Leading Private Label Pet Supplement Manufacturers

Private label pet supplement manufacturers have an important role in the nutritional upkeep of companion pets. As a leading player in the liquid pet supplements industry, we invest in thorough research in animal nutrition in order to formulate effective liquid pet supplements for private labeling. We dedicate our resources to continuously help businesses create better private label pet supplements loved and recognized by pet owners and most pets, including dogs, cats and horses.

Recent years have seen people realizing that just as humans need to supplement their diets with nutritional supplements; so do pets. Often, a pets’ health may deteriorate to the point when they become irritable, dull and may even look sickly due to an unbalanced diet. As they age, pets also lose their youthfulness and may not be as active as they once were. Supplements can be an important part of a pet’s diet in order to keep them in good health and for maximum enjoyment of their companionship.

Types of Private Label Pet Supplements

As experienced private label pet supplement manufacturers, our company offers a wide range of liquid pet supplements available for private labeling. We offer these supplements in several major classes; each one addressing an important and specific pet nutritional need. Each class represents many individual formulations which you can select from for your private label pet supplements brand; or customize according to your market needs. Here are just a few examples below.

Pet Supplements For Hip and Joint Health
One of the most important characteristic of pets, which fascinates many people, is their hyper-active nature. Pets are so much fun to play with and watch when they are running and jumping around. But they cannot continue to do so if their joints are not kept in good health. Our line of liquid pet joint supplements include the most effective ingredients that have been reported to have many beneficial effects on dogs, cats and horses, especially those that are older in years.  As pet supplement manufacturers, it’s our job to make sure every pet gets what they need.

Pet Hair Coat Supplements
Pet lovers prefer their animals with shiny, lustrous hair coats. Our formulations include ingredients that are rich in vitamins and nutrients which are known to promote good skin health in animals.

Digestive Pet Supplements
Research has reported that many pets are prone to suffering from micro-bacterial imbalances in their intestines, which lead to inefficient digestion. We therefore formulated supplements with digestive enzymes, amino acids and fatty acids, along with many other vitamins and minerals for a pet’s optimum digestive health.

General Multi-Vitamins For Pets
These are supplements that contain specific vitamins and mineral blends for aiding a pet’s everyday dietary intake.

Our Services

  • Provision of ready-to-use in-house stock formulations as well as and customized formulations.
  • Providing safety, security and quality control throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Conceptualization and implementation of private label pet supplements.
  • Packaging and labeling, including free graphic label designs.

Market Your Own Private Label Pet Supplements Brand

When you choose us as your private label pet supplement manufacturers, you benefit from associating your brand with high quality products. You also acquire the benefits of having a fully resourced manufacturing plant without outlaying any investment. You can therefore focus on marketing and growing your brand while we explore new product innovations so that you have unlimited customization alternatives.

As a wholesale distributor or reseller of liquid pet supplements and vitamins, you can position yourself as a market leader by leveraging your existing market share to introduce your own brand. With private labeling of our proven pet supplements, you expand your product range quickly and boost your brand visibility. We would like to help you achieve that and more for your business. Just give us a call to get started!