prides itself as the industry innovator as it is one of the pioneers of liquid supplements. From its humble beginnings, the company has grown to become a one-stop vitamin factory offering a wide range of liquid supplements and vitamins. The company also has a white label vitamin and supplement program that is second none. With the program, you can learn how to sell a garcinia cambogia supplement easily on store shelves or on major online sites like Amazon. Furthermore, with the Matsun Nutrition garcinia cambogia manufacturing program, you do not have to worry about the challenges of private labeling, as it will only take you a few easy steps to order your products from the start to finish.

Order with Ease

In addition to the few easy ordering steps, Matsun Nutrition also has the lowest minimum order requirement, which makes the company standout among other garcinia cambogia manufacturers. With Matsun Nutrition’s special private label program, you can start your own private label business with low minimums of just 12 bottles from the broad supplement and vitamin formulations that they provide. They include dietary weight loss supplements, daily liquid multivitamins, antioxidants, sleep aid supplements and weight loss supplements among others. For custom orders, you can start your business with orders as low as 800 bottles.

Quality is Our Mission

It is also important to note that despite the high quality process of garcinia cambogia manufacturing, the company also offers additional services to make your ordering process more effective and friendly such as free label designs and just-in-time shipping program with the lowest possible rates. You should also note that ordering your garcinia cambogia supplement from one of the leading garcinia cambogia manufacturers like the Matsun Nutrition, should be a priority for every private label entrepreneur, as it plays an important role in ensuring the supplement is safe and of the best quality. High quality garcinia cambogia manufacturing helps preserve the beneficial components of the fruit such as HCA, which is essential in ensuring the effectiveness of the supplement.

Manufacturing a Garcinia Cambogia Supplement

When manufactured in a quality controlled facility like Matsun Nutrition’s high-end garcinia cambogia manufacturing plant, the garcinia cambogia supplement is effective in promoting weight loss. It works by inhibiting lipogenesis, increasing lipid oxidation and promoting less intake of food. The other reason why you should only order your supplement from the best garcinia cambogia manufacturers is the additional benefits that come with a high quality product. Other benefits of taking high quality garcinia cambogia include boosting energy levels among other benefits.

Garcinia Cambogia Manufacturers

Best Liquid Calcium Manufacturers

Matsun Nutrition is one of the leading liquid calcium supplement manufacturers that have been involved the liquid calcium manufacturing business over the last several years. It is a research-based nutrition supplement company that offers the best liquid vitamins and supplements at affordable pricing. We are committed to transparency and strive to be crystal clear in what we offer and how we offer. We understand that there are several supplement manufacturing companies, and therefore finding reliable manufacturers is not an easy task. Matsun Nutrition was formed with a philosophy of client relations- keeping the meets and requirements of clients first and foremost. Why wait, get a quick quote now!


Our Services

Matsun Nutrition is a private labeling company that offers wide range of liquid supplements and other health products. We offer all aspects of supplement manufacturing with a quick turnaround time. We are leading liquid nutraceutical and calcium supplement manufacturers that offer a wide range of products for our clients. Unlike other calcium manufacturers that make unrealistic claims for their products, Matsun Nutrition offers realistic expectations that are easily fulfilled with our products. Our comprehensive range of supplements include vitamins and mineral supplements, anti-oxidants, digestive supplements, joint supplements, skin and hair supplements, pet supplements and many more.

Why Choose Us?

Reputable calcium manufacturers differentiate themselves from other calcium supplement manufacturers through their genuine and quality products. We take pride in our quality products, timely delivery and good customer support. All of our products are genuinely manufactured and clinically tested for their effectiveness and safety.

Have you placed an order with calcium manufacturers and got frustrated because of late delivery? We do not over-promise our delivery, but make sure that you get your order on time. As the supplements industry is exempt from FDA regulations, more and more people are entering into supplement and calcium manufacturing. Therefore, it becomes more necessary to find professional and reliable supplement manufacturers. We have FDA approved manufacturing facilities that are also GMP certified. All of our products are clinically researched and tested by our experts for their effectiveness and safety. We understand the minor details of the requirements of our clients so as to ensure the right product with the required specifications. Sign our contract form and get the best services.

Liquid Calcium Supplements

When it comes to choosing the best supplements for your health, calcium supplements top the list. Calcium is a vital nutrient that forms the very foundation of our body- the bones. Calcium is required for healthy growth and development of bone cells. Supplementing your body is must during your entire life.

