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Matsun Nutrition is one of the Leading Private Label Pet Supplements and Liquid Vitamins Manufacturers in the USA

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Private label pet supplements, especially liquid pet, and animal supplements have been a big hit with consumers as of late. Matsun Nutrition is a leader in USA private label pet liquid supplements contract manufacturers. We have a wide variety of pet private label supplements and vitamins from which to choose. We can also provide custom formulation to meet your exact needs, along with free label design for all products that you purchase from us. So if you need to add to your line of liquid pet supplements, then please give us a call!

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Animal nutrition, including animal liquid multivitamins and supplements, are important to maintain your cat, dog, horse or other pet's daily health care. That is why our pet supplements meet all NASC standards.  Matsun Nutrition has some of the best private label pet supplements available, including joint supplements for canines and horses with our liquid glucosamines. In fact, glucosamine for dogs is one of our top liquid pet supplement sellers

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Our main liquid pet supplements are our dog, cat and horse glucosamines, dog and cat anti-anxiety supplements, dog ear cleaner, to help avoid dog ear infections and pet colloidal silver sprays.  These weight loss supplements assist with lowering your weight with the aid of a nutritional liquid supplement. Cat, dog, and horse glucosamine supplements are important joint care supplements to combat naturally occurring arthritis.

Multivitamins for cats, dogs, and horses are also essential for an active healthy pet. Make sure to get enough vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K1 for your animals. Some pets, especially man's best friend, may also benefit from probiotics for dogs. This can sometimes really help out with their digestive system.

We all know that it is important to take care of our own bodies.  This is equally true when it comes to our pets.  Dogs, cats, and other animals all have similar nutritional needs to humans.  If they don't get the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc., their bodies don't respond properly.  Pets are naturally active.  So when you see a pet that is uninterested in running, jumping, and having fun, that can be a tell-tale sign that something is wrong.  It's also a good time to bring your pet in for a visit to the vet to make sure that they don't have any significant health issues.

Often times, when an animal is not eating the correct foods they don't get their normal daily recommended allowance of the important vitamins and minerals that their bodies need.  Sometimes, a simple fix may be to add a liquid vitamin or liquid supplement to their daily diet.  Results may vary, but you might be surprised how much more active and happy your pet can be.

Matsun Nutrition is your best choice for a liquid private label pet supplements manufacturer, including a cat, canine and equine glucosamines, anti-anxiety supplements, pet vitamins and ​colloidal silver spray for animals. We are located in sunny southern California in the USA. Give us a call today to get started!

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