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Matsun Nutrition is a leading contract manufacturer of Ginkgo Biloba supplements

Matsun Nutrition has over 20 years experience as a liquid contract manufacturer of Ginkgo Biloba supplements and liquid vitamins. As a contract manufacturer, we can provide the finest nutritional health supplements and liquid vitamins at the best possible pricing. Our full service contract manufacturing operation also allows us to provide private labeling for any type of supplement that you may need.  Please give us a call to discuss your current needs.

The ginkgo biloba is a unique tree native to China. There is a distinct possibility that the ginkgo biloba is millions of years old; it has a similar appearance to certain ancient fossils. The leaves of this primordial tree have long been used in traditional dishes and medicine. Accordingly, ginkgo biloba liquid supplements are not an uncommon sight at grocery stores. Proponents of ginkgo biloba leaves claim that they offer a wide variety of health benefits. Let’s look at some of these ostensible benefits.

Ginkgo biloba leaves contain flavonoids, which has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help your body fight off free radicals, which damage your cells. Some studies seem to indicate that ginkgo biloba may be effective at improving the mental faculties of those with dementia, but less effective at staving off Alzheimer’s disease in people who don’t have dementia. Ginkgo may also show promise in the treatment of schizophrenia, though this has yet to be validated by governmental agencies. Ginkgo is the subject of many ongoing studies to further understand its effects on brain health and function. It is believed to be able to improve memory, but studies have been mixed in their results; more research is needed to solidify its efficacy. Ginkgo may also help improve blood flow, especially to the brain (hence its effect on dementia).

There seem to be a few adverse effects from ginkgo biloba. In certain people, it may cause headaches, dizziness, or nausea, but it is considered generally safe. Of course, you ought to consult your doctor before you start taking a ginkgo biloba liquid supplement consistently. Certain medical conditions may be exacerbated through the use of ginkgo. Also, never eat any part of the gingko plant that is untreated, because raw gingko seeds can cause seizures or worse.

If you’re looking to produce and market a gingko biloba liquid supplement, Matsun Nutrition may be able to help. We have access to high-quality ginkgo biloba leaves that would be perfect for your supplement. We have over 20 years of experience producing premium liquid dietary supplements, and we would love to put that experience to the test as your contract supplement manufacturer. All of our supplements are carefully produced in our state-of-the art facilities that have met the rigorous standards set by the National Sanitation Foundation for purity and quality.