Calcium Supplements: A Hot Selling Product

Unlike some of the supplements that can be helpful for either men or kids or women, calcium supplements are useful for both men and women, and in any age group. It can be given to kids, adults as well as elderly people. Due to the increasing demand of calcium supplements, several calcium manufacturers have entered into calcium manufacturing. Make sure you do diligent research to find reliable calcium supplement manufacturers.

Calcium Manufacturers

Good Raspberry Ketones Manufacturers Are Hard to Find

We are without a doubt one of the best raspberry ketones manufacturers in the USA, with raspberry ketones manufacturing being one of our core areas of expertise. With years of experience in the raspberry ketones manufacturing sector, we pride ourselves in setting very high standards for other raspberry ketone manufacturers to contend with. As a leading contract manufacturer, we offer our clients a wide variety of liquid supplements and vitamins with custom vitamins and wholesale supplements being our specialty. Being a full-service, fully certified contract manufacturer of liquid supplements and vitamins, the company can manufacture almost any type of supplement or liquid vitamin that our clients demand. Why wait, get a quick quote now!

What Form of Supplements Do You Need?

What Type of Services Do You Need?


Start With As Little As 12 Bottles!

As a company, we have years of experience in the raspberry ketones manufacturing sector and are therefore bound to bring these valuable experiences to bear to clients who deal with us. With this in mind, we are one of the very few raspberry ketone manufacturers that offer their clients the opportunity to start their own liquid and vitamins and supplement company by offering them a very low minimum order numbers of as little as twelve (12) bottles. This not only ensures that your overheads are reduced but also provides you with the opportunity to try out a wide variety of products with minimal cost implications.

Free Label Design

Further to the above, we also pride ourselves as being one of the few raspberry ketones manufacturers that offer its clients free label designs along with your private labeling needs. In addition, we are the pacesetter in the raspberry ketones manufacturing sector by one of the few companies that can custom manufacture products to meet all your specific needs, this includes but is not limited to the use of natural flavors, special raw ingredients, organic formulations as well as non-GMO products. Depending on your needs and requirements, we are also one of the very few raspberry ketone manufacturers that ship both domestically and internationally at very affordable price points; this ensures that your product remains competitive in the market.

Why Is Raspberry Ketones Manufacturing So Popular?

For the uninitiated, one of the reasons why raspberry ketone is such a hot selling product is the relative efficiency and effectiveness of the product in a wide variety of uses. Referred to as the miracle fat burner in a bottle by leading raspberry ketones manufacturers, the product has minimal negative effects to the user, is affordable and available in different sizes. This makes it ideal for use by a large number of the population. This popularity does explain the increased interest being experienced in the raspberry ketones manufacturing sector over the last few years.

Numerous Benefits

As one of the leading raspberry ketones manufacturers, we are fully aware of the numerous benefits of raspberry Ketones supplements. Apart from being used in foods, cosmetics and other manufacturing processes as a flavoring agent or fragrance, many players in the raspberry ketones manufacturing sector will attest to it supporting their weight loss. With demand for the product growing by the day, we as one of the leading raspberry ketone manufacturers are not only willing, but ready to help you with all your production, packaging and labeling needs to ensure that you meet and surpass your client needs and requirements. Get in touch with us by filling a quote and one of our highly qualified representatives will get in touch with you as soon as possible, usually within one business day.

Raspberry Ketones Manufacturers

Look At Supplement Manufacturers Ratings to Find the Best Products

People are advised to focus on supplement manufacturers ratings before settling on a contract or custom manufacturer. The vitamin manufacturers ratings can help to gauge the capacity, reliability, as well as the reputation of the firm. However, many choose to ignore this advice and go for any contract manufacturer. Usually, it doesn’t take them long to start regretting their decision because of not looking at the ratings after things go bad. The ingredients used may not meet the minimum recommended standards, the private label manufacturer may not disclose all the contents or the packaging and labeling they may have wanted. To avoid any risks and inconveniences you should call Matsun Nutrition.

Who Are We?

When it comes to a supplement manufacturers ratings, Matsun Nutrition is a name that features quite often. A look at the vitamin manufacturers ratings reveals that the firm is praised for providing top-notch products such as private label vitamins, private label supplements, contract manufacturing and related services. Our company has for many years held the top position and is acknowledged as a leader in liquid supplement manufacturing and nutraceutical companies in the USA. Run by a team of professionals whose aim from the beginning is to see people get the right products, the company, and its products guarantee good health and quality living.

Supplement Manufacturers Ratings

What Do We Offer?

