Liquid Supplement Formulations for Humans and Animals

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Featuring the Best Liquid Supplement Formulations
for Humans and Animals

Daily Nutrition For People And Pets

Matsun Nutrition manufactures some of the best liquid supplement formulations for humans and animals. This includes liquid supplements for man's best friends like cats, dogs, and horses. No doubt all of the other animals in the animal kingdom are going to be jealous! Our research and development team can formulate just about any type of liquid health and nutritional supplement that you may need. We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality ingredients and following the strictest quality procedures.

Both humans and animals require a balanced and nutritional diet. Not all of us, nor our pets or farm animals, get the proper daily nutrition that we all need. Fortunately, our scientists and formulation specialists here at Matsun Nutrition can provide the specific liquid nutritional supplements you need to make for a healthier life.

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Liquid Supplement Formulations For People

There are many reasons why people may become deficient in minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. Generally, most nutrients are able to be found in natural whole foods. The problem arises when people don't eat a broad enough range of foods for their bodies to take in all of the vitamins and minerals that they need to function properly. That's where liquid supplements play an important role. Liquid supplements do exactly that...they supplement the necessary vitamins and minerals that the body is missing. One of the added benefits of using supplements in liquid form is that they assimilate into the body much quicker than other forms such as pills.

Liquid Supplement Formulations For Animals and Pets

Pets and animals need vitamins too. Everyone loves their pets and wants them to live a long and healthy life. It's no wonder that the popularity of liquid pet vitamins and supplements is on the rise. Cats, dogshorses, and other farm animals sometimes require extra nutrition or care when health problems arise.

Liquid vitamins and supplements for pets are easily mixed into the pet’s food and water, whereas feeding your pet a pill may become a continually frustrating task. Since liquid supplements are highly soluble, this means that nearly all the nutrients are being used during the digestion process, making for a healthier pet!

*Vets and animal enthusiasts can request a formulation team to work on specific products addressing an animal's specific needs. Just give us a call!

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