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Matsun Nutrition's Liquid Supplement
Factory Research and Development

Matsun Nutrition has a unique experience when it comes to liquid supplement research and development. Our supplement factory expertise with liquid vitamins and supplement products ensures a proper and efficient manufacturing process. Our in-house manufacturing processes are unlike any other liquid supplement contract manufacutrer in the industry.  Matsun Nutrition tailors their liquid supplement research and development to coincide with their manufacturing for a broad range of customers, serving businesses that are just starting out and those that are well established.

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Our in-house R&D laboratory provides test batches and small run pilot-batches which help to ensure continued customer satisfaction. Our research and development department is also involved in conducting internal product review discussions with our production, quality and customer service departments. These discussions help to improve the process and customer experience with our company. As a full-service supplement manufacturer and factory, we can help you develop the formula you need.

​One of the additional benefits of working with Matsun Nutrition is that you can order relatively small quantities of the various liquid supplements that you wish to make. This reduces the overall expense required to get started when marketing a new product. Of course, we love large bulk orders too!

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Once you have chosen the final formulation for your new supplements, we can have them manufactured, labeled, packaged and ship out ASAP to your preferred destination. We also have some of the lowest shipping rates in the industry. Here at Matsun Nutrition, we do our best to save you a few bucks wherever possible.

Matsun Nutrition has a dedicated team for liquid vitamins at their supplement factory with a full research and development team. We're here to help!