Supplement manufacturers ratings are the best in the market thanks to their range of products. In fact, the vitamin manufacturers ratings are always improving as the firm introduces new products into the market. Being a leader in contract manufacturing, private label vitamins, and private label supplements, Matsun Nutrition ensures you get the product you desire easily and with minimal inconvenience. Some of the services offered include; an assortment of liquid supplements, varied liquid vitamins, wholesale supplements, custom vitamins and more. We also offer different programs and plans for you to choose from as well as discount contract manufacturing. To find out more about our services, simply fill out our quote form.

Why Choose Us?

You probably have seen the supplement manufacturers ratings; however, you are yet to make the decision based on the vitamin manufacturers ratings. Maybe you are asking what makes Matsun Nutrition better than other contract manufacturers. Are their liquid vitamins and supplements the best in the market? In addition to the ratings, looking at the firm’s profile reveals a lot about the firm. First, it is the most reputable and trustworthy firm in the USA and beyond in regard to contract and supplement manufacturing. Second, it provides many services, for full-service contract manufacturing, private labeling, custom test batching, formulation, liquid supplements and vitamins for human and pets. Third, it is certified by leading authorities and is NSF registered, FDA and cGMP compliant. Four, Matsun Nutrition also provides logistics and shipping and also accepts small orders.

Looking at some supplement manufacturers ratings is vital before hiring a manufacturer. The vitamin manufacturers ratings should not be just average but above average. You should not go for basic wholesale supplements, private labeling supplements or nutraceutical vitamins. Finding the right private label manufacturer in the US should not be a big task. What you need is to go online and visit Matsun Nutrition via You will be able to get an instant quote by clicking the “Get a Quote” button and after filling out the form. Thereafter, one of our representatives will contact you. Talk to us today and enjoy a stress-free experience.

Supplement Manufacturers Ratings


Matsun Nutrition – Best Sports Supplement Manufacturers in the USA

Countless brand owners have come to trust Matsun Nutrition as their best sports supplement manufacturers, simply because of their unique ability to deliver great supplements, with an exceptional suite of brand building services. Although sports supplement manufacturing does not require approval from the FDA, Matsun Nutrition being the leader in liquid supplement manufacturers in the USA ensures that all their products are made using FDA’s current liquid supplement manufacturing procedures and practices to ensure the quality and safety of their products. They are currently located in Murrieta, California where over 40 types of liquid supplements are manufactured. This facility uses state of the art technology with a full NSF registration and GMP compliance.

What We Do and Our Sports Supplement Manufacturing Services

Matsun Nutrition manufactures and stocks a full line of liquid vitamins, health supplements among others. With over 20 years of combined industry experience, you can rely on their team to deliver finished products, which you will be proud to customize with your private label. They have a unique special program that helps their client start their very own liquid supplements company with a minimum of just 12 bottles.

Sports Supplement Manufacturers

 Sports Supplements Manufacturing

Although Matsun Nutrition offers a wide range of liquid and vitamins supplements and other primary services such as packaging and labeling, sports supplement manufacturing is one of their specialties that have proven to be different. This is simply because there has been an increase of black market sports supplement manufacturers who have included potentially dangerous ingredients in their products.

Matsun Nutrition has had its place in sports supplement manufacturers, for formulating their products with natural ingredients ranging from proteins, starches, and vitamins among other unique ingredients by making sure that their products are tested to ensure total safety for athletes and other sports activities.

 Why Choose Us

All their programs allow you to jump-start your business, with immediate market entry. You do not have to encounter setting up plants, hiring employees, and sourcing raw materials and ingredients, or developing new formulas.

  • As sport supplement manufacturers, they provide you with custom labeling, label designs, time schedules and shipping details for every order. This means that everything is done for you, beginning with the custom formulation, label design, packaging, and logistics.
  • They will provide consultation and guidance all the way through to make sure that you are on the path to success.
  • They take their products very seriously; that is why their facility is GMP certified. At every stage of their sports supplement manufacturing process, they conduct quality control checks.
  • Their suite of optional brand-building services is designed to save you money, time and stress involved in supplement and vitamin manufacturing along with marketing.
  • Matsun Nutrition understands that pure and appropriate formulated supplements are critical to athlete performance which is why they make sure that their products are of high-quality standards with the freshest of all ingredients possible.

There are many reasons as to why you should choose them as your sport supplement manufacturers, and these are just but a few facts that differentiate Matsun Nutrition from other sports supplement manufacturing companies. To get started fill out their quote form and let them provide you with all your liquid vitamin and supplement manufacturing services you may need. They will for sure be ready to discuss your needs as per your supplement product line.

Sports Supplement Manufacturers


Experienced Dietary Health Supplement Manufacturers

Matsun Nutrition is one of the foremost dietary health supplement manufacturers and a leading vitamin manufacturer that is based in the US. We employ a unique approach to dietary health supplement manufacturing which is quite simply unrivaled. Over more than twenty years we have been operational, we have been able to expand the boundaries of this industry. Mostly in the contractual private label manufacturing of liquid health supplements and other nutraceutical products.

