Private Label Energy Shots Manufacturer USA

Private Label Energy Shots Manufacturer

Do You Need a Private Label
Energy Shots Manufacturer in the USA?

Do you have an idea for private label energy shots or Vitamin B-complex? Do you want to make your own energy shots or energy boosters and supplements? Then what you need is a private label energy shot manufacturer. When it comes to manufacturing energy shots, Matsun Nutrition is one of the best energy shot manufacturers in the USA.

Private Label Supplements

We can make custom formulas to meet your specific needs and add your own custom label for private label manufacturing and sales. All of our energy shots and supplements are made in the USA.  Choose one of our standard formulas or provide your own. Matsun Nutrition's graphic designers can create a marketable label to ensure your product is retail ready and stands out among the crowd. Our expert team will consult with you on the bottle type and size that will work best for your new private label energy shots product.

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Custom Energy Shot Formulas Made In The USA

If you are providing us with a custom energy shot formula, we will work with you to ensure that your energy shot contains the correct levels of each ingredient and is tested for product integrity. We want to make sure that you are always getting the best quality energy shots possible.

If you need help sourcing ingredients or flavorings for your private label energy shots we will be happy to reach out to ingredient providers and flavor houses. We are committed to creating great tasting products so we include 2 revisions on every energy shot test batch.

Getting your private label energy shots manufactured by Matsun Nutrition results in a quality product that you can be proud of, one that will represent your energy shot brand well. By taking advantage of our private label supplements program, you reap the benefits of higher margins, the ability to create brand awareness and a streamlined, certified production process. We take you from A to Z quickly and cost efficiently. Here at Matsun Nutrition, private label branding is one of our specialties.

Private Label Energy Shots

Thank you for visiting Matsun Nutrition. We hope you'll agree that we're one of the best USA energy shot manufacturers in the nation. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have regarding our private label energy shots program, including full customization per your ingredient requirements. Of course, we're always ready to take an order as well!

Come to Matsun Nutrition for contract manufacturing liquid vitamins and dietary supplements. We are more than happy to assign a team to your specific liquid supplement needs. We can also do private labeling with free label design services!

Matsun Nutrition is a private label energy shot manufacturer of of energy boosters in southern California, here in the USA! We also do contract manufacturing for all types of liquid vitamins and supplements.

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