Dog Supplements Manufacturer In The USA

Matsun Nutrition is a leading liquid dog supplements manufacturer in the USA

Dogs just love our private label dog supplements and liquid vitamins for pets…just ask them!  Matsun Nutrition has been a liquid dog supplements manufacturer for over 20 years now.  Our private label liquid nutritional supplements for dogs and other pets are some of the best pet supplements available.  If your company is seeking a dog supplements manufacturer, then look no further.  Here at Matsun Nutrition we can handle all of your pet liquid supplement needs, no matter how large or how small.

Private label dog supplements continue to grow in popularity.  In fact, one of our best sellers is our liquid dog glucosamine.  Our private label resellers often times use this as their flagship pet supplement product due to its consistent demand among dog owners.  Many of them have had success selling their private label branded supplements in retails stores and online, including  As a full-service dog supplements manufacturer, we can also customize formulations to meet your specific needs.

All dogs need a healthy supply of minerals, nutrients and vitamins.  Unfortunately, not all of our pets meet their nutritional needs on a daily basis.  Thankfully, we are able to help get them back on track with the use of liquid supplements.  Our stock formulas include dog glucosamine, cat glucosamine, horse glucosamine, colloidal silver spray for both cats an dogs, along with a dog ear cleaner supplement.

Liquid Dog Supplements Manufacturer USA


Our liquid supplements for dogs, cats and horses all come in a convenient liquid form.  This makes it much easier for the animals to take, without all of the hassle and stress of figuring out how to get them to swallow a large pill.

Matsun Nutrition continues to lead the way manufacturing dog supplements for dogs of all ages.  So, give us a call the next time you need high quality private label dog supplements and liquid pet vitamins from a reliable contract manufacturer.  Our warehouse and production facility is conveniently located in Murrieta, California, USA.