Dietary Health Supplement Manufacturer Services

As dietary health supplement manufacturers, Matsun Nutrition has made a point to fully address the exact needs of our extensive clientele base. To this end, we offer a wide range of liquid vitamin and liquid health supplement products. Essentially, wholesale dietary supplement manufacturing happens to be our main specialty. We are also considered to be a top liquid vitamin and supplement custom manufacturers in the country. We are in an excellent position of providing wholesale supplements together with customized liquid vitamin products. As such, we are one of the leading dietary health supplement manufacturers that offer affordable supplements and vitamins. All of our products are processed in a GMP certified facility, which is also fully compliant with NSF regulations and regularly inspected by the FDA.

Dietary Health Supplement Manufacturers

Dietary Health Supplement Manufacturers

Matsun Nutrition offers convenient and stress-free private labeling of nutraceuticals and vitamin supplements. We have gone on to establish a distinctive program, by which our highly esteemed customers can be able to launch their own liquid supplements and liquid vitamins startups. Whether, they wish to market and sell them in their own brick & mortar stores, or even in the top rate online marketplaces such as Amazon. As one of the best dietary health supplement manufacturers in the US, we can offer private label products, which are specifically tailored to adhere to your customized requirements. This includes dietary supplement manufacturing that utilizes special raw ingredients, non-GMO, natural whole food plant extracts to mention but a few.

You might like to think of us as your one-stop dietary health supplement manufacturer and nutraceutical maker in the entire US. Our production capacity is sufficiently large enough to handle virtually any kind of order in terms of volume. At the same time as one of the leading dietary supplement manufacturers, we have made it a point to able to retain our own creative designers. All of whom are be able to convert your business ideas into a breathtaking white label supplement logo. This service is specifically geared to enable your startup to gain a quick and convenient entry into this given market.

Why You Should Choose Matsun Nutrition

As one of the top dietary health supplement manufacturing companies, our facility that integrates cutting edge technology is located in the US, and our services are quite simply unparalleled. Like earlier mentioned, this facility is fully registered with the NSF and it totally compliant with all GMP guidelines. We are thus a leading liquid vitamin manufacturer which can make any kind of liquid vitamin formulation that you may desire. Our dietary supplements manufacturing processes are also highly acclaimed for its quick turnarounds, especially for our private label products. Additionally, you can start off with as little as twelve bottles, and watch your startup business grow into a force to reckon within this particular industry. All in all, Matsun Nutrition is one of the best contract and private label dietary health supplement manufacturers that caters to both human and pet supplement needs.

Dietary Supplement Manufacturers

Looking for USA Turmeric Manufacturers?

Liquid Turmeric Manufacturers In The USA

Are you interested in turmeric manufacturing or looking for liquid turmeric manufacturers in the USA? You can rest easy now because manufacturers of turmeric are just right at your fingertips. Matsun Nutrition, a leading liquid supplement and vitamin manufacturing company, provides everything you need to start your own vitamin and supplement business and can meet all of your turmeric needs. Nonetheless, if you’ve already started, they’ll be a great asset to help you expand and advance your industry.

Who Is Matsun Nutrition?

Matsun Nutrition has more than two decades of experience in the making of manufactured liquid supplements and vitamins. Our years in vitamin manufacturing have given us the expertise that is beyond top-notch proficiency. We formulate all kinds of supplements you can possibly think of and offer products for humans and pets. Matsun Nutrition is your all-in-one shop for contract manufacturing or private labeling of turmeric and other nutraceutical products.

Liquid Turmeric Manufacturers

Complete USA Turmeric Manufacturing Service

As one of the top turmeric manufacturers, Matsun Nutrition offers everything you need in liquid turmeric manufacturing from the intricate process of formulating to the sophisticated packing of vitamins and supplements. If you would like to have the products privately labeled, they also offer graphic designing to help you establish your own style and design. This goes to say that entrepreneurs who have no technical and professional knowledge on nutraceutical merchandise will be well taken care of. All you have to do is focus on the business side because having a reliable manufacturer is like having a partner who will always have your back.

Products for Humans and Pets

Because they are prominent manufacturers of turmeric and many kinds of vitamins and supplements, they don’t just offer products for human consumption but for animals too. Their products are wide-ranging; you will not need to look for other manufacturers if you are looking to widen your target market. Also, you are assured that all vitamins and supplements formulations are done with the highest standards because Matsun Nutrition only employs qualified researchers, chemists, and microbiologists in their laboratories.

Offers Minimum Orders and Low-Cost Shipping 

The company caters to all businesses, big or small. Even for a start-up company, Matsun Nutrition has special offers on turmeric manufacturing perfect for you. Establishing a nutraceutical venture doesn’t need to be expensive and time-consuming; choosing to partner with us will give more than just benefits and advantages. Discount supplements and reasonable prices are always part of us.  So, when you’re looking at various turmeric manufacturers, think of Matsun Nutrition first!

Why Choose Matsun Nutrition?

With everything that has been discussed here, the real question is ‘why not’? You have come to a company that operates and manufactures legally in the US. We are proud holders of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and NSF registration and strictly compliant with all FDA regulations. What’s more? The company only uses non-GMO and the highest quality of ingredients and materials. Manufacturers of turmeric from Matsun Nutrition ensure that you get the perfect product, nothing more and nothing less.

If you haven’t made up your mind about venturing in turmeric vitamins and supplements because you are unsure about how to go about turmeric manufacturers, you have come to the right place. Matsun Nutrition offers free quotations and excellent customer service representatives to help you every step of the way.

Why Sell Turmeric Supplements?

Manufacturers of turmeric have seen the extent of turmeric supplements required by the market. However, you must remember to only get your vitamins and supplements from the right turmeric manufacturers.  Don’t miss out on the constantly increasing need for high-quality turmeric vitamins, click on that ‘get a quote’ button and find out why Matsun Nutrition is at the top of vitamins and supplements manufacturing.

USA Turmeric Manufacturers

Grow your Private Label Business with the Quality Liquid Supplement Contract Manufacturers

Liquid Supplement Contract Manufacturers

Today, contract manufacturing has become very popular especially with the young generation seeking to venture into business. As a result, many liquid supplement contract manufacturers that offer liquid supplement manufacturing have also come up increasing the competition. Unfortunately, since they do not have the capacity to produce and compete with established supplement manufacturers like the Matsun Nutrition, they end up selling low-quality supplements. The consequences of buying low-quality supplements are dire for any business, as it can even result in the closure of your business due to lack of sales. On the other hand, sourcing high-quality liquid supplements for your startup business can lead to a remarkable growth due to increased customer loyalty. Therefore, choosing a manufacturer that offers high-quality supplements is one of the most important decisions that you have to make for your startup business.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Matsun Nutrition is one of the few liquid contract manufacturers with a quality track record that dates back over 20 years. Located in the sunny Murrieta, California, Matsun Nutrition is a pioneer when it comes to liquid supplement manufacturing. The company is one of the first liquid supplement contract manufacturers in the USA that started to manufacture liquid alternatives back in the days when buyers could only buy capsule, pill or powder supplements. Today, Matsun Nutrition is one of the largest companies offering contract manufacturing in the USA with a broad range of liquid supplements thanks to its continued investment in the production facility and commitment to quality.Liquid Supplement Contract Manufacturers

Stock Liquid Supplement Formulas

Some of the Matsun Nutrition liquid supplement manufacturing stock formulas include antioxidants, energy shots, weight loss supplements, natural and organic vitamins, and multivitamins for women, children, and adults such as vitamins A, E, D2, and D3 drops, B5, B6, B12, magnesium, calcium, and iron supplements among others. Furthermore, despite its remarkable growth, the company remains as one of the friendliest liquid supplement contract manufacturers for startup private label businesses offering low minimum order. In addition to the low 12 bottles minimum order, the company also supports startup businesses by offering free custom private label packaging and design upon request accompanied by superior order fulfillment services.

Liquid Supplement Contract Manufacturing Process

Furthermore, liquid supplement manufacturing by Matsun Nutrition is subjected to strict compliance and quality control measures, which ensures that your order meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and health. The ingredients in the liquid supplements by Matsun are verified in third party FDA approved facilities, which means that Matsun supplements undergo more testing than most products from other liquid supplement contract manufacturers. The benefits of getting into contract manufacturing with a high-quality manufacturer are many. It means that your private label supplements will be reliable as they will not contain any fillers, additive, or unnecessary ingredients.

It also means that your contract manufacturing supplements will only contain the right ingredients and dosage amounts enabling your clients to get all the necessary quantity from a single dosage, unlike capsules or pills that may require multiple doses. Furthermore, liquid supplements are easy to swallow unlike other forms of supplements making them suitable for a broad range of users from children to adults and elderly. They are also readily absorbed by the body than capsules and pills in most occasions making them suitable for most individuals who need an immediate boost.

Liquid Supplement Contract Manufacturers

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